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I was so so tired today after pack of activities and tight schedule. I had class on 10am this morning then class started tiredly. After 2 hours lecturer I have 2 hours break but I am still in a rush because after my lunch I need to rush for blood donation campaign which I wouldn't miss. After that, when for tutorial class straight for 4 hours till 6pm.

Reach home with physically and mentally tired. Then after bath I sit in front of my laptop and start viewing the sites and blog that I would always visit. Visit MM for their updates then I click into here.

I was so so surprise and shocked when I saw my name. I was NOMINATED!! Thanks to whoever it is who had nominated me. I won't be around for the gathering but I really wish to be there. Any Mirians which is member should not miss this great opportunity to widen your cycle of friends.

Whatever the outcome it is I am already glad enough that I can be nominated. Wish the gathering will be a great success!!! Go Go mir…

MystiQueL Night

Do you still remember the mask that I bought and I did mention in few post back?? Never mind if you don't because that is just a simple mysterious opening and introduction. This will be the true event behind the mask....
We were getting pictures before entering the hall but its raining outside. Luckily we had drivers to pick us lovely ladies.
M is representing the Mystiquel Night
This is me with the mask. I had never wore a mask before, I mean with such event. This is me with cutie and lovely TinnY!!

It's me, -pEi-!

yoKekuAn & -pEi-
Group Photo of our class who attend that night!!!
-pEi- & June Seng
JonJon & -pEi-
FenSon, Yoke Kuan, teckMeng & -pEi-
Chow & -pEi-
Thai & -pEi-
TzeKun, -pEi- & Meng gaL with 2 men of the night....envy???
Dust & -pEi-
Basically the event was so so boring until almost end of the show. where we started to dance walts and then followed by hot song. Its just alright and not even OK to rate the event. We went for seco…

November Schedule

Its been a very very busy month for me. Should be saying that since this semester start I had never been really free that is why I had been neglecting my lovely blog. Missing it much!!!

There's more assignments to come but will be free for at least few days because assignment that going to pass up next week almost done and finish. At least I have some time for my own stuff that I wish and wanted to do.

This year end passed too fast which is scary but at the same time I feel excited for inviting 2009 to come. Time seems like not enough everyday but I am fully utilising it which is so great and feel of satisfaction.

That's all for now for my post. Just wana keep track of my happenings and also miss my blog much. Will have more update soon because will be more activities coming soon.

2 Day 1 Night trip - Golden Triangle

It's been long time I did not meet Michelle since the last time on Chinese New Year. She came to KL on last friday night and I planned to meet her up even I had a tight schedule but somehow I need some rest and time to relax too besides rushing assignments due date and also more presentation. I meet her on Saturday morning after finish my Pidato competition and I will be staying with her one night at RoyaleBintang Hotel. Let me stay far far away from all those stressful stuff just for a little moment.

What else can we do when we are at the Golden Triangle area?? Shopping of course! Been accompany her shopping for whole day and she did bought lots of stuff. Me and her is same species because we love CAMERA!!!!

-pEi- & Michelle

This tiny little GaL here is little bit upset because she lost her phone when we had lunch together. So sorry for her too...='(
It's me camwhoring again. Leng Eng, one of my primary till secondary schoolmates.Michelle & Hui Fen Color of their cloths…

Madagascar 2

I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT I LIKE TO MOVE IT!!!!!! I believe this is part of the lyrics in this movie. You will know what am I mentioning if you did watch this funny movie!!!! And now it is back in action for the second season and now they had an escape to africa after the first time break out of the zoo for the very first time of thier life!!!!!

This is one of the new character in Madagascar 2 and don't see it wrongly..This is definitely different from Alex the Lion. You will know when you will know what am I talking about when you watch.

How can we miss out the four best friend. Melman, Gloria, Alex & Marty The so called King of Jequin who had always love to dance and sing in whatever situation.

I forget about the peguin which is so hilarious and overdoing not forget ruining things up but cute at the same time. This is definitely a funny one to watch. We had been laughing throughout the movie ever since it starts. Its been so lo…

SisTer BirthdaY!!

It's sis birthday and we had been planned few weeks before this date arrive. We had planned to a place which everyone would think of when we mention the word BUFFET over here. That is JoGoYa buffet!!! I had been listen to many of them saying it is one of the best buffer you can ever ask for and it is also of of the luxurious place for food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE MORE THING is there is 50% discount only FOR LADIES!!!

From western food, BBQ, Chinese cuisine, Japanese you name it they have it...except those like Vietnam,Thailand that would be bit rare..haha....

I would do less talking also this time. I would let the picture which is so seducing to make there speaking!!!

In such a special day and enjoying such nice and lovely food how can we forget the camera too right??

It's camwhore session guys and gals!!!!