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29 FEBRUARY 2008

29 Feb is a very special day indeed. It is never easy to wait for these days coz its once a four years. Those who are born on this date is really special, I guess. i have a friend who is celebrating her birthday today too!! First of all of course wish you Happy Birthday my dear Vivian.

She is the one with black dress and metalic line. Lovely isn't she....OKie okie should be back to my topic...
Nothing much that I am doing today. Same as usual, work then back home but will have small forum gathering tonight at Pong's cafe. I am really not in a mood today. Maybe last night I had been really over reacting. I wish everything will turn out right today as I dun wana spoil this kind of special day that come once every four years.
So, do enjoy urself out there my dear buddy, dude, and gangs.....Happy 29 Feb!!!As promise, I will post some pic that had been taken during CNY with all of you.

Chinese New Year

Its been a while since my last blog..... Here I come to update my recent life.... hows everyone going on? Chinese New Year going to end soon... really hope it would never end... I still remember how everything start... This is a very special and indeed memorable new year for me... I came back to Miri on 2nd Feb....I was really overjoyed and had been looking long enough for it... Then I finally arrived that nite at 9.15pm..almost tat time..then on sunday i went to airport with my Dad to pick up someone who had not been back for years for CNY...he is my uncle and auntie from aussie... Its great to have them with us this year... On the 5th Feb that the nite is time for nite market...I am always excited when this day come...I always feel great with the environment and it proof tat cny is really around the corner and I know everyone is ready to welcome it even the foreigners... 6th Feb is of course the reunion dinner for chinese....having more guests this time make us having more food on the table..…

Chinese New Year

Its great to be home after exam..
been back here for few days,...din go much place but seems like really busy preparing for this big event once a year tats Chinese New Year...
I glad tat i am back here for evrthing tat would be happening...
shopping for new year food, reunion dinner stuff, cloths with mummy and something special tats my aussie uncle and auntie will also be around also this year
its been year they never came back for CNY and surprisingly they will be with us this year..
tonite i will be going to the nite market..i really cant wasit for it because i only went there once a year and its great to see the crowd...