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31 JANUARY 2008

It comes to the end of the month...
everyone must be very happy for now coz some of them had finish exam, some preparing to go home and even some are preparing for upcoming cny which will be around the corner...just one week time from now
I am stil studying and revising for my last paper tats malaysian taxation...
That last paper is on coming Saturday. That day I will be flying back to Miri my hometown too.
I am feeling really exicited, happy, nervous and so on...
really mixture of feeling so I am sure tat i can't sleep the nite before tat..
When exam period, I am always not enough sleep and looks like panda, I cant really sleep too when I feel excited and especially prepare to go home after so long....
So, i think i dun need to sleep anymore 2mrw nite...exam + back to hometown = burning midnight oil.....
I duno why am I here still blogging instead of studying..I cant memorise and also concentrate..
maybe its the last paper and also the mood for holiday is on..
Wish me lucks…

Hair Cut

I just went for a hair cut yesterday (22 Jan 2008).

Herm..I duno whether its a good hair cut or not but I had no idea what to cut.

My hair is like half way through my shoulder and I dun wana cut it short.

I wana leave my hair long to perm in 2 years time...

hehe...thats my aim and target.

I really miss my long hair very very much!!!

This is the pis of my current hair cut:

~*pEi's WarDrobE*~

Few weeks ago I had bought something to fill in my wardrobe.

Furthermore, Chinese New Year is just around the corner.
There are something that I bought that I would like to share especially my shopacholic friend.
Donna, hope you would see this. I hope you don't mind that I followed your footsteps to do this in my new blog as a start!!
Hope all of you will enjoy it!!

This is the first dress that I bought for my wardrobe. I was in love with it when I wore it. I never felt so good about it. Theredore I bought it.

This is the second cloths (Black color) that catch my attention when I was trying the dress above in the same shop. That is the shop that I go shop very often. I like it very much but it is really pricey for just that pice of cloths. But still I still bought it and it looks good with the inner shirt and suitable for any ocassion. Casual or formal. (worth buying)

This is the first skirt I bought online. Its great and nice. It can turn into kinda short skirt as inside the skirt you c…