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Soul T - CNY bunny DeeJay

Looking for something simple but yet special? Looking for something that fits your personality but not over bring out your weakness? There's something you must look at before you click on the close button.
SOULNATION as usual had been squeezing their mind to come out with better design of tee to people out there. The bunny year is indeed cute and prosperous. View more and scroll down to look for something that suits you best.
The Chinese New Year 2011 edition. I believe SOUL creator had put so much effort in this. See how detailed their soul tee is. Absolutely great and awesome. Comes in red, white and also black in color. Just buy according to your choice. It's RM 35 per piece.

That's not the only one. You still have choice. This is a better one for me personally. I love this cute bunny. The DeeJay Bunny. Comes in 2 color, black and white. You'll sure love it when you look at it. This is also RM 35 per piece.

Worry about the quality? Picture purposes does not suits the re…

Family Day - 9.1.2011

Its been 23 years I've been spending my parents money, wearing what they are paying for me, using what they gave me and finally I'm able to treat them a proper meal with my own salary on their advance celebration.
I know they don't expect much return as long as we are growing well and in good health but somehow I wish to repay them at least a tiny part or maybe doing what a daughter should actually be doing.
Lovely faces isn't it? Seeing them turning old every year makes me feel a little sad in heart sometimes and I really do appreciate every moment with them, especially my greatest mum. To me, she is the greatest mum of all.

My dad has always been a silent mode man. But he had been giving us what ever he can to us when ever he can afford it. A big thank you to lovely daddy.

Their sacrifice can never be weight by measurements or describe by any terms because it was priceless. Nothing even gold can compare to their kindness to us, sacrificing for us and of course their lov…

Ah Tao Cafe

I can't believe when I view back my previous post I never review this place before. I had been to this place like so many times already and never ever review it until today.
Forget about the unnecessary things, back to this post. Ah Tao is previously known as Pong's Cafe. They had good varieties of food, cheap price for the big portion that they served.
Fried KuehTiaw with Tomato This is nice. A little salty and sour. Simply awesome and nice. It will opens up your taste bud and want for more and more.
Mali Fried Rice WOW!~ This blew me off. I never ever tried such fried rice before. So far as I know, this is the only cafe that had such fried rice. This is total superb. Yummy~~
Mixed Grill This is always top pick point list in the menu. People who love western food definitely should try this. wouldn't say this is the best of all I had ever tried but I would rate it 2.5/5. They had more varieties of choice that you can pick from.
Special Tofu A must pick when you are there. Everyone…


This is a newly open cafe. A new place where you can spend your night at. Seldom there's a proper cafe that we can sit down relax and spend our night, not to mention some of the mamaks stall we have.
Their fried yin yong in hong kong style really attracts me when I first saw their menu. I had been hesitate before I make my ordered. I knew I can't stand with the seduction. At last, I still decide to order even I'm full. Real full.
Their specialty fried rice. This is not bad too. But nothing very special. What is good is their have a good cook. I personally thinks that how the cook controls the fire while he is cooking is very important, that is why this fried rice "wok hih" is enough. I don't know how do we mention that in proper english words.
Mushroom soup is a little toot thick. They had been very generous to give us such a thick one but its not that great for a normal serving. Instead of too watery they are giving us a very sticky ones. Hope they could improv…

Mr Ho's Fine Foods

It's been a while since Mr Ho's opening. Everyone had an impression that they sell food that is above average price. But somehow I think this is worth the price. Their food is just like what their name mentioned, fine foods.

Turkey Mango Salad
This is once a year pick that you can't find in the menu. They only have it during new year's eve. Its quite special combination because you have meat, fruit and vegetable in it. Weird mix isn't it? But it is quite special and healthy.

Cabonara Pasta
This is something for cheese lover. They have lots of cheese but they did not over put it which will make you feel disgusting after several spoon of it. This is just nice and great. I did not mentioned it that good purposely but somehow this is real good from the person who ordered it.

Mixed Grill
A big portion. I think big eater will gona enjoy this all in one plate of food. They can have pork, lamb, chicken and famous german sausage in one plate instead of ordered a few and can't…