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53 National Day

I had nothing much to say about this again. As a Malaysian, everyone would know this is a very important date for us. Freedom that we gained 53 years ago. Our national day. Even Malaysia is not what I am expecting of now but I am looking forward for improvement. I still love this place I called home, MALAYSIA!

The Last Airbender

Have you ever watch the cartoon series for The Last Airbender? Now it comes real. The Last Airbender movie. I never knew it was the cartoon series until I watch it in the cinema. Do you know that some of it is similar to chinese tradition element, earth, air, water and also wood. Watch and you will know what I am talking about.
Avatar had disappeared hundred years ago to avoid from responsibility and this had caused some revolution on their population. Fire population had tried to take over and conquer the other 3 elements population which might cause imbalance.

Avatar had come back alive or appeared again on earth. He is trying to help the other population for freedom. Watch the movie and now more about the movie.

Not a very exciting or interesting movie overall. Just ok and I am expecting for the next book for The Last Airbender.

Sheffield & Meadowhall

I am studying at Liverpool while my sister is studying at Sheffield so I decided to pay her a visit. Everyone told me Sheffield is am small city and that statement is totally true. But I do enjoy my time there because it was a nice place and had great environment and most of all I get to spend some precious time with my sister.
For the very first time, I took train on my own. Not to worry but seems boring. A 2 hour train to Sheffield with no one to talk too and gossiping around.

Sheffield is a nice place as I mentioned earlier. They had fascinating view and I love their weather. Not too cold with big wind and not too hot with not much sunshine.

I had a direct transfer to Meadowhall once I reached Sheffield because Meadowhall had more things to shop of. No second thought I bought our tickets and heading to Meadowhall directly. Did not capture much of Meadowhall because what we were busy doing is shopping and more shopping. End up my sis bought more things than I do.
Sheffield Hallam Univer…