Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Miri Country Music Festival 2015

You haven't know that the Miri Country Music Festival 2015 is going to hit the oil town for the second year in less than 30 days? They are returning with more howdy performers with great ole country music! It will be held on 7th February 2015 at the same cosy place I always love, none other than Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri.

Towards their 2nd year, organiser squeezing their brain juice making this family event big and grand. They are having over 300 big bikers, travelling from Kuching, picking up the mates from Sibu and Bintulu along the way and last stop at Miri as a supporting role for MCMF 2015. When there's party, our neighbour, fellow Bruneians will never miss the fun. We are already expecting them and ready to welcome them with our usual warm hospitality. 

No further disturbance, let's move on to the line-up performers that we have for 2015 shall we? Why do I make it sounds like an Oscar Award nominees? BECAUSE they worth the grand introductory like Oscar nominees walking down the red carpet with non-stop flash.

COUNTRY SISTERS - Czech Republic
Put aside their warm smiles and great personality, they are born performers. They started with 6 members but thereafter turned into what they are now, 5 members and yet still create a show that completely overmasters both the stage and crowd . All 5 members mastered at least 2 musical instruments each and with over 2000 concerts they had performed,  they still shine bright like stars and guaranteed jaw-dropping performance.  

HI-BREED - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Our very own Sarawakian band making their second appearance at the 2nd MCMF. Impressed and be proud of who they are. They are all self-taught musicians who shared the same passion in country music.  

Generous Peace literally translated what his name, Kareem Salama means. That's also the same title for his very first album. Known as the first American Muslim country singer, his music is hybrid of pop, country and rock music. It builds up my curiosity how those genre blend?

MEL & JOE - Singapore
They are Singaporeans best-loved musical talents. Their special appearance last year lead to their come back this year. They are the big hit and the organizer answered their supporters demand, they are bringing this popular demand back on stage the gets the crowd howdy!
OS POMBOS BAND - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This band had been promoting and performing country music as old as I do. Over two and a half decades committing their passion, some folks in Malaysia termed them as the Legends of Malaysia country music. You won't be disappointed if you are over genuine country music because they are non other than authentic country music performers.  

STARLET BAND - Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Proudly presents the representatives from our own backyard. A 5 piece family group of all girls are ready to blew you off with their blending roots of Sarawakian country rock with mesmerizing sound of Orang Ulu 'Sapeh'. Expecting extraordinary and refreshing performance when the east meets west!

Combination of several popular country bands from Indonesia. Sharing the same passion, vision and love of country music, they reformed and joined as a team to perform a unique blend of traditional Dungdut songs in country music style.

Looking at all the performers bio, I am extremely excited to be there. Had my calendar marked and started the countdown. I have no idea what to expect but I bet there will be lots of fun with all howdy rocks line-up. If you haven't get your tickets, you may get them here or you may call Parkcity Everly Hotel at +(60) 85 - 440288 for more information or tickets purchase. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Maker Cafe

Coffee enthusiast are all around and cafe are opening everywhere like mushroom grown after the rain, spreading every corner of the city. Starbucks is just something pretty common among the people these days. Despite the coffee bean they are famous with, branding is definitely their greatest selling point. 

This newly open cafe which I had made a few attempt to drop by but failed because it was fully occupied. Not surprised since it is newly open just for a week. Trying my luck again tonight and I got myself a table for 4. Wasn't so bad after all to be alone. But then after I was changed to a table for 2 which was totally fine for me because I was pre-informed at the cashier counter when I made my ordered.

Entering the habitat with a great coffee aroma that welcomes you, just simply amused. A cafe that makes me feel so much like home. It's packed, but do ignore the crowd. Pretend you can't hear them. Jazz into your dream world with their soothing music if you are alone. Or grab a book from their shelf which you find worth reading even a page or two. Chit chat with your friends and make yourself at home like nobody business if you are hanging around in a group. That's what the owner intended to let their customer feels. A place like home.

I enter into this small sanctuary and I feel comfortable. The first intention I had in mind doesn't seems to be different from others. Just to check it out, drop by and see how does this cafe looks and operate. The main concern when people enter, the first thing that hits their mind? "How much does a coffee in such cafe would cost?" A cup of coffee that range about RM 8 to RM 13 average definitely price at reasonable rank despite the high quality ingredients that they used to brew their coffee. I always fancy and supportive to local cafe rather than franchise outlets because they are simply unique!

Sitting alone at the corner with my cup of hot Caramel, trying to clear my disturbing mind, a lady with her denim shirt and green apron approached me. That's the same lady who actually served me at the cashier counter and her name is Marlene. A friendly smile on her face started our conversation. She offered herself to sit down and of course I agreed and the pleasure is mine.

A conversation simply just starts with this global language/sign, a smile. She is a partner of the cafe and she designed the whole interior from scratch. I know how it feels to get nothing to something. That satisfaction you feel at the end of the day are simply indescribable. I am impressed and amazed (*I'm easily amazed and satisfied thou) because the combination of textiles and wood with hanging light bulbs just blend in together like coffee with milo that blends out Neslo. I know it sounds a little incompatible but that's the best description that I can think of. Black wall decoration hanging on the white wall are inspirational quotes. I do not know how many of you been there realised but somehow it is quite motivating.

They may not have a scroll of varieties hanging on their wall menu but they promised to serve you better when something is written up there. I am not promoting or receiving any monetary terms for writing this. It is all out of my own perception.You may have different thoughts in mind from what I had experienced. I am just sharing what I feel and I love sharing my thoughts. You may disagree, you may comment or just send them your feedback. I believe their arms are widely open receiving feedback for improvement. Just click into their facebook page.