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An-nyeong~ 👋
Korea had been voted one of the top 10 country that everyone had in their bucket list. I am glad I manage to leave my footprint on such gorgeous land. Got back from Korea for more than a month now but I am still missing everything about Korea. It's been an awesome trip and a wonderful one. It will be a LONG post of a first timer sharing. 😆

It is just a rough estimation of budget and definitely there will be variance due to floating of currency exchange. All calculation below are for 2 pax. Therefore, there's a calculation for a pax at the bottom. I did ponder 😕whether to share my personal expenses, as it may be too detail to share as many may not share the same buying pattern. Therefore, I am just stating out a rough estimation of total spending. In total, inclusive of flight, accommodation, daily food and transportation and also normal purchasing, rough estimation spending is RM6,500.
I guess it wasn't too expensive for 10 days trip.…

"猪"事顺利,青春永"猪","猪"圆玉润,"猪"笼入水 - Pullman Miri Waterfront CNY 2019 (Year of Boar)

Chinese New Year is only less than 24 hours to go and everyone is busy with many final touch up and last minute cleaning. The most important part of the year is always the reunion dinner. No Chinese family would wish to miss one of the member for this important event. It represents the unity of the family. Gathering of the far (if there is) and near and definitely the reunion of the all family members once a year on this very table.
Knowing the importance of such meaningful event, Pullman Miri Waterfront had always tried to make the night a memorable one. This year, the year of Boar, they are lifting the mood to a very classical, all red decoration that all Chinese will definitely enjoyed dining in. 

Yee Sang tossing is a Malaysian culture where all diners will gather and start tossing for good wishes. It is always a kick start for every dinner that hoping the upcoming year will be great, good and smoothly run for everyone. It is believed that the higher you toss the better it gets. S…

Pullman Miri Waterfront Celebrating Christmas Not Only with Style but also Love ❤❤❤

The most joyous festive season is just around the corner and everyone loves it, CHRISTMAS . Christmas, time for bonding, spread love and not to forget feast! 😋
At Pullman Miri Waterfront, it is their yearly tradition of lighting a Christmas Tree which shall continue and should not be forgotten. 2018 marked the third year of such meaningful event. Besides their corporate guests, the evening made merrier with 30 children from Tudan Methodist Church and also 21 members of Sarawak Association for the Deaf Northern Region.
Nevertheless, they also invited a bunch of energetic and cute kids from Tenby International School Miri to sign for the audience and guests of the night.

This year Christmas Tree were made from recycled boxes which were creatively wrapped and stacked up by various sizes strategically placed at the two front pillars in the middle of the lobby; both measuring more than twelve feet height.

Santa & Santarina made an appearance after the ceremony to enlighten the kids wh…


Aerotel Malaysia Transit Hotel (KLIA 2) Location      : Level 2M, gateway @ KLIA 2, Terminal KLIA 2 Contact No. : 03 - 8778 0888 Email             :  : myaerotel
: Aerotel Kuala Lumpur
Being a frequent traveler, layover is the most hectic part of long travel and transit. On my recent travel, this airport hotel had ease the concerned. Tune hotel used to be the only hotel available at KLIA 2 before other hotels slowly came in. Alternate choice available, Capsule Container aren't any better than Tune hotels but definitely more budget. 😕
This time round, I am aiming for a more comfort space to rest my soul. Overcome this hotel when I browse through agoda for more choices.
Upon arriving, the open space lobby connected with it's bar make the whole entrance look great. The front liners are beyond friendly thou it's already midnight upon my arrival. Love their sharp bumblebee colour uniform that enlighten the mood. 😊

Everywhere is brand new (it is brand new th…