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Happy New Year 2009

In just in a blink of an eye it is now end of 2008 already. Had u think what had u been done in this 365 days, 12 months or year? Had you done anything that you wished to do or achieved? Had you done anything that you are proud of? Had you done anything that you really regret?

I almost end my studies. I went to place that I wish to go.I tried the food that I had never tried before. I met people that is good and out of my expectation.Someone had change my life totally and really made me realise life is so so short and unpredictable.I had feel so many uncertain feelings that actually change me.It was like I was normal then suddenly someone took me to Heaven and suddenly I was feeling people pushing me into Hell. It was so so hard to be used to it and get through it.I get a memorable 21st birthday which only came once in a life time only.There's too much too much to list but it had happen and also a history for me already. (*every single color means things that I had done in different mon…

the S factor

Mood had been swinging since yesterday and I also don't know how it comes and why is it so??? Maybe it is because things around me turn worst and also myself. From someone close to me to myself. Somemore exam is around the corner....... Today I woke up and find out actually I had turn worst. Feeling so so tired, desperate and also incapable of doing anything. I start to think maybe because I am behaving most of the S attitude? Stingy SelfishSelf-Centered

Last Presentation

HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is my last presentation for the semester. I was so so happy even there is still one more mid term exam tomorrow. But it is indeed a great feeling to finish everything in this year (2008). It is because some of the group will be presenting next week and that is NEXT YEAR! So isn't it better to finish things this year than next year. This is the most formal attire I had to wear for the whole 4 year courses for my presentation due to tutor request and it is compulsory. But I feel I looks so business woman, so happy about it!!!
MY TEAM MEMBERS Siok Kar, -pEi-, Chow & Alan See any difference in us?? Did you see my members are all black and white except me blue with coat? Hehe...cause I am the leader ma and we are like a group of people working in company and now presented or proposal to the chairman! Winnie & -pEi-

Finally all is over but it is time to prepare for FINAL EXAM!!! AZA!! AZA!!!


Human had been given lifes by GOD so we should appreciate and being gratitude. I never think of undergo any plastic surgery even I do not looks that pretty or beautiful but I do appreciate. The things that I keep changing every year after I came here is my hairstyle.

My hair is my most orecious part of my body. I mean I think I love the most. I had been non-stop changing to be fresh, find a hairstyle that suits me and also not bored with staying to one thing all my life.....

This picture is a combination of three consecutive years of changes I had done. 1. The first one in red blouse is my first year in college and that hair is the longest I had before I cut. 2. The second is the one in black shirt and green background. I cut into 2 layer and colored my hair for the bottom part which is for the first time i get my hair colored. 3. The third want is cutting it short. It is little bit like bob hair style but it was long at the right side and then shorter at the left side. Both second and thi…

King and Family at Madam Kwan's!!!

Today had plan in mind to be done and today is kind of happy day because the last assignment will be passed up today! Before I get to pass up my assignments, I received an unexpected called in the morning. King's is here in KL!!!!!

After done my thing then I met him up at KLCC! So sorry for him to wait for me but I had promised to meet him and his family and they are really nice nice person!!!

We went to Madam Kwan's restaurant as his wife wanted to try it. Of course I had no objection because I just love to it ma!!! Hahahahaha......Here we goes the MENU!!!

FISH & CHIPS this is for his kids which is so so cute!!!
Beef Rendang
Asam Vegeterian
KaiLan with Garlic
-pEi- & Esther

She is so lovely. Her brother is so shy that he even rejected to take pic with -pEi-. I did not get to take pic with the king's couple too but really envy that they are so so sweetie!!! Nice meet you all!!!!!!

Christmas & X'mas

KLCC tallest Christmas Tree

X'mas had always been an important festival for most of the people especially christian. For me, before I came here X'mas for me is just another holiday for me. I started to know actually X'mas is having so much fun and time to get crazy before the year end and also accepting a brand new year. That just applied to me!! hehe... I would just like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, every friend of mine, who knows me, who I knows whoever out there...... MERRYCHIRSTMAS!

A 'mini' Happy Day =)

It is indeed a happy day for me today. First of all, I had once again pass up another assignment and that will left me only two assignments to go which will pass up on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Next, I heard from my friends that the timetable for final exam is out. I was indeed so so nervous and cant wait to have a look but at the same time a little bit worried. It is because our college exam period will start from 14 January 2009 to 24 January 2009. After that, continue again on 3 February 2009 till 7 February 2009. Wil stop in between because we are celebrating Chinese New Year!! ( important time of all)

I quickly rush into the library and look around for a PC for me to sit down and check the timetable. Lucky me to find one because mostly its full everytime I looked around. Log in to my college website typing everything in lightning speed and can't wait for the screen to appear. WOW!!!

16-Jan-09 Corporate Governance
17-Jan-09 Malaysian Taxation
20-Jan-09 Corporate Administration


We know that glutinous rice ball can be eaten for certain ocassion for the chinese. It is either the "dong zhi" seasons or it was made for the wedding. Today, 21st December 2008 is once again 冬至. For me, who was not around at home have to made 汤圆 myself. It is not hard because I had made it every year since I came over KL to study. It is indeed a nice experience because you learn to be independent and make yourself a warm seasonal day instead of feeling so far away from home.

Apart from Chinese New Year, 冬至 is one the greatest event too. Family will gather around meaning members will be united and union if have been aparted. I am always proud of my own culture because behind every celebration of our festival there is sure some history out of it. This is also a sign of chinese new year that is just around the corner. After eating glutinous rice ball we are one year elder. This is what the elderly told the younger. It was great to have this culture to pass down from one genera…

Prettylicious Online Boutique


Shopping had always been what a MUST for girl. Prettylicious is one of the choice for online shoppers. You might find piece that you love or wanted for so long. WHO KNOWS?? You never know what you will find or love in there until you have a peep in there. It doesn't cost a cent isnt't it? Top to toe, hat or cap, shirt or spagethi, pants or leggings, shoes or heels. You name it they have it.


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This is a movie that I had been waiting for since I saw the preview. As I understand from the preview, it is something similar to The Day After Tomorrow which is a very meaningful and also give us great morale movie. This movie is most similar to that movie to. Bringing up certain message to us, the human kind.
This movie is actually screening about human kind of earth which had been seriously damaging the world. Some sort of alien or kind of living kinds from some other planets had been coming over to investigate further this matter. Kaaltu ( Keanu Reeves) is the one who had been send over to the earth. After further questioning of their kind which had been send over decades ago they had decide to take action to save the earth. Helen which is a micro biology lecturer had been invlving in these and had been helping Kalltu before she knows his real intention. After knowing that the real intention of Kaaltu, she tried her very best to persuade him to give hum…


Malaysia is having sales again. It has been a tradition for Malaysia to have sales on the year end because year end is when lots lots of seasonal celebration going on. Christmas, New Year Eve and then after that is Chinese Year. This year instead the name had change. Do you still remember last year name?? Y.E.S! It means Year End Sales. This Year it had change to The Malaysia Savings Sale. Due to many consequences, Malaysia had come out with this hoping Malaysian would save more during shopping. A lot of campaign had been going on. I never know this sales is so so and so so nice with lots of campaign which allows me to get more pictures even during my shopping and also movie time. PAVILION Clown and people with mask all over hte place but those with mask is rather bit scary!!!!
BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE This 2 weird alien or monster is so attracting but at the same time scary.
-pEi- & CLOWN This clown is so so cute. Really good in posting because facing different camera sure with different…

PenanG IslanD

Penang had been well known of its FOOD and also TEMPLE.
I had been so so excited I can once again visit this Island for the second time.
This time I won't get lost and I will be having really good and tasty penang local food because I had my classmates to tour me around!!

DAY 1 - 5 December 2008

After about 4 hours of driving from KL, we finally reach Penang and our first station is to have SEAFOOD!!!!! Miri is well known of its seafood because we are well known as fishing village previously and also near to South China Sea. Penang also well known with seafood because it is an island which surrounding is cover with sea too!!! Hahahahaha...

Gee Seng SeaFood
Nice view while having dinner

Praying Mantis Prawn

Fried Tauhu

Curry Crab

This bread is to be eaten with the above curry crab.

Steam Crab

Steam Fish!! Wholly expensive. !! 2 for RM 62!!!!!!!
After that we went to this place and have a small tour. Nice place with lots of small stall selling different types of accessories
After walk we went fo…