Thursday, 6 October 2011

Jia Yong Restaurant - Bintulu

I can't remember when is the last time I step to Bintulu. No image projected in my mind when someone said about this place. Me and bunch of lads went there for the yearly event, Kite Festival. 2 hours ride just for the kite which everyone was speaking and talking about. A better post on it soon.

Lunch here as soon as we arrive. Doesn't seems like much places open so we decided to stop by here with guidance of my lads friend. Interior design was great. Giving whole lots of great and lovely impression.

Fantastic taufu. Crispy outside and still cold soft inside. How did the hell did they cook it? The sauce were just awesome. A good appetizer for a quick start.

I think this is quite simple. Nothing much special , just normal. So far I do not have something that really blows me away.

Actual name is much attracting then this but sorry I couldn't remember it. BUT most important is the taste was good. I love it even it is too spicy for me to handle. Lovely curry aroma with good companion of onion. Not just normal curry, you will love it if you are curry lover. CURRY-NEH!!!

Personally think they are generous with the butter instead of the portion because I can taste a heavy aroma of butter. I couldn't judge the texture of the chicken because all I can taste is the great taste gravy.

The look doesn't seems to be very attracting and so do the meal itself. The cheese itself not even sufficient enough and the chef is little stingy in giving away cheese. To be honest, I still love Kim Gary cheese baked rice. Love to the max and so far the best-est for me.

Nice aroma when it served but outlook is not as pleasant as it smells. However the person who have it says was quite good and I can see the rice was well cook because it was not stick up together like chicken rice ball. A good plate of fried rice is really not easy to cook.

Personally thinks overall the food was good. I think portion should be a little generous because rice was too much and the side dish was not enough to finish up all the rice. Wanted to explore more but time wouldn't allow us to stay any longer. Bintulu, we shall return!


Can you guess where is this from the picture below? The view was great back not as good as sea view. A great hotel in Miri where you get to have all the fantastic view you can have.

Tadah~ This is how it looks like in the morning. Actually in looks much much more better than how my picture looks like. Poor photography skills....

Still unable to guess where am I? The guessing stops when you scroll down and see this.....yeah not others but PARK CITY EVERLY HOTEL. My first visit and stay over after a face lifting from Holiday Inn to Park City Everly.

Able to spot the promo price for this standard double room - hill view at RM88.88 but without breakfast . Spacious and comfy. Worth the price I would say. Normal facilities a hotel would have additionally you get to enjoy their extra facilities such as pool, gym, tennis court for daily activities.

Daily necessities that you will find in the bathroom. I know this wouldn't be anything extra for a hotel but I would just like to say they were so creative and going localize. They are using our local handicraft as a basket to store all the items. Just how great they ideas are to show foreigners our great handicraft. Even wall paints were all those artistic wooden craft.

Enough of room introduction let me bring you down to the nature. You will definitely love the mother nature. You are just so close that you would love to stay a little longer.

Pool that you get to cool in as Miri weather was definitely hot enough for you to enjoy the swim either early morning or hot sunny afternoon.

A great hotel I would recommend to tourist. Great view, great food and great entertainment all in one. However, this wouldn't be a great choice if your are under budget vacation. This is much more to entertainment and leisure.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sin Soon Chin Restaurant

This isn't new to everyone, a quite well known restaurant in town. Been ages since I last came around. Quite forgetting how they really taste. Missing much how it might taste and today I am going to make a short review about it.

Seafood Soup
A very normal dish you would find in a Chinese restaurant. The only different is taste of it and what do the chef add in to the soup. This is little different because we refuse to have egg in the soup which makes a little different but still taste good.

Sweet & Sour Fish
Love the fish not because it is nice. The most important fact for ME to have a good fresh fish is without the sand taste. You know how some fish that they locally breed. You can smell the sand before they were put into your mouth. That's a total fail of it. This was nice and well done.

Deep Fried Pork Ribs
I always love crispy at the outside and soft in the inside and you really have no idea how did they do it? High temperature and deep fried? However they do it, it is an awesome pick. Just that its is a little too salty. Good to be with big bowl of plain white rice.

Veggie Mix Mushroom
This is special and one of my favorite pick. Normal menu we see is broccoli with mushroom and this is mix mushroom and abalone. Tasty to the max and I think the combination was great. Will try to cook it one day myself and be the chef I'm proud of...hahahaha
Nice food overall. Too salty for some of it but still I think they can improve. I love the way the seasoning mixture. Not too over and just great.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

NASI LEMAK 2.0 - Movie

I know this is so much delayed but late is better than nothing? I had no idea that namewee is going to produce his own movie until he is having his tour movie promo around Malaysia and he is coming to Miri as one of his station out of so many scheduled. It is a good thing to promote Miri too.

This movie have so many well known local famous artiste. From local Miss Malaysia to famous singer Reshmonu to local famous superstar Adibah Noor, everyone was a big blast. Nevertheless our local singer Karen Kong was the main actress of this local production movie.

For some that just watch may think this is a real comedy because it is just too funny. For some we really got the "tersirat" message, they will know what does this going to mean in depth. This movie just show the real Malaysia. Just like how Jack Neo put Singapore life into his production.

Way they speak, body gesture, attitude of them are just way of Malaysian. Not drama queen or king. Just truly Malaysian.

NameWee is just giving out message to show what Malaysian is actually thinking, acting and doing. He is hoping for some better changes, for some better future and of course better tomorrow for everyone.

No matter pessimistic or optimistic perception Malaysian towards this movie, personally I think it was great. One better local production if we just took out the quality issue of their story line and also way they film it. Still overall I love this movie much.