Sunday, 25 December 2011

Accomodation at Taiwan

Kao Hsiung - Nanaimo

The place we stay at Kao Hsiung is convenient for youngsters like us. It is near to train station and just next to a school. Luckily it is summer and we won't have to listen to bell sound early in the morning.

Did attach a picture of how it looks like. Do click here to view their site in details.

Kenting - Border hotel

Not really satisfied with this hotel as appearance is not the same as it appears on facebook. However it is situated right along the street of Kenting Night Market. Awesome place to fill your stomach whole night. Some other rooms looks fine maybe because we book it quite last minute and we had more people in this trip, that's why we did not able to get a better room.

Click in their facebook page or their website here for more details.

Tai Chung

Do not have an exact name for this. We are liking this very much because it is so comfortable and convenient too. It is within walking distance to Tai Chung night market.

Click here to view if you're interested or planning to find place to stay at Tai Chung.

Sun Moon Lake - Assam Dream

Loving the design of this hostel that we stay. Comfortable, nice environment and affordable. But somehow it is not convenient. However, Sun Moon Lake is the only place you have to go around that area. Owner is kind enough to provide transport and breakfast to his customer.

Visit their website for more information and details.

Jiu Fen

Another fantastic place. Taiwan government really know how to preserve their country symbolic icon place. This is so far the best view between 7 places that we had been to.

You may click here to view more details.


After so much of fantastic accommodation we are expecting better ones however this one in Taipei slightly disappoint us. However they do have some facilities for you to use like washing machine and what is good it is just within walking distance to the biggest night market, Shihlin Night Market.

Check them out here.

TaoYuan - Anna's House

This is among all the most beautiful accommodation. Despite comfort zone, the house is uniquely design and creatively decorate.

Find them at facebook page or click into their blog for faster response.

All the accommodations are great and most important of all when we do research and make reservation is :

1. CHEAP!!! - main thing to save because it could cost a lot for 10 days living
2. Convenient - easily find and of course easily get public transport
3. Food - surrounded with food, if no at least some where near Night Market, got night market
means got FOOD!!


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bento, Taiwan

We were so lazy to go some where far to search for food, so we decided to stop by at this shop which was just walking distance from where we live. You would never expect too much from the appearance but things could always be the other way round.

They are serving food in bento style. I think it's quite environment friendly because they can save a lot of water to just clear all the dirty dishes and also save expenses because they don't need to employ another extra maid to help them to clean up the mess. Besides, all the paper are recyclable. You will find at most of the shop at Taiwan were very conscious about 3R. That is why Taiwan is much more develop than what Malaysia are today. The mindset is so different.

Food they served not only looks good but taste good too. Do not judge by the outlook and size. The portion is definitely big enough for you to handle. You will easily fill full after having maybe half of the bento set.

We are all loving it and truly satisfied with what they served. Although space within is not big because bento are meant for take away but the boss still welcome us with great smile and hoping to see us around if he could have the chance to come over Malaysia for a visit.

We are awaiting his bento shop opening at Malaysia.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Taipei, Taiwan - Day 3

It was our third day at Taipei. Our final day to see, eat and shop till drop before going to Tao Yuan and flying back to Malaysia. Went to Taipei Zoo. Heard it was one of the must visit because it is one of the attractions too.

Panda is our first pick because we have to queue up in number to see these panda all the way from China within limited time frame.

Here it comes.....and all the while he is turning round and round on the same track. I wonder whether he scares he is lost or he is scared of so many strange human beings watching him.

The zoo was so damn big. I think if you walk without a map you might easily get lost because street sign is far from each station we went.

Cute hippo bringing her kids down to bath. I think the baby hippo were tiny because it is cover by the water level when it walk down into it.

They were just too many of them to put all in here. Just selected a few to let all of you have a peep. Want to have great exploration? Come yourself to Taipei and experienced yourself. I bet you will have more fun instead of just reading this.

Rushing to Taipei 101 after that because that was our main thing to do of the day. How could you not visit their tallest building when you're in the city? Just like when you went to KL, how could you not visit KLCC? It is the same application to this.

Loving this baby damper when we reach the peak at 89th floor. This is where you could see fantastic view of Taipei and in depth introduction of Taipei 101.

Fascinating ain't it? See all the skyscrapers buildings. I think Taipei is moving fast forward than KL does. Their economy, their living lifestyle is way much better than we are.

The damper that act as the heart of Taipei 101. This is the inspiration od the baby damper. Cute aren't they?

Another baby damper. So liking it. Hope to grab it back and have it as my baby.

Awesome night view of Taipei. There's a little reflection because of the glass window but second one gets better.

How do you like this post? I'm lovin' the pictures especially. Could just ignore my words and enjoy the picture. Before I end did you realize something not right? I did not take a proper picture of Taipei 101. That's very sad.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

TaoYuan, Taiwan

We went down to Tao Yuan the next day by cab. I think Taiwan citizen really does friendly. They treat everyone very sincere.They send us to our hostel and send us to our next stop destination even though the driver were not familiar with the road at Tao Yuan. Just something similar to Disneyland, we went to "Xiao Ren Guo".

Everything is in mini size and so cute. We were like giant entering and wishing to destroy their home. The building is exactly the same with what we see in reality.

Saw leaning tower,Pisa....I really miss life in Europe. We still looks so mini even standing next to this great building.

The main character of this land, OPEN! I had no idea why they name it open but he is CUTE-NESS!

It's not only Taiwan but they have other magnificent and great building all over the world. You may had an early sight of this great building because they were exactly the same just difference in size.

We are having great time. Whole lots of fun in there. No time for other places. However, shops at Tao Yuan all close very early and we did not manage to shop around. That's our final day and that was a very good ending for our Taiwan trip. Had you enjoy as much as I did? At least we all do. Till we meet again Taiwan.

Friday, 9 December 2011


This is also one of the MUST eat when you're at Taiwan. There's a lot of similar shop but we see this is more attractive one.

I love their rice very much. I'm rice lover. The orange thingy is not carrot actually but I don't know what's the name in proper English. This is just too small for my appetite. But they do have LARGE size portion.

Yummy food. Love the sauce especially. That's what makes that whole plate of dishes truly awesome.

A - Vegetable
That's what they written in the menu. Love it because it is crispy and not over cooked but a little oily. The shape exactly looks like an A alphabet.

Normal tofu, not stinky tofu. Not really my taste because it has a very heavy bean taste.

Pork Belly
Not much people love the fatty belly but I simply think it is awesome. I love it very much especially when you eat it with the slice carrot.

Taiwan is a food heaven. You can have food any time and hour. You won't be die of hunger unless you're out of cash.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Xin Bei Tou, Taipei - Day 2

Second day at Taipei, we plan to go north. Place where it is spa heaven. There's some history behind this historical place however I couldn't remember what it is.

The library, the plum house and the public spa (溫泉) is a must visit. You will see most of the elderly were there to strengthen their bones.

Beautiful isn't it? Not easy to remain such an antique for so many years. This piece of thing is even older than me.

I just love the view from this window. How everything looks like in this house. So calming and relaxing.

We went to one of the hotel because ever hotel did offer spa. We choose this because they offer cheaper rate. We were like Jane going out of the jungle. Never been to a spa and we did not know we shall go wholly naked in there. Deep shit!!

However, it really relieves your stress and heal your body. Physically I mean as I don't know how does it feel like internally. Enjoy the session but feel awkward during the naked session.

Thermal Valley is a must visit because this is where every hotel and public spa pool get their resources from.

We went to a famous restaurant for their spa noodles BUT too bad no picture allowed. HOWEVER, after we finish everything I saw flash all around and the owner does not respond anything on that. I was so sad at that moment because their noodles were great. Everyone is queuing up for it.

Went to Dan Shui after relaxing spa at Xin Bei Tou. Just one station away from Bei Tou station.

Night markets again with lots of food BUT we end up having these cake that's looks delicious.

Went back to rest after that. We did went to Wu Fen Pu after that. Lots lots of cloths where we don't know where to start from. Everywhere was full of cloths, accessories, bag and shoes. Like wholesale but they do sell to normal customer like us.

We went for something special for dinner. Stay tuned for what it is!!