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Mandara Spa - Miri Marriott Resort & Spa (20th Anniversary)

In such hectic and fast pace era, we are in need of relaxation and proper stress release method. Nothing beats a great detoxification and massage that could reduce tension muscle which had been stiffed and hard as rock. 
Probably, its the right time to pamper and go for a good drink, a great meal or perhaps even an awesome deal of spa. Mandara Spa had recently launched a good deal promotion where you can put behind your worries and contribute to those who are in need. Nothing feels better than doing good deed and pampering yourself at the very same time. Always awesome to kill two birds with one stone. Definitely worthwhile paying for charity that helps building a kid future, shaping a better generation and also creating a better place. 

Mandara Spa is a world wide known spa which started with a humble beginning from Bali. This year May marked their 20th anniversary. In conjunction with their 20th Anniversary, Mandara Spa are having a whole week of activities starting from 20th May ti…

11th Borneo Jazz Festival : Musical Night

It's about a week since Borneo Jazz ended. Still stuck and hope it haven't even started yet. I do not wish to wait another 365 days for the next because....I want it NOW. Want it all over again because I have not had enough. Anyone have travel machine that can bring me back to past and let me had it all over again? Dreaming I am.

Every year, Jazz will always have school band to kick start the performance and definitely, there's no exceptional this year. SMK Chung Hua is still at it's best. Looking at our future, I think we are doing good at polishing them. Chances, opportunity and proper platform are provided for them to show off themselves.
Speaking of the future, USM Mini Big Band - a youth band, which is the very FIRST that was invited to Borneo Jazz Festival. A bunch of talented youngsters who came together with the same passion towards music. Feeling proud having them standing on this very international stage, showing other nationality our future!  I came to realis…

11th Borneo Jazz Festival - Introductory , Preview, Tree Planting & Welcoming Dinner

Media Walkabout - Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri
Always exciting when comes to covering Jazz Festival. Borneo Jazz makes it return of 11th year to Miri with extra programme to attract more either local or international festive goers. As for us (the media), were also well taken care of. 

Media walkabout was started last year. Main reason of having this meeting is to introduce, spread knowledge and definitely using the power of writing to spread words to public and specially new comers how is it gona look like on the event ground. What will you be expecting, what precautions you should take when there's an emergency (thou the chances are one in a million), vendors that will be participating and the location. These are all high possibilities question that may pop up. That's how the walkabout comes about.

[Mr Andrew Peter Law, General Manager of ParkCity Everly Hotel Miri explaining the floor plan]
[Sound system plays a big part in most festival and they are ready to set up.]
[Platform …