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Imaginary is another type of dream.

Everyone has it's own way of interpreting life.
Has it's own way of living life.
Definitely have their inspirational that lead them through life.

It ain't wrong. Ain't mistake.
It's just the way that makes them feel better, makes them successful or even popular.
But why do you bother when some people do not have it?

They just don't find inspirational in others.
They just think they may have better thoughts and perception how they should live their life.
They may have more wild imagination that may lead them to a more challenging, meaningful or perhaps adventurous life.

Quality of life shouldn't and ain't determine by others.
I do not see a problem when someone do not have a dream or an aim.
They just don't expect things when they can't even see their future.
Definitely it ain't about being pessimistic that he/she may not live long.

It is just a way to make things simpler.
Human and people are just way too…


Ever since the first coverage for Borneo Jazz last year, I had a brand new perception towards Jazz genre. I ain't loving any genre in particular and have no bias towards any, I just love music. They are like part of my life which is inseparable. SHAFIEE OBE & ALL THE BEST  (SARAWAK, MALAYSIA) I may sound I am making this up BUT I had been expecting for the 10th anniversary Borneo Jazz ever since last year. It will be big. It will be great. IT WILL BE AWESOME! I am certain that it is going to be huge and grand! That's how high my expectation is towards the 10th Borneo Jazz Festival. They always say, "The higher expectation, The greater disappointment may be." True and yet not true.
However, I do have something that bothers me. I am in a truly complicated or shall I said extraordinary relation by having duo status for covering Borneo Jazz this year because I am part of the official hotel staff and also part of the media team. I am taking every sing…

Pre-Borneo Jazz Festival : Rush Hour

WOW!!! I don't even know where and how do I start this. It's been a real long day, REALLY LONG DAY! Rush Hour sums up everything that I had been through today. BUT it doesn't mean I am going through a gloomy day, INSTEAD I'm having FUN!
Woke up as early as 5.00 am may not sounds interesting BUT kick start the morning with this breathtaking view definitely worth the effort. Cool wind breeze, warm sunshine and calming sea. The zen moment which I always seek for. 

The greening activity or better known as the Tree Planting ceremony had been a routine and part of CSR which STB had never neglected. The only thing that rotates is the venue itself. Selecting Piasau Nature Reserves, Miri as the venue for such ceremony was an act to support the promotion of nature conversation and also giving awareness to the public the importance of mother nature which we should be concerning of. It ain't just government or organization who should take charge. It shall be everyone's re…

Preview - 10th Anniversary Borneo Jazz Festival

Borneo Jazz Festival is coming to its 10th Anniversary!!! How time flies? What will you be expecting during the 10th Anniversary? I am sure you won't be disappointing. First and foremost , would love to let you know that the date will be on 8th & 9th May 2015, which is coming weekend.
Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) had made effort to make the 10th edition a grand and memorable one. They had set-up a "walk down memory lane" to recall the last 10 years performers who had been performing for the Jazz Festival. This is the walkabout where you will see the pictures of the previous years performers.

The stage where the performers reunion of bands compromising 8 top International and regional Jazz performers for the festival with 4 groups performing each night.

When you have great music, great ambiance, BUT it feels like it is still incomplete? Definitely good food and a cup a chill beverage makes everything PERFECT! There will be 20 stalls with wide varieties including craft…