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I get to know this just a moment ago~ REAL, REAL, REAL and I mean REALLY SHOCKING!! (at least for me it is)
Whew~ My friend told me that, if we have 2 unpass paper we can't proceed to second year. OMG! I suddenly think back that, I have 2 resit paper. Oh h*ll! If I did not pass this time, I will be wasting another year studying! Sh*t!!!

What am I going to do?? I am really afraid of it. I actually plan not to continue if I really can't get over all of this. It is not as easy as I thought it was. It is not that I want to give up but what if I can never pass? I am just wasting my time and my mum's money. I would better come out and work to earn some income instead of spending those money. Gosh~ Really out of mind what should I do. HELP ME~



我们曾经 犯下的错

A song that really means a lot to me or lead me to something..
Everytime i listen to this song, lots of scene n memory came up in mind.
Even its kinda sad song, but the lyrics is something I am looking for...
Enjoy n try listen to it if u can find it!!


Back here about 2 weeks already, everything seems to be fine for me from the outside.
However, the inner me I really miss home, miss mummy, miss sis, miss everyone!!
From the day I reach here, until today mummy never stop calling to keep me company. How do I realise that? When sis is around, she only call once or twice a week but now I am back here alone she almost call me everyday or even 2 times a day.
I know she worries about me, I know she misses me and so do I.

Yesterday, she called me again as usual. I told her cousin going to be back and I am just a little bit upset cause I can't be back home. But when she called and talk about it, and I really can't hold my tears and I cried. Once again, I cry. I miss her a lot!!!! I know how she wishes me to go back but we both know thats kind of impossible.

Additional, something really don't go smooth yesterday. I had been doing something really stupid and silly! Once again, I hurt someone that I do not wish to hurt. Why am I always s…

Annoying person~

I wake up this morning, have my routine as usual but I found out something about me that makes others really "piss off "~ I am REALLY REALLY ANNOYING!!!

I worry because I care, I ask because I want to know, I say because I mind. Why some people never seems to understand that, and it is true that not everyone can accept that. I think I should have change my attitude and just let that "me"disappear after all....

I dun wana let people think that I am a busy body. I really feel sad and hurt when I care and you think that I am trying to be busybody. I started to get tired. Why giving out something for people and people never really appreciate it...They might not say it out, but sometimes their reaction towards something makes me thinks that. Its not that I wish to be so pessimistic but why would you have to react that way?

Just forget about it. I guess I shouldn't expect people to change for me because I can't control what others thoughts but I think changing mysel…


Today is 25th April 2008!! Not a special date or any important date. Plan to go out and walk around..or maybe shopping coz its been a long time since my last shopping. Me n my cousin went to Times Square. We actually plan to watch movie the day before, but before the time of our movie we have some fun at AMPANG SUPERBOWL!!~ Its bowling again....our favorite sports~ After bowling, times up and we went directly to the cinema...actually never heard or seen any preview for this movie..a nice one actually :

"L CHANGE THE WORLD"A nice one actually after the previous 2 DEATH NOTE movies...should have a look at

I believe those who did watch the 2 previous movie know who are this both character!!


After movie, we went for our dinner. lazy to go home and cook. Feel really tired so we went to SUSHI KING!!! Its been a long time since our last visti there! This time I did take some pic of the sushi there!!! Y…

An UNFORGETABLE experience!!!

I just found out that I really cant stay at KL for permanent or being an employee here. I had been staying here for bout 3 years and theres still things I haven try before..really ashamed~~ I went out today to take something. I need to go Bukit Jalil. It is actually not a problem at all..just a piece of cake coz transport here is available everywhere. The problem is I duno how to go there by any LRT or KTM!!! OH GOSH~ Really worried that time..scare I will get lost but Then I keep searching for help~ I know where to go after taking LRT but I have to change to another rail which is STAR line.. Okie nvm....I change to STAR line then I bought the ticket to bukit jalil. Theres one station and we need to change another train to reach my destination. I duno about tat n I keep myself in there. Suddenly when the person report the next station, I realised there was sth wrong....I am in the wrong train... OH GOD~ Then i went down the train and change back to CHAN SOW LIN station..tats the place where I…

Boring Sunday~

Back here for about 3days and life here is really boring....~~~damn boring..... everyday, open up my eyes i will be doing the same thing... study, stuDY and more STUDY!! OH GOSH~ I wana end this soon... I need some space to breath....I can hardly breath when exams come.... I just realised that I din posted much this month.... Wish to post more but had nothing new or interesting to share..but I guess there will be soon.. After my exams I will have fun and go out shopping and have fun.....(MEGA SALES SOON!!) I will snap more pictures to post with my OLDIE mobile which I love a lot....hehehe... I guess I have to go back to my papers....(notes)..having my first paper next thursday!! WISH ME LUCKS!!! AZA!!~

Back to KL~

Its 17 April 2008 and I am back to KL...
I reach here at 12 pm sharp....(at least tats what my watch shows me)
Really tired and i duno why is that...
I went to the taxi stand and bought the taxi coupon and it cost me RM 80 for ONE CAB,ONE PERSON!!!! Thats really expensive..but what to do, I dun have other options!!
Once I reach home, more shocking things had surprise me...
Our home had really changed!!! We had drawing on our living room wall, My room door had something on it!!! HaHA!! Not a Bad decor tho~
Unpack my things, get myself bath and feed then time to open my babe (laptop)!!
Yeah...I almost miss out something....
the time table of my exam..its crazy....I had my first paper on 24 April and the second paper will be on 6 May..tats 12 days after the first one!!
Duno whether tats a good or bad news~
Anyway..just wana keep myself updated to my readers ~
I will work hard for this exam......AZA!! AZA!! ~~

New Start~ New Life~

Its been a while since my last update. The last post before this is a very sad one indeed. So I would like to have something good this time. Its 2 or 3 weeks since something bad happen in my life which I taught it was.....I am having hard time dealing with it...Things always happen in sudden and of course I know, no one know what will happen next.

That's why lots of things had happen in this few weeks. Surprise and shock things. It doesn't seems that bad as what I thought actually. Things had been work out quite well at the moment. I am glad my friends were there to support me when I need them, that's why I always trust that friendship is something really reliable. That is also why I treasure my friend much than I thought.

Thanks to that someone too....(u know who u are) which had been all along my side when I needed encouragement and a companion most. Really wanna THANK YOU!! Everything that u had done really makes me feel better. U had been really tolerating with me, a goo…