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Busy weekend

I had a very busy weekend but indeed I feel so happy and enjoying it.
On Saturday morning, I went for a photoshoot with bunch of great photographers.
Even the sun is so bright that make us sweat lot but we are having great time with it.
(cross finger) hoping the outcome of the photography would be great.
I really can't wait and hope I don't disappoint them.

At night we had another photography outings organise by eddie. Due to the 60 minutes event we planned to shoot nice view where all trhe lights of but too bad Miri makes us little disappointed. What to do?? Nevermind, we still have pictures that I might post up soon.

On Sunday morning, of course we went for earlier 'qi ming'. I woke up at 5am in the morinng so that we won't had a traffic jam and people jam because these days sure have lots of people. All the activities and pictures will post in details soon. Awaits and keep reading~!


Many of us actually think that human will actually go through the above level for sure. What I mean is the exact sequence birth, old, illness and then death. The only thing that makes everything different is the timing but do you ever actually think that it doesn’t appear to be so. Even me, myself thinks that it is a must in everyone’s life until I found out something.

Birth ( 生) – Are you sure everyone will go through birth? Those who never get to give birth to the infant or better known as miscarriage, then birth actually never exists isn’t it? There is life but never birth. Agree with that?

Old (老)– Human think old is part of cycle of life. I believe most of us do think that getting old is a WILL one day when there is a birth but actually it is only part of it can be said as true because not everyone tends to get old. Some of us might not even get old and die but die because of illness or even accident and many more possibilities which are unpredictable in life.

Illness (病) – Does…

My Lovely HOME

I just love Miri so much which I called home. I never feel bored looking at it eventhough there's not much place for entertainment. There is no plav\ce makes me feel like home other then here. Took some picture of sunset from my home balcony of my beautiful piece of land.


I believe everyone eaten this before and most of us love it so much.
I wouldn't denied that I am really fans of pringles.
I was hanging around the shopping complex that day and I saw there is two new flavor for Pringles.
I am so exxcited because at last they came out with new flavor eventhough I love the original flavor much.
BASIL & GALIC herm...this flavor is a little bit weird for me it might be the basil that caused it taste akward but different people have different taste SALT & PEPPER I personally thinks that this flavor is not bad. A little bit of salty and little spicy of the pepper.

Have a try if you are fans of Pringles and Chips.
Who knows you might love it once u tried it.


This is a video specially for my classmates ABM 5!I created myself and hopefully all of you will love it and like it!I will be missing you all very much and thanks for the sweet memories you all had gave me...See you all SOON!!~

Ying Ker Lou

Are you Hakka? Then you must try the food in Ying Ker Lou. You can never imagine how origin is the food here (some I mean). Of course, non Hakka who loves Hakka tradition food can also came over to this restaurant situated at THE Curve.

This picture is taken not because of the light but all the tea pots behind which really tempting. Want to have a close look? Feel free and click oon the picture for larger image.

One thing you can never aspect is all of their food is NO MSG! I repeat NO NO MSG! Want me to repeat for the third time....I think this is not necessary as I think my English is understandable and CLEAR! hahahaha

GUESS what is this? Any idea???? It's toothpick in it... Don't believe?? Go over and have a look yourself lo......
Nice cute tea pot

Hakka stir fried eggplant, green bean and bittergourd
Hakka STF beancurd
Fried egg with raddish and sausage
Slice Belly Pork
Pandan Layer Cake
Birthday Boy
The bill RM 113.85.....It's miracle!!!! Same amount that he paid same a…


Been really a nice day today because my day is quite fully utilise and full of activities. First of all, in the morningI attended the flight ticket briefing. The hall was packed like sardin fish in the canned. I can hardly see someone I knew in there. I had been searching for my friend for about couple of minutes before I can find a seat. the talk last about 2 hours. After that, we went for lunch.

NANDO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats is so atractive about this Nando's is the encironment and the ambiance and the PERI PERI!!

They have 4 types of sauce. I personally love the GARLIC peri-peri.....
Do you know that the menu is so so attractive, just like a love letter???
If you are planning to have their chicken set, they have four flavours for you to choose depends on your own flavour.

SPARKLING APPPLE ( Nando's Specially made )
1/4 Chicken with Rice
1/4 Chicken with 2 sidelines
The meal was SUPERB!! and I am totally having great time because it's PERI PERI GOOD!!!

KLIA Ekspress

Reaching at KLIA of course there is a few option of transporting to get you to the city. First of all, the most convenient of course is a taxi but it is too pricey for me. Another way, is KLIA express which is also a convenient one and also non-stop express to the city. Another one is a coach but it only avaiable every one hour so I don't think time allows that.

I had choosen KLIA express and it only takes me 28 minutes, non-stop to KL Sentral station. I had never been using this express before. This is my first time but instead giving me a not bad impression.

THE SEATS It is quite comfy and spacious compare to the LRT train seats.
When you look above, your luggage can be put up there to avoid taking space of the passengers seat.
This is the ticket and it cost RM 35 for one way ticket. You can also choose for both way if you are going to travel back on the same day.
I think it is very convenient. Additoinally you can even save some cost. Why don't you consider of taking it if you…


ALOM SO SO SORRY!! I had been forgotten about this tagged. I did saw it but I had not enough time to do it. Hope you don't mad at me ya...hahahahaha

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who havent tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. Everyone knows my name and most of them know me by the name of pEi.

2. A little hope of mine at the moment is trying to seek someone who had the same birth date as me. Currently din find anyone yet which had the same day, month and year.

3. Still a student but can't wait to graduate.

4. I am an easily satisfy person and easily forget too

5. Friendship is something I look serious into.

6. I am sort of socialising person and talkative when I am out with bunch of people.

7. I am into photography recently.

8. My 21 years old going to end in few months time.

9. I had drea…


This post is a little overdue then its origin date. Anyway, I still manage to post it. Last Wednesday, I went out with pink (bibu bibu) and his sister and also cynthina with her two brothers for a movie.

LOVE MATERS is another movie from Singapore and it is another production of Jack Neo. In my opinion, Jack Neo had always produce great movie which never let me down. So, I am expect something more in this movie. His production of Money Not Enough 1, Money Not Enough 2, I am Not Stupid 1 & 2. All of these are great movies which reflects reality of life. Same goes tot his movie.

This movie is about a family, parents and their children. We know that to manage a family nowadays is not easy, does the children know? Your husband knows? Being a lady, a wife and a mother is not that easy as u see and thought. Everything had been clearly shown in here.

For me, this is something so so real and I believe happen in most of the family in Malaysia. There is one sentence in the movie which I thin…

FLORA & FAUNA - PhotograpY

Flora and Fauna is something so close to the mother nature. I had been so so free on my trip back to Miri. What I do is taking my little compact camera around with me and capture what ever I think is attractive. So plants and animals is what I can find in my house. So, there are some pictures that I took to improve my photography skill.


Recently, my cat had give birth to few kittens. I found them so cute and sometimes they are so naughty while playing together. I decided to take picture of them but it is not easy as I thought because they love to move. Give me some comments on these pictures.