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An-nyeong~ πŸ‘‹
Korea had been voted one of the top 10 country that everyone had in their bucket list. I am glad I manage to leave my footprint on such gorgeous land. Got back from Korea for more than a month now but I am still missing everything about Korea. It's been an awesome trip and a wonderful one. It will be a LONG post of a first timer sharing. πŸ˜†

It is just a rough estimation of budget and definitely there will be variance due to floating of currency exchange. All calculation below are for 2 pax. Therefore, there's a calculation for a pax at the bottom. I did ponder πŸ˜•whether to share my personal expenses, as it may be too detail to share as many may not share the same buying pattern. Therefore, I am just stating out a rough estimation of total spending. In total, inclusive of flight, accommodation, daily food and transportation and also normal purchasing, rough estimation spending is RM6,500.
I guess it wasn't too expensive for 10 days trip.…

Welcoming Dog Year with "Poon Choi"@ Miri Marriott Resort & Spa, Miri

Chinese New Year is eventually only less than 2 weeks away. Have you started to clean your house? Have you bought yourself new clothes? Have you baked your cakes and cookies? Have you sorted your menu or even sourcing for venue if you are dining out for the Chinese New Year eve feast where everyone is having high expectation on???? Geezzzz 😟
That’s how busy it is for every family who celebrated Chinese New Year. It is the auspicious celebration that we love and hate at the same time because that’s the busiest time of the year for us, Chinese. However, I think I could lend a helping hand. 😊
Miri Marriott Resort & Spa announces the appointment of Chef Ang Choo Cuin as its new Chinese Chef. Chef Ang will be responsible for the development of the Chinese Menu and for the maintenance of the quality and standards of food preparation, as well as oversee all Chinese food production of the hotel’s extensive banqueting events with the assistance of the Executive Chef Len Ivan Osmund.
His pas…

Your Breaking Norm Pizza : Anchor Food Professionals - PizzaArt Campaign @ Chillax Cafe & Bistro , Miri

Food Review


Reigning leaders in dairy food services segment, Anchor Food Professionals (AFP) has launched an exciting campaign with their partners, and this time with a creation that Malaysians can't resist - Pizza!

But wait!!! this is absolutely not the brand Anchor beer that we are talking about here, just in case your thought had been diverted. Or perhaps you are in confusion since when the Anchor you thought had been venturing into dairy products.

They are absolutely two different brand, two different segment and TOTALLY two different targeted customers.

What is PizzaArt campaign? Why is it called PizzaArt campaign?
Anchor Food Professionals (AFP) hoping to increase the enjoyment of pizza a notch up into art form. Pizza creations are not just delicious, but shall be a delicious masterpiece. In conjunction to this campaign, AFP had created 5 masterpieces which are Pizza Bomb, Muffin Pizza, Adjaruli Kachapuri, Pot Pie Pizza and Flower Pizza. However, Flow…

Rainforest World Music Festival 's Virgin Sharing

It's name no longer unknown to most of us. When you ask any locals, most expats or tourists, most probably they will always give you an answer, "Γ–h yes, I know that festival!"
It is none other than Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF)
Running for 2 decades, how many truly know what have always keep this festival alive? How many would know what's the intention of the founder and people who get this started? Probably this shall answer your questions. "The vision for the festival was that it would be a showcase for international world music as well as for local music." - stated in their 20th Anniversary booklet.An aim that makes a great impact to Sarawak, Borneo and nevertheless, the world. 

This year line up performers are terrific. Exceptionally good and absolutely no chance to experience their flaws and no rooms for complaint. I do not have a chance to even grumble about it. MARVELLOUS is the closest word …


......I manage to get your attention with that title don't I? At least you're curious to click in. 😁

I am just so excited to share my excitement. I will FINALLY attend a world class event that I had been waiting for (my very first time), which is going to happen in less than a week time, Rainforest World Music Festival!!! It's their 20th anniversary and I have high expectation on it and I really do mean HIGH! 😲

Not only their list of performers across 3 days events get me thrilled, their list of programmes to keep the event goers entertained gets me amazed as well!! People of all walks of life have been well taken care of. Kids, parents, millennial, music enthusiasts, health conscious bunch and also people like me who love everything! 😍

I can't wait to put on my dance shoes and grooving through the night with their fantastic tune and beat. Excited to be on the festive ground and get interacted with music enthusiast and festive goers . Definitely prepared to get my …