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Secret Sanctuary

Kuching had been really amazed me. Explore lots of interesting food and also "a" interesting place. You will never get to find such place at Miri or anywhere at KL. However this place is not easy to find. It is somewhere near to the housing area.
By looking at the appearance you will never get to imagine it is a treasure beneath it. It is such breath taking and every little section you went is giving you much of surprises.

There's not much light within only supported by the lang tern. Day time, partial of the building is actually open air which you will get to see the sunlight. It is a truly relaxing and great de-stress place because what you get to do is slow down and enjoy yourself to the maximum with the facilities that they provide.

There's swimming pool. Unlimited usage till they close.

Sauna which you get to sweat like while you bath.
Washroom. And I'm lovin' those sign board that they put. Awareness to other customer however do distract them too.

Fish Spa Whe…


The name does not mean it all. We went to a seafood restaurant doesn't mean that they are only specialized in seafood and not other dishes. They have so many thing that they would recommend to you. It was so fulled and packed that we almost waited for 40 minutes for our food to arrive.

I think this is nice actually. The taste of the ribs act like an appetizer for the start. Everyone were loving it. However I do wonder whether it is truly good or because we were all grab because of hunger. tsktsktsk.....

I named it very awkwardly but I think it does suit this this because the meat texture is still soft. Meaning the chef is actually doing a good job and great control on the fire because it does not taste like any deep fried food that you will get in any fast food chain. yummy and thumbs up.

This is not well done. The soup is over sticky and not watery enough to be name as a soup and more like a sauce. In addition, it is over s…

Kuching Local Delicacies

Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia so you will expect lots lots of different delicacies that you might taste around whole Sarawak. Even the most famous kolokmee in Sarawak, there are different varieties among the city. Kuching, Bintulu, Sibu and Miri, you will have to be ready for different taste. So not to mention what will be different from East Malaysia with West Malaysia.
First most famous delicacies, Sarawak Laksa. There's actually 2 types of laksa, one with more of curry mix santan taste and another with more curry taste which is darker tone for soup. Our first try is at Golden Arch building, Garden Cafe & Restaurant.

This is super awesome. This is totally different from PenangLaksa. The prawn is definitely bigger than what you see in the picture. The sambal was awesome. Really does stimulate the appetite with the hot and sour taste. SUPERB!!!

That's just a starter. Just warm up for the beginning. Next stop on the same day we went to SweeKang Ice Kacang. You will …

Cat City - 1/612 - 4/6/12

Been ages did not update my blog. Sorry for neglecting it. There's nothing much too update. How I wish I got sponsors for vacation therefore I can spend more time on blogging. Actually, I am away for a quick short holiday escape. Just fly over to Cat city to visit a friend and at the same time had a food vacation. This trip is truly all about food. Except food, there's still more food. I gained weight during this trip. Ready for more excitement? Scroll down and get ready with your tissue.....
Sarawak Laksa
Rojak - Jelly fish
Fruit Rojak
Awesome Siew Mai
Favorite pick - Fried Chicken

Great Place - Secret Sanctuary

Awesome background for shooting - MBO, Kuching Acting cute It was a short trip but we fully utilize every day. We had lots of fun and enjoy the slow and relax pace. It is not awesome to go for a trip and you are rushing every where to catch up with the itinerary.
To be frank, I am out of words to write in this post. So watch out for details post for the FOOD!!!