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Summary 2010

I had been writing this every year ever since I started this blog. This year I don't think there's much to say about EXCEPT for one and this will be fully mentioned in this blog. This is the only thing that I think had been really great in my life. Adventurous and exciting.

First of all, I had celebrated the best birthday I had ever had. Celebrated with bunch of travel mates, coach and lovely kind driver Dennis. Everyone had been so kind and I'm going real crazy and insane. Totally blew off.

Next on, I had been meeting lots of nice people. This is all faith. I would say I am amazed and loving them. Loving in terms of grateful and hoping to see them again some day which I think is a little impossible. But somehow they had been part of my memories and hoping it will be forever.

Third, travelling had always been a dream of mine. Studying abroad had gave me this opportunity and till now it was still like a dream and it is truly beautiful. Hopefully, I get to explore more and more…

Cafe Miri

This is a cafe that I had been wanted to try for a long long time but had no chance at all. Christmas eve I dropped by and had my christmas eve dinner. I love it. Had their great turkey course which really blew me off. First time had been such a great experienced, so no doubt that I'm gona return again pretty soon.
Who would expect a pot of tea on a western cuisine isn't it? This is really fusion part. Heavy meal with great digestion cup of tea.
Turkey course with cranberries and broccoli and potato side dishes. Yummy yum yum......

Mixed Grill A big portion and luckily two plates we share among the 3 of us. We are real full and enjoying our meal that night.

It was a great night and awesome meal. Might turn out there on new year's eve night.. They will surprise you with better meal package.

Christmas 2010 celebration

It's Christmas. It's been so so long since I last celebrated Christmas in Miri. Too bad Miri really disappointed me. Not much celebration at all so there's nothing much we could do except for hanging around at restaurant where food is our best friend all the time.
I had my very first turkey course at Cafe Miri. Saw this cafe all the time I pass through and head down to Piasau or Pujut area. Never get to dine in until Christmas eve night. Luckily there's still sit even though we did not make any reservation. Their turkey was awesome and much much better than I imagined.

Christmas can never miss out gift exchange. The joy of giving is more than you can imagine. It's not about how much does that gift worth but how sincere it is from you to the other. That's what a gift meant for me during Christmas.

I get mine and I'm really over joy with it because it was precious to me. Even just an empty box I'll be glad also because I know they give away with true sincere…