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Second day was the day that full of excitement and sun burn moment. I love the sun and it was not over heated that day. Just right for beach day. See wide smile on everyone faces? =) All of us can't wait to take off and be like a fish that swims freely in the sea. However, we can only float on the surface of the water. Even the boat riding was exciting. Drifting was cool especially when the wave is coming from the opposite side. Few pictures before taking off.

The ladies in the group. We were like queens & princesses because we have more gentlemen that looks like they are our body guard.

Lovin' the sea. Can you see the blue sea without any polluted sign. So blue and so refreshing. Too bad underneath there's still some rubbish that were throw into by some irresponsible tourists.

The guys can't wait to take off to the sea already and see us were still have our proper attire on. Scroll down and see us with swimming attire......oh~~~~sexay ladeh

Snorkelling is what we did …

Baba & Siam

I bet most Mirians had notice of this newly open Restaurant around Permyjaya. New restaurant normally were always full packed with customers and there's no exceptional this time round. The environment and ambience of the restaurant was grest but something which is bad, there's lots of mosquito around. They feed you with food and you are feeding the mosquito at the same time.

It takes them about 5-10 minutes to send over us a menu but I guess they must have lack of manpower for their new opening. And indeed the menu doesn't really delighting us. Just normal paper that were clip on a file board. That's not the thing that surprise me, the price is even shocking thou.
It is expensive for a normal serving, however, the kind staff were kind enough to explain that the price were expensive because the portion is large enough for 2-3 pax servings. That would be a different story then. 
PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE - RM18.90 This is the best so far because we only ordered 3 food for 5 pax. …


Everyone loves to shop. In this 21st century era, shopping is not only for girls anymore but for all levels of generation. Just the things that we shop of might be different in this technology era. People will never expect that you can even shop without stepping out of the house. Just by few clicks your shopping cart could be fill with your favorite items. 
Nowadays there's a lot of blog shop that offers online shopping. Quality wise, price cheaper and most of all you don't need to have much hassle of carrying plastic bag full of goods.
As years passed, lots of big brand is offering their own online shopping at their own webpage and COTTON ON is one of them. This Australia brand has been one of  my favorite stores when I was exposed to it the first time in year 2009. In love at first sight. Good quality and price wise for an international brand compare to forever 21 and Topshop.
Just visit their facebook page here or even their shopping website here for more information. I am wri…

Kota Kinabalu Trip with ABM Gang - DAY 1 (KLIA WETLAND LODGE)

This is an outdated post which I do not get to post on time. Late is better than nothing ain't it? Went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 2 months ago. This is my second time there but this is the first official trip I had. The first time there was a to transit flight to Taiwan so did not get to tour around KK much. Thanks to this bunch of gang, we did not only get to gather we also get to explore too. 

First thing we do after arrival, is food hunting!!!! Super hungry. What else you could have in KK better than seafood ain't it? Superlicious!~ See the whole table of fish noodle, fish head soup, asam fish head, fried fish...everything fishy.

After lunch, we continue our journey to a rural area which takes around 2 -3 hours. However, it is all worth it because this is where we will be staying for a night to watch Proboscis Monkey and Christmas tree that light up all by Fireflies. It is absolutely fascinating! Few pictures before we go off. 

The gang which I missed! Misses you guys still!! Ju…