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Blood Donation Day

Today is a day for charity. I went for blood donation. Even this is not the first time but this is the first post about my donation! Wanted to encourage people out there to donate blood cause the blood you donate can safes lifes out there!

Hehehe...This is the needle that was put into my arthery and enable the blood to flow out!!

That's my blood!!!
See how red it is. I might saving another people out there!! Its 450ml!!
This is the thing that they use to stop the blood from continue flowing to the packet!!
The book for a blood donor!!

The souvenier you receive after the blood donation!!
DIGI is always the sponsor of our college blood donation campaign!! How generous!
A certificate of appreciation!!

Thats all for my day!! Donate blood to save life!!


Starting from 26 July 2008 is Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TAR College) convocation!! Its the last week by second last day!! This day is my cousin's convocation... Been photographer for the day so pic will show more than what I would say this time!!

This is the book of graduands name list!!
This is the invitation card!! You have to have this to enter the hall!!
My sis n me too boring, then we take oic in the hall during my cousin convo!!My cousin after her graduation ceremony!!
The roses that we bought for her...nice one!!
This is the second day of the convocation. That is my sister turns on 27 July 2008!! To my amusement, Mr Ong Ka Ting will be the one who gives out the certificates for the graduands!
My pic again, this time go alone...really boring till nothing to do so take some pictures..Hehehe
After my sis convo ceremony!!
The lilies that we bought for her as gift of graduation!!
cousin (jOu), sis, me (pEi)
sister n pEi
my dark eye cant be shown cause not enough sleep

After tha…


Have you ever dislike or hate anyone in your life?? Have you ever think of forgive them and give them a chance or just continue to hate them and keep in mind what they had done to you?

Forgive and forget however is the best solution ever for everything. Its easy to say and not easy to do. But somehow this is the most precious thing we should have.

When someone hurt you, even he/she is the one you love will you actually mad at him/her? When your friend actually betray you, cheated you or put you on the table will you think that he/she is actually just using you?

Somehow sometimes when he/she is the one you like or love betray you or hurt you, you won't even feel like mad at him, angry at him isn't it? In the other way round when your friend is doing the same thing you can't even forgive them just because of a small matter?? Why is that?

Just because one is love and another is friendship? Why can't make it equal? Some will say if make it equal then what is the difference bet…

The Dark NIght & J CO donuts

It is consider a happy day for me today!! Class cancel so decided to went out with sister for a movie since we had not went for a movie for a long time!! MISS cinema a lot lot!! We went to watch The Dark Night which is the continuous of Batman begin!! A really more adventuruos, exciting, heart beating movie of all the batman movie!! This is some how the hardest part or to mean Batman face the toughest enemy of all the Joker!! I will let you to watch the movie yourself to see how the stories goes. Below are some of the movie scene!!

Hehe...guess what I have in the other corner?? Yes, you are not getting it wrong. Its J Co donuts. Been hunger to try it long time ago somehow do not have the chance and today my cousin bought it and we try it piece by piece of different flavor!!

Last but not least, picture of the day of course!! The same old me.....-pEi-!!

Memori Corner

I accidentally went out for dinner last night. Hehe...Why accidentally? I actually ready to eat at home then my housemate called and say want us to go out and have dinner then we went out and it is just behind my condo. This new restaurant is call Memori Corner. I was happy that I actually brought my camera with me. I get to take nice pictures and antonish but the decor inside.
Menu Interior Design of the restaurant. Its all from wood and bamboo. Nice Nice and comfortable place to hang out.
It gives me such a familiar feeling and so antique, did u see the lamp? It is oil the lighting in there is a bit dim.

This is the comic that hang on the wall.... The tradition and culture of Malaysia and also king of fruits...

This is what I take in the washroom....too attractive

Try guess what is this??It is a washing basin. There is a stick below for you to open and wash your hand. Special isn't it?
Now its time for food intro!!!
Sea Blue

Mocha Blended
Chicken Chop Mushroom Rice
A very ni…