Friday, 7 November 2014

Colour Rush Run 2015

Colour Rush 3.0 return for its third year on 2015. This time round they make another big step forward by spreading their wings to Sibu. Many may wonder what is Colour Rush Run? It is a charity run that was organised by the SCCS, Sarawak Children's Cancer Society to help kids outrun cancer. They are non-profit organization with the objective, giving support, providing accommodation, supporting financial aid, educating and also organising recreational activities not only for the parties involved but also to the community to have a better understanding of cancer.

A meaningful run that you shouldn't have second thought of. Of course I can't force you to participate BUT if you are interested you may get your form at their registered counter or even registering online with a minimal fee of RM50. Upon registration for the run, you will get a goodie bag which can only be collected after that. However, venue and time for the collection pack is yet to be confirm and announce. You can click in to for more information of the collection and submit your application there.

These are the routes for the respective cities. 

Sharing bits of my experienced where I get to run colourfully around the town early this year. It is an awesome experienced. Knowing very well I am no good runner, I am participating with just a wish! To contribute and get to the finish line.

It is a 5km run. You can choose to jog or walk, it all depends on your stamina. There's no forcing of having time limit to reach the finish line. You wouldn't realized you actually walk around the city for 5 km by the time you reach the end. The event starts as early as 6.00am to avoid striking sunlight. We kicked start with a light zumba dance guiding by a bunch of alfro dancers before we were released off like animals out of the zoo. Light mist, fresh air & warm sunshine just makes the morning extra wonderful. 

Being first at the finish line doesn't seems to be the main aim for the participants at Colour Rush Run. It is the heart that counts. Everyone that were joining the trek were hoping to give this kids a HOPE, a CHANCE and also a LIFE. It doesn't really matter that you don't get a medal or appreciation out of the effort you kick in. The intention to help this kids are way more noble than any physical appreciation that you get in return. It is the satisfaction at the end of the day by helping people who are less fortunate.You will never know that your contribution today may have save someones life later.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Journey Fighting Acne

"Ït takes minimal a year the least to fight acne." That's what the doctor told me when I seek for consultation for the first time. What I am about to share here is my journey fighting acne and of course medication treatment that Ï had seek during the journey with local doctor. I am sharing what I had been through and of most important, where to seek for medication. Just a gentle reminder, what you are about to see while scrolling down may be gross and disgusting. 

Acne had never left me ever since I got it during my high school time. They were close friend of mine that never intend to say goodbye. It comes back once a while visiting when ever they feel like it BUT never this serious it got me collapsed. 

Do you even know how it feels like waking up every morning having terror to look into the mirror? Have you ever feel the needle poke pain on your face even just rinse through with plain water? Can you understand how pressure it is to go out of the house and having all eyes on you because you look ugly? That's when I am slowly getting into depression.

That's when I thought I should look for a doctor. Came across this doctor which was introduced by a friend of mine. Her colleague was having the same problem and told me about it. I might as well just gave it a shot because I have nothing to lose at this point. It's a 50-50 chance to turn things around.

Upon the first consultation, was given a face wash (*attached a picture below) and acne cream for application. Starts with really mild medication as a trial to see whether my sensitive skin could cope with it or not. The first few weeks of medication, redness seems to fade away but pimple doesn't seems to slow down spreading on my face. The spreading can be described as a group of army conquering the land. Within a month, from face it spread till my neck.

However, I am liking the facial wash. The facial wash is gentle to your acne. It doesn't hurt BUT yet it soothes the pain. Feeling cool and with tiny beads it help removes dirt. Some may think it hurts due to the beads BUT believe me, not at all. Of course be gentle when you cleanse too. So, Trust me! I'm speaking this base on experienced. If you are interested, you may see more about their product at their facebook page here. I believe it is available at any local pharmacy BUT so far I know ML MAJU PHARMACY located at boulevard commercial area is selling this range. You may check them out here too. I am sure they are more than happy to help you.

(*picture credited to ISIS Pharma fb page)

Doctor advised alternative treatment when things got worst. Returning every month for consultation & medication treatment, hoping doctor would told me some good news but she always failed me. Condition that doesn't show any improvement makes me feel rather depressed and having sign of giving up.

A relative of mine who is a doctor came across my situation recommended me Roaccutane, a medication for severe acne patients. It actually dries up your acne effectively but there's some side effects for such high dosage medication. First, there's high possibility of depression. Second, you will be facing super dry skin so you have to keep hydrated at all times. Third, you can't be pregnant within that 6 months during consumption. This information are based on what I can recalled off. So, please do consult your doctor for other side effects and more accurate information. You won't be able to purchase this medication in any pharmacy unless with doctor prescription. Please please please, talk to your doctor before you proceed with any medication.

I personally did not consume it. Talk to my doctor regards the medicine but she objected because she thinks I had sign of depression and being very emotional unstable. Therefore, she is not encouraging oral medication except for antibiotics and continue with application medication.

(it got worst after 4 months of medication)

After couple of months changing from Retinol to differin or also known as Retin A with slowly graduated percentage, THANK GOD! it finally show some improvement. Only after 3 months of application, acne dries out and no pimples popping out anymore but still under antibiotics controlled.

Probably you may get bored of reading by now but since you had reached here why not keep scrolling down because that's where the transformation starts!

Completely stop antibiotics on June after fighting for 8 months. Still on moderate Retin A and also hydroquinone to lighten up the scars. 6 months after, my face totally recovered and much much lighter. Still, sometimes there will be some small pimple pop out once in a while due to menstrual that causes hormone imbalance. But hey, what else more could I ask for? look at me now? Do I need to say more? I am a much happier person now.

It is not the medication that I am trying to guide you with. It's the first step that you have to take when things happened. I tend to neglect my acne problem for the first few months because I thought it is just normal until it spread all over my face. I tend to believe something out there may get it solved without much budget spend. Struggling for 7 months and finally gave up and seek for a proper treatment. Ladies, please do not play around with your skin especially your face. You never know the root of the problem till you seek the professional and they sort out the problem out for you.

This is not a paid advertisement but I would love to share this lovely doctor who had patiently treated me and definitely generous too to offer me different alternative treatment base on my tight budget. Understand that we have limited specialist in town, I am giving Mirians alternative to choose when there's similar cases happen.

Dr Teo's Clinic (Dr Eunice)
Lot 1158, Jalan Sri Dagang,
Waterfront Commercial Centre,
98000 Miri, Sarawak.

Tel : +60 85 424209 / 423875

I am truly hoping this post could help anyone of you out there who face the same problem. Do not be shy to seek for professional. They will definitely help you with their professional advises that suits you best rather than you spend money and try out products on the market shelf that may turns things into nightmare.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


GALICIA, Spain - The Bidayuh traditional music band from Sarawak, Madeeh has been hand-picked to represent Malaysia at the 20th anniversary of WOMEX, the largest world music expo. The expo, taking place in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain from Wednesday, 22 – Sunday, 26 October, is represented by Sarawak Tourism Board under Malaysia Major Event stand by Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB).

The Madeeh ensemble who plays Bidayuh roots music from the upper Padawan region of Sarawak, performed on a daycase Stage at the Cidade da Cultura within the exposition area. Picked as the first band to perform on the daycase stage which only opens to WOMEX delegates, Madeeh has attracted attention from many music industry professionals from around the world. Sharing the same stage with Madeeh is Paolo Angeli from Italy/Spain who performed on the same day.

On stage, Madeeh presenting their musical instruments which are part of a centuries-old tradition of music and dance, developed in the communal life of the longhouses. The instruments are the pratuokng, a zither made from a bamboo tube, sritakng xylophone and the gaduok hand-drum. ‘Madeeh’ means cousins, relatives, brotherhood or sisterhood and the ensemble members are all related and came from the same longhouse. They are led by Arthur Borman ‘Bai Kis’ Kanying, an expert on the history of the Bidayuh people and on searching out the best bamboo for making the traditional instruments.

WOMEX 2014 is the annual international world music expo that brings together the business of world music from across all borders to interact on a global platform. Comprising of 60 acts with more than 300 artists from 25 different countries is truly a music expo like no other.

This year for the first time ever, not just one but two Malaysian artists have been hand-selected to play at WOMEX. Apart from Madeeh, the traditional Kelantaneese band ‘Geng Wak Long’ who displayed the beautiful culture and heritage of Kelantan will also be performing. Both bands have performed at the Borneo World Music Expo in Sarawak, the same platform and the music market of its kind similar to WOMEX, but held in Asia. The selection process at WOMEX is conducted each year by a jury of esteemed members from the global music community, with the utmost stringency, to put together the programme for every World Music Expo.

According to Ben Mandelson, Founding Director of WOMEX, having the performance presence of Madeeh and Geng Wak Long this year at WOMEX reinforces the presence of Malaysian arts professionals at WOMEX over the years. “WOMEX was created with the intention of bringing the people from the world music industry together. It is one of the biggest and best places to discover music and connect with people on a global scale and I think that Malaysia has been a great addition to our expo” he added.

Showcasing at the Malaysian stand are the renowned Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) and Borneo Jazz promoted by Sarawak Tourism Board. For STB, the World Music Expo is one of the important platforms for band selection for next year’s festival. There are 600 exhibiting companies from 40 countries presenting their music product within 245 stands at the trade fair.

At the Malaysian stand, Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager of Malaysia Major Events says “I see world music as a medium that transcends language and culture. Malaysia offers a unique perspective in that aspect as we celebrate all races and traditions in truly spectacular environments”. According to Tony, Malaysia is a world class location for people and what Malaysia Major Events is doing at WOMEX this year is to create the opportunity for festival organisers and world music musicians to collaborate and showcase Malaysia on an international stage.

2015 will be the ‘Malaysia Year of Festivals’, the year which promises an array of events to celebrate diverse festivals unique to the country. The internationally renowned Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuching, Sarawak has been acclaimed as one of the ‘Top 25 World Music Festivals’ for the last 5 years by Songlines, a renowned world music magazine. The festival attracts nearly 25, 000 visitors for a fusion of traditional roots to world beat. At WOMEX this year, Sarawak also proudly presents the well-recognized Borneo Jazz held in Miri, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. The 2 days event features Jazz musicians from across the globe.

The Malaysian delegation to WOMEX is led by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia (MoTAC). Presented at the booth are the Sarawak Tourism Board, Penang Tourism, JL Productions as well as Madeeh and Geng Wak Long.

Saturday, 11 October 2014


This is the second year Asia Music Festival held. Had so much fun this year covering it under media. Drop by last year but just as a spectator. I had only went for a day and couldn't do much comparison on it. Definitely with a different status, there's much "behind the scene" that I get to explore compare to the crowd that is just a spectator. An experienced that you can never buy!

Sarawak Bloggers Team

Sarawak Tourism Board had always aware of CSR and Tree Planting is something that will never be sorted out of the list of an event. For every event that they had organised they will do the least to contribute back to the society and definitely to the mother nature. Therefore, the starting of any event will always begin with the Tree Planting ceremony. 

Everyone were contributing their little efforts to the mother nature. Us, the Sarawak Bloggers were doing our part too! How can we be missed out for such meaningful ceremony!

Before the real show starts, we have a chance to gets closer with the performers in accordance to know anything about them, of course something related to their music and performance. Either from their background, history, their genre of musics to their line of story who made them who they are today. 

You will be surprise to find there's so many talented bands that is yet to be explored across Asia. Bringing them here to the Asia Music Festival sharing their hard work and music across the globe, the least we, Mirian, fellow Malaysian, get to know who they are. I am glad STB had found this hidden gem! 

Just the perfect selection to kick start on the first day! They say you have to start your day with a good breakfast in order to be energetic and fresh, DrumCall is definitely the most awesome "breakfast"! The massively loud drum definitely not gona makes you feel uncomfortable. Combination of the drum blending well just like a cup of coffee that are mixed with their best partner, sugar and creamer! That's how smooth their performance were!~

Energetic band from Taiwan, music genre with combination of Piano and disco music and that's also the combination of their name, PISCO! Their hyper performance especially the lead singer and the bassist heat up the crowd. Their music definitely keep your heart beating but their lyrics is totally the opposite of it. Just like how they described, "fierce look but with a soft heart"! That's the proverb which I think is the closest to described them. When both comes together, it work just like ying & yang which is inseparable! 

MADNESS, MADNESS and more MADNESS!!! A local Malaysia rock band which is truly madness! Loving their performance for the night and of course not to mention the powerful wild voice the lead singer had! They just gona blew you off the stage with their rich performance. Variety of song selections that never disappoint the crowd!

Legendary icon in his home country and also ambassador of Reggae music, none other than Ras Muhamad! Inspired and influenced by Bob Marley since he was a kid had lead him to who he is today. His music were more genuine reggae with Indonesia element specially inserted his own home country culture. Strong and influencing performance. Reggae never failed to make everyone have their body move along with its music!

Another Reggae musician for the year. Personally thinks that her reggae were mixture of R&B. It is definitely something new and refreshing because when music combines, there's so much possibilities and surprises. 

Philippine band can never go wrong and will never go wrong! That's how great they are in this industry. Strong, powerful and yet still feel so soothing voice from the lead singer amazed me. Kick start with her harmonica before any music aired was the most memorable part because that recalls much of childhood memories. 

Love their concept of peace music. They can easily attracts the crowd attention and get them under control!! They are really the hitto of the night. They had better influential. Probably due to mixture combination of different musical instrument, and nevertheless, difference in voice texture and tone level. Just like a food with different taste where you are much excited to try out different layer with different taste. That's how rich they are. 

WOW! That's basically the greatest word I could find to describe how I feel. I couldn't keep my mouth shut the whole time during their performance. Never knew Blues can be so comforting and relax. The band truly change my perception towards Blues music. The whole show can be described as eye opener because it had never feel so good to be blue!

I thought I'm out of space when this rock band get on stage!~ Consist of 4 members with tattoo enthusiasm and rock passion, they successfully persuade me with their music that ROCK IS AWESOME!!!! Rock used to be something that is just not for me. I can't really blend and understand the whole thing of rock BUT they just turn everything around and proof me totally wrong!! Oh gosh, I hope I have superpower right now and turn back time to have them back right in front of me again!!~

The event ended with a collaboration of Reggae on stage! They just spin the world around with their superb Reggae groove!~

Newly slot performance, after party spinning by DJ Roundhead! Honoured having him to spin for us. His spinning back then for Borneo Jazz Festival was truly jaw dropping. Without any hesitation, this time he still get me grooving. I just couldn't deny he is just that awesome! What makes thing more extraordinary? His rapping skill is just as awesome as his spin!! He just got me surprised every time I see him in action. I am looking forward to his appearance again soon in Miri!!~

Whew~~What an awesomeeee night!! Nothing feels better than this. Having to work and had fun at the same time. Having all the talented performers gathered at the same place doesn't make them a performer, to my thought it was more like a gathering. A reunion of people who shared the same passion. A gathering of people who love music. Like I used to say, music knows no language barrier!

Would like to thank, of course giving the highest gratitude too, to the organiser, Sarawak Tourism Board (STB), me fellow companion bloggers who keep the fun time active, volunteers and every parties who had keep everything in place! The whole event had wrap up with a total blast!

Sarawak Bloggers with Dato' Rashid Khan (Sarawak Tourism Board, CEO)

Just couldn't get enough of what I had shared here? I have me fellow link below for you to read and got you excited with their opinion and feelings how Asia Music Festival rock their night!! Or if you think picture speak more than a thousand words and reliable, or looking more of behind the stage pictures, you can also view it here !!

Me Fellow Bloggers :

Friday, 3 October 2014


MIRI - Sarawak Tourism Board, the organiser of Asia Music Festival (AMF) together with Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club will host the golf competition in conjunction of Asia Music Festival this coming Saturday, 4th October.

The golf competition has become better known as one of the most anticipated event by the local and expatriate community in Miri. Therefore,the organiser of the music festival is hoping the golf competition will become an added value and will blend well with the music at the same time to promote Miri as a tourist destination.

The AMF Golf Competition will open to 100 to 120 golf players to participate in competition this Saturday and the response from Mirian golfers are very well received so far. The game format will cover the strokeplay over 18 holes of the golf course and tee-off time is expected to be at 12:30pm (Shotgun start). Game registration will begin at 11:00am at the Eastwood Golf & Country Club, Miri.

Sarawak Tourism Board together with Eastwood Valley Golf are still calling for more interested golfers to participate on the game this Saturday as some attractive prizes and goodies pack from STB are waiting. The winner of this golf competition will be announcing during the Asia Music Festival night show at the Eastwood Valley.

There are also golfing packages available and it is inclusive of green fees, 1 complimentary ticket to Asia Music Festival as well as food voucher with purchase from the AMF Food Mart Village during the music festival.

The 2nd edition of Asia Music Festival will be held this Friday, 3rd October and Saturday, 4th October at the Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club. The inaugural event last year was a success with over 3000 people
attending the 2 days event. The event organiser, STB has set the event target to become yet another iconic music festival for Sarawak after the success of Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) held in Kuching.

There are Malaysian and International bands lineup confirmed to participate at the music festival namely from Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. The event will also feature DJ gig this year with DJ Roundhead from Kuala Lumpur who will perform on both nights of the event.

The music festival will start at 5:00pm daily with tattoo exhibition as well as Asian food and village mart taking place at the event venue. Stage performance will begin at 7:30pm until midnight, followed by the DJ set until 2:00am.

Festival tickets now offers at pre-sale price, only RM25 for adults and RM10 for children/student (aged 3-18) at . Tickets also on sale at Visitors Information Centre in Kuching (+6082-423600), Miri (+6 085-434180) and Sibu (+6 084-340980). Door-sale tickets are priced at RM30 for adults and RM15 for children/students.

Monday, 29 September 2014


MIRI – Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club, the venue of Asia Music Festival will offer free shuttle bus service to the event venue on both festival days Friday 3rd October and Saturday 4th October.

Shuttle bus service operated by the Eastwood Valley will be made available free to shuttle festival attendees to Asia Music Festival or just to reach their golf club and hotel property located at Jalan Miri by-Pass. According to Rebecca Wong, Eastwood Valley’s Director of Marketing, shuttle bus will leave Eastwood Valley every hour from 5:00pm until 9:00pm. This bus will drop off and pick up at the Boulevard Shopping Complex (entrance next to KFC), Imperial Shopping Mall (lobby entrance of the hotel) and Bintang Mega Mall (mall main entrance, near Coffee Bean).

The first schedule that runs from Eastwood Valley at 5:00pm will first reach Boulevard Shopping Complex approximately around 5:15pm, then Imperial Shopping Mall around 5:30pm and Bintang Mega Mall around 5:45pm. The shuttle bus will then return to Eastwood Valley and will continue its service for 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm and 9:00pm before returning to Eastwood Valley at around 10:00pm.

The major purpose of this service is to provide easy access to festival goers to attend the 2 day festival and at the same time to ease traffic congestion at the venue. 

The festival organizer, Sarawak Tourism Board who is promoting “greening the festival” program is also encouraging festival goers to use this free shuttle service to reach the venue while reducing the carbon foot print. “Festival goers are encouraged to help and put into practice the greening effort as their small but worthy contribution to save the environment” says Dato’ Rashid Khan, CEO, Sarawak Tourism Board.

At the inaugural event last year, the event drew more than 3,000 people over the 2 days of the festival. The 2nd edition of Asia Music Festival this weekend will feature artists from Asian countries namely from India, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

The festival will also add a DJ gig into this year’s program by featuring  Malaysian famous DJ Roundhead who will be playing an array of famous dance music at the post-festival late show on both nights which will last until 2:00am. Festival gates open at 5:00pm both Friday and Saturday.

Other than music, the festival will also incorporate a range of Asian food namely from Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, India, Malaysia and more. The Festival will continue to feature a tattoo exhibition which has attracted more tattoo experts this year from Indonesia and Philippines. 

Entry tickets to Asia Music Festival is currently on pre-sale offer at only RM25 for adults and RM10 for children/student (aged 3-18). Visit the website to purchase online. Tickets also available at Visitors Information Centre in Miri (+6 085-434180), Kuching (+6 082-423600) and Sibu (+6 084-340980). Door-sale tickets are priced at RM30 for adults and RM15 for children/students.

Friday, 26 September 2014


KUCHING – The Asia Music Festival will be featuring DJ gig for the first time this year by adding the Malaysian famous DJ Roundhead into the program. DJ Roundhead will be playing at the post-festival late show on both Friday and Saturday night, 3rd and 4th October. He will also be playing a huge array of famous dance music during a break between each bands both nights.

Performing as a DJ for with at least 20 years experience, DJ Roundhead was once crowned as the ‘Malaysia DJ Champion’ 3 years in a row when he entered the Malaysian DJ Championship competition from 1995-1997.

When he was in high school, he would work part-time jobs during the weekend just to blow it all away on CD's and records. That made him the "go-to-guy" when it came to house parties from high school all the way to college. Roundhead would bring his own player and set up his own mini console and rock the crowd at the party. Only after college he join a company during the 90's called Clubworld Entertainment that supplied DJ's to entertainment outlets around Malaysia, where then only he started his professional career.

Among his best moment is representing Malaysia in the Rotterdam Love Parade in the Netherlands for a crowd of 10,000 strong on a 34 wheel trailer while proudly flying the Malaysian flag in front of his console. He played as a DJ residency in Melbourne, Australia for a year before returning to Malaysia and is currently attached to TraxxFM in Kuala Lumpur.

The major challenge for any real DJ is being able to perform under pressure. The most interesting bit is studying the crowd earlier before any performance without undermining their expectations of entertainment. According to Roundhead, a real DJ can tell if a record or a song is going to be a hit or a dance floor filler. Knowledge is the key for everything.

Asia Music Festival now in its second year will bring again the very best eclectic mix of live music together for one mind-blowing weekend in Miri, Sarawak. The inaugural festival last year saw incredible performances from headliners from Asian region as far as India, Thailand and Korea. With the main goal to develop the brand of Asia Music Festival to be an iconic music festival of mixed genre in the Asian Region, the festival has recorded around 3000 music fans attending the first edition of the festival last year.

Asia Music Festival will also incorporate a range of Asian food as well as tattoo exhibition so there will be something for everyone. The festival will start at 5:00pm daily with a tattoo exhibition as well as food and village mart. Stage performance will begin at 7:30pm until midnight, followed by the DJ set with DJ Roundhead until 2:00am.

Eight international bands has been confirmed for this year’s festival. Get your tickets now at a pre-sale price, only RM25 for adults and RM10 for children/student (aged 3-18) at . Tickets also on sale at Visitors Information Centre in Kuching (+6 082-423600), Miri (+6 085-434180) and Sibu (+6 084-340980). Door-sale tickets are priced at RM30 for adults and RM15 for children/students.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


KUCHING  Pancake 80 from the Philippines will be performing at the upcoming Asia Music Festival 2014 to be held at Miri, Sarawak on the 3 & 4 October. This is a band comprising five musically talented individuals who share the same interest and love for music of different genres. From reggae, rock, pop alternative and especially new wave music of the 80’s to which they add their own flavor when covering songs.

The band made achievements throughout the course of their career. They have also joined local and international Battle of the Bands and have been recognized for their talents as they have won several awards Most notable was as the grand prize winner of the YAMAHA ASIAN BEAT Band competition with the song “FLAME” This earned them the right to represent the Philippines in the ASIAN BEAT COMPETITION in Hongkong, competing with 10 other bands from different countries on February 2009 in which they were placed third overall. They were also third runner-up at the REDAMP’s search for ASEAN’s next best band with the song “TIME” held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2010 and more recently, winner of the first HARD ROCK CALLING Battle of the Band competition 2011 by HARD ROCK CAFÉ Makati, making them the Philippine representative to the International HARD ROCK CALLING Battle of the Band competition.

Watch Pancake 80 performing on stage at Asia Music Festival. Other confirmed line-up this year includes SoulMate (India), Salammusik (Malaysia), Masia One (Singapore), Pisco (Taiwan), Retrospect (Thailand), Ras Muhamad (Indonesia) and Mad August (Malaysia).

Get your presale tickets now at only RM25 for adults and RM10 for children/student (aged 3-18) at . Tickets also available from all STB’s Visitors Information Centre located at Sarawak Tourism Complex, Kuching (+6 082-423600), Jalan Melayu, Miri (+6 085-434180) and Jalan Tukang Besi, Sibu (+6 084-340980). Door-sale tickets are priced at RM30 for adults and RM15 for children/students.