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30 September 2008 - Sunway Pyramid

Its my semester break and till now I had not went out to any place since I came back from Miri mainly also because I had sick for few days. Now I had recover so we (my sister and I) decided to went to Sunway Pyramid for little shopping since its been long time we did not went there too!! It has a newly build wing extended from the old wing!!! Some photographs that I had taken!!!

Ice Skating which you can only get at Sunway Pyramid

Restaurant build at the new wing of Pyramid

We went for lunch at 2 something and we went HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its -pEi-!!!
Kiwi Squash
Fresh Orange Juice Squash
Chicken Stock
Economy Pork Set ( so this is not Halal)

Start BBQ!!!!!

Fried Bacon Roll... Its mushroom and celery inside cover with bacon!! YUMMY!!!!

That is all for today. Did not bought much thing but I did manage to get myself a pair of shoes!!! Happy shopping!!!!!

aLoM tagged me AGAIN!!!!

1 Who were your seatmates?
> secondary school?? form 5?? Mohd Iswandi

2 Still remember your English teacher?
> yeah of course....Miss Rose

3 What was your class name?
> 5Sc2 [5 Science 2]

4 Who was your first love then?
> Shouldn't it be a secret???

5 Made friends to the lower years?
> why not??? more friends always better

6 Bullying?
>no I am a good senior. I don't bully....ehehehe

7 How was your table arrangement in class?
> 4 table in a row on the right and 3 table a row on the left

8 Made any enemies?
> I tried not too

9 What games did you play?
> Me?? No time for game...

10 Did you buy your lunch?
> lunch?? with my mum..recess its tea time..I work at koperasi!!

11 Were you a party animal?
> not at all wo...all the time study study n more study!!!

12 Were you well known in your school?
> don't think so as I am not outstanding

> I don't as my mum never allowed and class monitor cannot skip la....

14 Did you get suspended/e…

Windows Live Mesenger Beta

I just found out that windows messenger have new version and I decide to download this latest version Windows Live Messenger Beta 9.0.

I did not know what new function it have and fascinatingly the function is more than I can expected. They have better layout and looks prettier. And somehow you can also view picture from msn now and I dont mean personal chatting but when you are opening windows live messenger!! Fantastic isn't it!! This is how it looks like now for my windows live messenger beta!!

This is how it looks like when you chat with your friends!! The background of course you can change according to your preference. See, the color is so nice and sharp!!!
Hopefully I will have better time and more livelier using this newly messenger beta!!!

Goodbye My Love!!

by Teresa Teng
by Aska

Zai Jian ! Wo De Ai Ren
Teresa Teng

Goodbye My Love
wo de ai ren zai jian
Goodbye My Love
xiang jian bu ru na yi tian
wo ba yi qie gei le ni
xi wang ni yao zhen xi
bu yao gu fu wo de zhen qing yi

Goodbye My Love
wo de ai ren zai jian
Goodbye My Love
cong ci he ni fen li
wo hui yong yuan yong yuan
ai ni zai xin li
xi wang ni bu yao ba wo wang ji
wo yong yuan huai nian ni wen rou de qing
huai nian ni re hong de xin
huai nian ni tian mi de wen
huai nian ni na zui ren de ge sheng
ze neng wang ji zhe duan qing
wo de ai zai jian
bu zhi na ri zai xiang jian

(zai jian la
wo de ai ren
wo jiu yong yuan bu hui wang ji ni
ye xi wang ni bu yao ba wo wang ji
ye xu wo men hai hui you jian mian de yi tian bu shi ma?)

wo de ai ren
wo xiang xin
zong you yi tian neng zai jian

© 2002

* Nothing more than this song can represents what I feel, Nothing more than this song that sings out everything that I want to say!!! Goodbye my Love!!! *

Just another more tagged!!!

What's your favorite card game?
- poker and UNO!!!

Did you speak to your mother today?
- not yet..coz we are two place apart and I am waiting for her call!! hahaha

Where do you live?
- some place they call home la

How many months until your birthday?
- another 350 days more to go

Where is your sister right now?
- just wake up and get herself clean in the bathroom

Who was the last person you called?
- no one

Who's bothering you right now?
- no one....

Anything you're giving up on?
-something that I thought in mind

Who was the last person you gave your number to?
- one i guess or maybe Jerry???

When was the last time you cleaned your room?
- last few days before I went back Miri

Who would you say is your number 1 best friend right now?
- They are whole box of to count??

How did you wake up this morning?
- naturally when the sun is shining on my butt

What's the last bone you broke?
- I never do such thing

How many letters are in your last name?
- last name as in surnam…

3 days back to MIRI!!!

This is going to be a very long post. I had been thinking of separating it but somehow combine everything will be more nice isn't it?? Picture will do most of the talking for this and please bear with me as I took some stupid pictures too!! heheheheh...

20th September 2008
In the flight....capture equipment that the stewardess use to demo the safety guidelines

View after flying up

Sky is turning dark
Special Menu of the month
A new menu which I discover Theres food of most of the asian country in it. Have a try when you are on board As I did not get to try because I had my dinnner already before on board. Indonesia Malaysia


After I reach airport, das gor fetch me home and giving mummy a BIG surprise. She was so happy to see me!! After putting my luggage and a little chit chat we went to RexBox.

Happy to see them and also thanks to all of them I have a great night that night!!

teamGD & pink_eclipse
huilee (my senior ) & dasolve ( my gor)

huilee hahaha..see how cute she was..…