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Do you still remember the blue genie that we used to watch when we were kids? We never know that they were cute and so kind. Smurfs once again had an adventurous "trip" to New York City. It was a challenging trip because they need to find their way back home only when blue moon strikes. Papa the oldest Smurfs in them had the responsibility to bring them back and they are one cute little thing that loves to say smurfy almost for everything.....

I think they were cute. I enjoy watching them but I always feel akward to have cartoon character with real life human. Don't you think it is so unreal. I mean that they wouldn't be in reality. I know that's what movie meant for, going beyond reality.
I personally think that the story was quite enjoying, especially the cat name Azreal. It can understand what it owner said and it can even talk. It facial expression were superb. Hahahahahah
Too bad there wasn't any 3D available at Miri. Overall it was ok. Another comedy for f…

NameWee In Da House

*This is a little back dated post due to my laziness.

Mirian all know that Name Wee was around last weekend. He is here for his movie promo, NasiLemak 2.0. No one will ever expect his movie was able to show in the cinema. He was once a controversial person which had causes lots of issues in Malaysia. However, on the other hand I personally was quite proud of him. He is a Malaysian who really walk in our shoes and dare to voice up issues that we do not dare all this while.

He went to 2 places that day. Imperial Mall and also Boulevard Hyper Market. The crowd is unexpectedly awesome. Everyone in Malaysia knows him and in his fb he stated he loves Miri much and hoping to return. The merchandiser booth set up before the event officially starts.

He was here for his promo and he is cute thou. As in his round chubby cheek. The MCee were actors in the movie too.

There's a short interacting session with fans and some give away to the winners. Everyone was having great time with him listening m…

10th SEPTEMBER 2011

Just can't deny that how fast time could fly. Just how fast 365days run even without our notification. I bet everyone would recall their previous years birthday or even celebration they had when they were kids. Remember what we used to have when we were youngsters? Party celebration either at fast food restaurant or some affordable hotel with high tea package.

As I grow, I love to spend time with someone I am close with. Family and good friends. They were just too awesome to resist. See how superb they are by celebrating every moment with me. My colleague did turn out some surprises for me too. I really did had great time.

Pre-celebration of my birthday by my colleague. I really do appreciate their effort because this is was done by people who are noob in driving but with official legal license. They are such cute people. This is one real big cake and the most colorful cake as I can remember so far. Not to mention those kids cake with lots of animation cartoon on it.

On the same nigh…


I am officially 24 years old. Done too much thing before and after the day and I am quite enjoying it. Will be posting about all the activities in my blog later on. I am glad I did it because I get to share it with the readers (if there is). Stay tuned!!


DATE : 11th September 2011(Sunday)
TIME : 11.00am - 12.00pm / 12.30pm - 1.30pm

In conjunction with his new movie NasiLemak 2.0, NameWee and crew will be coming to Miri!! Excited or not? I don't think he is new to Malaysian as he had causes lots of news and his youtube videos were famous among Malaysia teenagers. What makes me more surprise, Adibah Noor was collaborating in this movie.

I never knew he could go this far but I definitely salute his bravery. He voice out what we don't dare to say. He do what we use to think. He is the man! Anyone who wish to meet him up personally to see how hilarious he could be as compare with his video in youtube, head over to venue mention above and have some interaction with him. I bet you gona know in deep about him.


Plan for a quick escape? Want something simple and yet not tiring trip to get off from terrific long jammed or even hectic environment? I definitely think Miri is a good place. As Mirian I think Miri is a good escape for skyscrapers citizens that had been living in big cities for quite some time. It's time for you to get close to nature.
First of all upon arrival you can had your passport add in another country sign without taking plane. An hour drive from Miri you will reach Brunei. Brunei is an Islamic country with great natural resources, petroleum. Besides that, they are famous for its sushi. It is definitely worth it to have a trip there. You'll never regret and you'll never get it anyway at Malaysia. Bi, fat and juicy salmon especially.

Enough of Brunei and we will come back to the title of this post Miri. MIRI is famous with its own speciality of food from various ethnics. You can never miss out one most important food here, kolokmee. Our famous noodle you can't f…