I was born in the year 1987 and in Chinese Zodiac we are under the bugs bunny..hehe, which is the rabbit. So, most of my classmates actually was born in the same year as me....and most of them will be or had turn 21. Time is only the matter of fact.

I was dressing up myself and get myself a new hairstyle for some event or considered as party!!! It is a very grand and gorgeous one!! She have about 10-15 tables just for her 21st birthday party!!!

How do I looks like?? Suit me??

This is our group photo when we just arrive!! How can I miss out my camera in action for such an important day!!!
God of Gamblers!!!
Another group photo!! We are so addicted to take photo!!!
After group photo, I tried to take pictures with everyone of my classmates to keep it as a memory when I was graduating from TAR College!
-pEi- & EriC
Our super duper great singer in class, singing for our lovely birthday gal on stage!!!
So now can you imagine how grand it is??
chow chow & -pEi-
3 penang lovely LadIeS!!!!
KinG of GambLeR!!
-pEi- & JS
BEE SEAN ( birthday GaL) & -pEi-
After lots of camwhore session and lots of crazy action and's time for cake cutting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Key Birthday cake is almost a must for everyone who's turning 21!!!
Singing Birthday song!!!
Cake cutting session! HappY FamilY!!!

Once again I would like to wish Bee Sean my lovely classmate happy birthday and have a great year ahead!!!


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