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Colleagues Reunion

OMGOMG!! I am or to say we had actually expecting these day to come so so long. It's been quite a while since we last met each other and finally the bff's got to meet again. I am so so happy that I get to meet them up, chit-chat and had lunch together to update among each other.They are still humorous as before and also great as usual. Emily & Jolene Jolene & pEi
pEi & Emily
pEi thumbs up for the food because of their portion and taste

I am glad I did meet them up before I left. Hopefully after couple of years we won't change. Ar least I am hoping that our bff-ship won't change. Gona miss you girls loads loads!!!

Look Out Point

Look Out point is situated up a hill. You will find it very fascinating to be there because the weather is cool and you can see awesome view while having your meal. Cool and great weather. Basically from the menu this restaurant where base on steak or something western like fish and chip, chicken chop and beef steak. Average I think they taste great and outlook wise. They had great varieties of choice and the other main point is they are really lots of people celebrating their birthday there. In one night I had been listening to a couple times of birthday song. If you had a chance hang out there and you will never regret you step your foot there.

Gathering with college mate

Few days ago I had a mini gathering with my collegemate before I left. They were really great and awesome to have come by after the work. I am so so touch and makes me feel warm in the heart. I am hoping that I don't have to be aprt with them but every meeting there will be sure apart. Some pictures of us during the gathering session. Thanks to all of them who attend. I had a great memorable night.

We saw this cool awesome car at pavillion. It was a Jap police car but I was guessing this is a fake one but how could a citizen modify their car into another country cop car? ANd one thing how does he get the siren and light on the top of his car???


There are many definitions for the word long. Some people taught it was a difference in length and some people use to take it as a comparison and for WOMEN we take it as a beauty, awesome-ness and also thing that make us pretty. Why am I saying so? Let me show you how true my word was.

1. Hair extension
Girls and ladies nowadays wishes to have long beauty hair or thick and long straight hair but somehow due to physical and genetic problem some just rarely can get nice long hair therefore hair extension comes to life.

They can get it done at the salon when ever they wanted to. The process might take up quite a while but it’s all worth it when you see the outcome. Nowadays there is something simpler which a clip is attached and u can just clip on and get a long hair in just seconds.

2. Fake eyelashes
We all know that fake eyelash is a women savior. People just love it when it is invented. It makes a woman looks different before and after the fake eyelashes was attached to their eye. It was a…


I know I had been neglect my blog for quite sometime but I can explain. I had been busy with exams which I really concentrate in because I really hope I can pass and grad this time round. Really hectic and frustrated when comes to exam. Really do not wish to step into the exam hall anymore.
Forget about the exams. I am happy about it because I had finish the final paper and get back to real business. We have mountain things to pack because we will be moving out and going back to Miri for good. As you know girls have damn lots of things and damn lots of cloths.
Let me show you the picture of this packing process BUT beware it is a very messy condition that you wouldn't imagine this will a girl style packing.

All those in red square label is all me and my sis luggage that we have to bring back. Can anyone tell me how can I fit in all this thing into 40kg weight limitation??? I am so so headache now. Limited space and yet tonnes of stuff.

Alright that's all for now will be uploading …

Get Rid.......

I am so hating this shitty thing happen to me.
I am so tired but still can't sleep.
I am rolling on the bed and get the right position but I am still awake.
I am doing lots of stuffs and get tired but my eyes still open wide when bed time comes.
I am yawning non-stop but still realise what are people doing out there.
I am not stress out but my mind just can't rest.


I had no idea why am I having this condition.
I am not stress of exams because I am taking it easy.
I am waking up early morning and make sure I can sleep well at night and still the same thing happens.
I am not taking any tea or coffee to keeps me awake but why I can't just sleep when it was already middle of the night?

Someone please help me! Cure me!!!!

Bodyguards and Assasins

This is was which I personally think the greatest movie of the year of 2009. I mean in their production. They had all the big star to makes this movie a great success. You can see all in once how they work together and their acting in one instead of separately. Hong Kong and China had a great in cooperation in making this movie a success. Donny Yip, a very talented man which I am always impress on. A great character that he is working out in this movie. Not only showing his kungfu as usual but bringing out his other talent in various character. Eric Tsang, Tony Leung, Nicholas Tsai, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai which had not been acting for quite long and lots more from China. They really did a very good job and this is another movie telling the past, how people had been sacrificing to get their freedom. A very good storyline or I should say this is base on true story? I had no idea at all but somehow this is an action movie plus morale value teaching. Please do not miss out this great movie.…

Little Taiwan

Little Taiwan is said to be an imported food from Taiwan. I am not sure how true it is as I had never been there before. As I eat I think part of it are just the same as Malaysia and some are mixture of different countries and some might be origin from their own.
Tang Tang Noodle My friend did not really enjoy this because she said it was not really good. She don't like to much of bean sprout inside. The noodles was alright only but the meat balls were great. Big and very QQ.
Claypot Lao Shu Fen This is one of the famous food we used to have locally. From the eater itself it says that there is somewhere better than this. But somehow this was not bad too. Just that it doesn't taste extraordinary and doesn't have those burning taste.
VegetarianSiewNgo Set My choice, I had picked something light. A vegetarian is just a great one for the day. The "siewngo" was not bad. Does not have much of meat taste but I think the overall outcome for me looks and taste great. As for the…

New Year Countdown to 2010

Finally 2009 had come to an end. Even there were many unhappy things happened in 2009 but that will be a pass but will always be a lesson to us. Welcoming 2010 is indeed a great event. Everyone was going crazy and madness. I went out with a bunch of friends to countdown at The Curve and had a movie after that. Simply and yet pleasant activity. Not too over and yet enjoying ourselves. Lots of photo taken before we miss the last day of 2009.

Picture taking is a MUST routine. Ladies of the nite
You can see how crowded it was.
pEi & yoke kuan
Those who know me well will know which shoes belongs to me?? Do you guess it right?
Group photo - sorry for the blurness
The Gents
Chow & pEi A great buddy and we will always be
10....9.....8...7....6.....5...4....3.....2......................1...........HAPPY NEW YEAR We welcome 2010 with great fireworks for around 15-20 minutes What a fantastic view that were so so closed
Enjoy the video as my skill were still way to improve