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Experienced Hong Kong

Hong Kong had been well known of its fast pace, busy lifestyle. Nevertheless, their skyscrapers that were often painted on tourist pictures background. Despite just tall metals, Hong Kong has it natural side where you can stay close to mother nature with no annoying car horns, frustrated jammed and also rude impolite services. You just have to explore during your vacation that makes it all different. 

This is simply the opposite reflection of the hectic lifestyle Hong Kong. You'll feel the inner peace while sliding up through the cable car. Greenish lane replacing the road, blue sky with no metal sculpture signs and clear blue sea with no moving vehicles polluted!

Definitely you will get your inner peace upon arrival HOWEVER I shall remind you that you will feel much heat especially during summer so you may got dehydrated and emotions a little out of control. If you do not fancy sunlight, please please do not plan a trip to Hong Kong during summer. 

The view …