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Prince William and Catherine Middleton Wedding

Ever since Prince William and Kate engagement news spread out everyone was predicting their marriage till the real date was announce. Everyone was waiting for it and England had been really preparing for this royal wedding and marriage. Stamps, cups, souvenirs of both of them. Such a lovely couple they are.
29th April 2011, they had tie their knot and Kate officially the royal family. She looks beautiful with her wedding gown and so do Prince William but he is not as good as he was a couple years ago. Scroll down and you will find out how different it is.
The royal kiss from Buckingham Palace. Everyone has awaits for that royal kiss for so so long at that moment was only a few seconds even it was for 2 times. I would say that they are lovely couple and truly match couple.
This is where there wedding ceremony held. This is a picture I took when I was at London. The Westminster Abbey. Too bad that I did not have the opportunity to get in there and thank good I've been there before. Ano…