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Recommended Accommodation in Korea

Often when out to travel, one thing that concern me most is always accommodation. Every single information is crucial. Location, cleanliness, security & safety specially, facilities, surroundings and definitely public transport. By far, Korea accommodation gave me much satisfaction.

MH HOUSE 2 - BUSAN , KOREA (airbnb)
Book this space through airbnb. Get it at a very affordable price. I would say I love this home very much. Thou it's small but just nice for the both of us (me and my sister). Fully furnished with all you can ask for. Space for entertainment (thou I don't understand a single word from any of the channel), compound to show off your cooking skill and also a comfy bed for your head to lie on is all packed in one which I found it convenient for travelers like me. You can even do your laundry if you run out of cloths to put on. A limited space with everything in it. In chinese we called it "ไบ”่„ไฟฑๅ…จ"(fully furnished). 

Not only it is fully furnished, daily n…


An-nyeong~ ๐Ÿ‘‹
Korea had been voted one of the top 10 country that everyone had in their bucket list. I am glad I manage to leave my footprint on such gorgeous land. Got back from Korea for more than a month now but I am still missing everything about Korea. It's been an awesome trip and a wonderful one. It will be a LONG post of a first timer sharing. ๐Ÿ˜†

It is just a rough estimation of budget and definitely there will be variance due to floating of currency exchange. All calculation below are for 2 pax. Therefore, there's a calculation for a pax at the bottom. I did ponder ๐Ÿ˜•whether to share my personal expenses, as it may be too detail to share as many may not share the same buying pattern. Therefore, I am just stating out a rough estimation of total spending. In total, inclusive of flight, accommodation, daily food and transportation and also normal purchasing, rough estimation spending is RM6,500.
I guess it wasn't too expensive for 10 days trip.…