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Green Hornet

Green Hornet, a movie that I realised since last year. Thought of watching it but not very eager type. Purpose is just to watch how great Jay Chou acting skill could go and how great his english could be. That's human, like to see more improvement in someone when he is so much capable in so many fields.
Jay Chou as Kato. His english was real surprising when his first line came out. He is much better than I thought. Maybe because Taiwanese did not give me much great impression while speak english or to say I got bad influence from Jacky Wu. =.='''
For the very first time, for real the first time I ever I think Jay Chou is good looking. Did grab part of my heart away and his smile really makes my heart beat goes a little faster than normal.
Some of the movie scenes that you get to see in "Green Hornet". It was truly awesome especially the "black beauty". You would totally hoping to have one of them and I wanted the only one that Jay Chou drove at the las…

Bunny Chinese New Year 2011

It's another bunny year meaning another 12 round comes. Meaning I'm another 12 year older. It does not matter at all because age is never a matter for me because the young heart that counts everything. I'm enjoying my very first Chinese New Year as an employee. Not great for holiday but great in earning extra income.
CNY is time when I get to meet up all long lost relatives. Not to say long lost, should say those where we only get to meet once a year. Happy to meet them. First day, of course need to seriously dress up. It is never an exception. I just love to show off myself on the very first day even though I'm not outstanding among so many sweety pie. But still I'm dressing up just to impress myself.

My mum and sister also. They are beauties. For me they are awesome. We all looks a like isn't it? Mummy, wish you forever young!!

Outings with friends is a MUST like always. Just love to spend time with them because this is the only time we get to hang around and c…

Shashaki - Sushi Shabu-Shabu Buffet

It's Valentine yesterday. Everywhere is fully booked and nevertheless this newly open restaurant in BintangMegamall. Even couple might not intended to come here but there's still a few exception of them that we saw last night. Undeniable people just love new things especially new franchise restaurant.
It is a buffet concept and you get to eat all you can what ever you can that they provided BUT what do they provide? On this trailer I think? roller?? what ever it is, there's nothing much at all. I can even count it with 10 fingers and still left a few to add in. Only one that worthy the price you paid is beef and prawn maybe.

As for their sushi, eat all you can take that their served but I don't think you even want to even second round of the same sushi because it does not taste up to standard so not to mention quality. I just love sushi so I'm strict when give comment on this.
The rice is not up to standard at all. No quality control at all. It's to hard for a g…

Lunar Calendar 30th - Reunion Dinner 2011

This year reunion dinner will never be different. Even though not much changes but I'm still liking it. This is an important dinner, night before Chinese New Year. So much food that we love around the table. Steamboat as usual was awesome.

This is the funny part because we are having fusion steamboat. Using old version pot with modern electric style instead of charcoal.

Midnight reach and you will hear rain drops. It's not the rain but the fire crackers. It starts even before the clock strikes at 12am sharp. The fire works speed up into the sky were like thunder. Not to miss out for us too.

The best shot that I can capture. Look at this, makes me think of sperm swim into the oval. Just a sudden thought of it only.