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......I manage to get your attention with that title don't I? At least you're curious to click in. 😁

I am just so excited to share my excitement. I will FINALLY attend a world class event that I had been waiting for (my very first time), which is going to happen in less than a week time, Rainforest World Music Festival!!! It's their 20th anniversary and I have high expectation on it and I really do mean HIGH! 😲

Not only their list of performers across 3 days events get me thrilled, their list of programmes to keep the event goers entertained gets me amazed as well!! People of all walks of life have been well taken care of. Kids, parents, millennial, music enthusiasts, health conscious bunch and also people like me who love everything! 😍

I can't wait to put on my dance shoes and grooving through the night with their fantastic tune and beat. Excited to be on the festive ground and get interacted with music enthusiast and festive goers . Definitely prepared to get my …

Know Your Drink, Your Coffee - Coffee Class by KOFFEE BRICK

Café or better known as coffee house is nothing unusual and probably norm to our community ever since Starbucks landed on our city years ago. Back then, sipping a cup or glass of coffee  (not your usual kopitiam or mamak stall) in Starbucks are categorized as the "wealthy" bunch. It is an expensive drink that not much can afford. People would rather have kopi C , or kopi O "kao"  - chap ah moi which are much cheaper and greater aroma and may comfortably speak loud with their companion without any restriction. That's what our community mindset is at the early stage (at least to me).  Today, as the millennial are having better spending power. Working adults are willing to pay extra for a cup of coffee that comes in a package - with the cosy ambiance that a coffee house provide, bonding session out of the house, it is made possible to have more supply from the market to support such demand.  Coffee seems to be a daily booze for many in their daily routine which the…