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I can't think of a tittle to write this post. I am kinda hectic and exerted these days. Day had been real rushing and tiring. At the same time, worried conquer me all this while. I am feeling tired and wishing for better rest. However, I could not slow down anytime by now.

My bro was admitted to hospital and we are all worried. Mummy will be staying overnight to keep him accompany. I will only visit him twice a day during lunch break and after work. We are not complaining just somehow thought he could discharged as soon as possible.

Needle poke in and out from his skin is rather torturing. See his skin swell in redness makes me feel his pain. I really feel whats in his shoes. What matter most now is he could recover soon and return home and I know this is what he really hopes for now. We will all pray for you speedy recovery.

Desserts Delight

Another dessert shop open but this is further to north, I think it's north because I am driving further up instead. hahahahaha..(don't ask be direction I am bad at it)
Honey Dew Sago This is just great to relieve your super duper hot day. Miri is way to hot and this is just the right pick for you to cool down. Some might not like the smell and taste of honey dew but you can definitely try on this because the sago and ice-cream taste definitely amaze you. Unless you tell me you don't like sago and ice-cream. I am wordless~
Red Bean Soup Just nice for red bean lover! You know what? They have big, fat red bean that is really tasty and juicy. Even it was not that mild but it still taste good. Amazing ain't it? See the hand? My friend is just too shy for a post. I will try to have more pretties next time in my blog...who knows this will boost up my blog traffic....*evil grin*
Papaya with White Fungus Something light and hot is something that I love. Somehow there is papaya in it…


This is a long due post which I kinda forget. Maybe it was not a memorable one but I still insist to share this because good or bad thing shall be shared among people for their knowledge. Another dessert cafe open after dessert master. This is not as good as what dessert master can offer.
Portugese Tart
Does not really taste like one. To me it was like an ordinary egg tart than a portugese tart. By judging from the picture you will realise that even the crust is not the original portugese tart shall have.
Gui Ling Gao
This is always the same. It only depends how much herbs they put in in every pot of "gui ling gao" they cook. A little stingy with their honey because they are not offering you a small tub but just pour it into that bowl of serving "gui ling gao".
Green Bean Sago
I can't recall but should be something like this. This is a totally no no for me. Not only disappointing but unexpected things found out. Not good to say it here because of some circumstances b…

Harry Potter 7 - Deathly Hallows (Part 2)

After long wait of several months from Part 1, finally Part 2 is here to meet the fans of Harry Potter. No one will want to miss this especially those who had watch the previous series. This is the final part everyone waiting for. Series that makes everyone excited of because we all wish that ending could be different from story book. Will it be? Will Harry Potter survive?
Just like what the title below stated, It all ends here. This is where everything would come to an end. The mystery from beginning. The relation between Harry and Voldemort. Story behind Dumbledore and also Professor Snape. Those who did not catch up with previous series might not know what am I talking about, so do watch back all the series.
Unlike previous series you will have Voldemort all the while in this ending story. There will be more action part between both of them and also the followers of Voldemort. How all the professors, students trying to protect Hogwarts.
I think there's exciting climax in the stor…