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London Part I - 16/09/10-20/09/10

Finally reach London, slow down after 14 days touring. First impression does not really impress me because it was a total disaster. My luggage broke and we have to find our way to the hotel. Additionally, we were all real tired after a long day journey. Passer by doesn't seems to be helpful also and makes me really frustrated to see them walking in a real fast pace.
After settle down, we get to rest. A very tiring day that we din get to even see much of London. Not much worries on that as we had plan something the next day. Madame Tussauds our first stop.
Walking up the stairs and going through the red carpet makes me feel like a Hollywood star. I bet you gona be jealous of it but I just can't stop showing all the pictures that I had taken with all the famous stars. You'll be impress when you see how real it was. They really did a great job on it. It was like "WOW" upon entering the door.

Johnny Depp Shah Ruk Khan Tiger Woods Michael Jackson (MJ) President Barrack Obama

23rd Birthday - 10th September 2010

This is long delay post that I should have post last month. Somehow I had too much to write and too much to share and that's why this post was delayed till now. There's so much of appreciation in me during this special day. I'm so glad I had all this bunch of crazy mates to celebrate my fantastic day. They really surprise me again and again. I'm really having fun from the very start to the end of the day.
A gift from the guys. They are so sweet to ready a gift for me. So nice of them. At the same time, our coach driver, Dennis give me a nice warm hug and kiss on the cheek. Lovely isn't it?

Party time after dinner. Our tour guide had been really generous provide us all the drinks that night. A few bottle of red wine and also champagne. It really enlighten me and makes me feel warm and feel touch in heart.

Moment I had been waiting for. Photographs session. I get to take picture with everyone and I really mean every each of them. Even not single but at least in a group …

Happenings at KL

Those who were heading to KL or currently at KL or planning to drive down KL or feeling bored on the weekend, what ever it is I'm here to bring you some fun and good news. Those of you who loves to drink you will sure know that the Oktoberfest is back again. I get to see the biggest beer fest ever when I was at Germany. Real great experience.
You shouldn't have miss out this one at KL. They had great activities as what I had experienced last year. Yeah you might be headache don't know where to go because Halloween is around the corner but if you don't have place to hang out, 1 Utama will be great. The beerfest started yesterday but will last for 3days till 30th October. If you are one card holder you can even have a beer with RM1 but must be 2 fifty cent coins.
Bring over your one card to show them and ready for your coins. Only one redemption per card. Do not cheat.
Oktoberfest 2010 Venue : 1 Utama Date : 28 - 30th October 2010 Time : 7pm - Midnight
Another big thing that g…

DAY 13 - Paris Disneyland

It's final day of my trip. We came to Disneyland to have great fun before everything ends. And I thought it was really a great ending. Able to come here is a long last dream because Disneyland is everyone's dream.

There's so much fun in there. A day is barely sufficient enough to enjoy and look at all Paris Disneyland. However, we did try our very best to go for every stop and play. Screams and photos all the way.

Parade is a must see. You will never ever gona miss the parade because that's the best part. You get to see all disney character on the parade. Get to wave at them and look at their performance. Fantastic!

I can only say we were having real fun there. Enjoy every moment in there. Enjoy every moment during the trip. Remember every single day, every experience and every sweet moment during the trip. Unforgettable memory of life experience.

The sunset that day was awesome, beautiful and superb. Somehow at the same time I feel there's a little sad in me too. I…