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31 December 2009 - 2009 Preview

I know most of the bloggers would write about a preview on what they had done for this whole year. Nevertheless I would do that too but I would first look at what had happened to the world that had influence all the people and also bring a great effects to us.
Top 3 on the list for me would be :
1. Barrack Obama the first American - African born President
Still remember when America is electing for their president. When Obama is in the final election everyone is looking forward to it. Everyone is hoping he would be the next president of America and yet their wishes come true. Obama had most grand ceremony as what I had know of. Everyone knows he has the capability to build a better America or even the world and we are hoping that everyone was right. 2. Death of Michael Jackson in his 50

The mysterious death of Michael had been really shocking people around the world including me. He is always a great star and King of POP for most of the people. People had been crazy about him. His song had…


Do you know what do Malacca actually famous of? Ya, of course the heritage but besides that their famous chicken rice ball is a MUST have when you were there. We get to come to this super long queue stall and some said the most famous in town chicken rice ball.
Their interior design is just like the town, very heritage feeling and mood. You can see every stall or shop is modify from all these all shop houses. When you step in you will feel like you were in a house and not a shop. The only difference is the crowd.
Chicken Rice Ball Their famous chicken rice ball. Do not look down on this small round thing. It is quite full if you can finish it all. Somehow it is not only rice but their add in additional glutinous rice to made it sticky. I love their rice so much. Nice aroma and yet you won't feel sticky of having it too much.
Their chicken I think just very ordinary. So I guess selling point is not on these chicken. Miri had better place who sell better chicken than them
See how Casper…

Food Maniacs

Remmber the previous post about Seremban food? Ya, our journey does not end there. We went for second round just right after that. I really think we are beggars or somehow really had a big tummy that can fill in so much food. Really mad we are. I don't really remember the name of it but it was a big shop which sell siewpao too and just right after you pass by the toll plaza. Mix Vege Very nice one. That's the only vege we had for the second round session. Tong Po Pork Meat I don't know how we called it in english but people who loves fatty meat will love this. This is quite nice but I think taste better if it is a little bit more sweet. The bun is the best for me. I never eat such great nice soft bun.
YimKok Kai Salty chicken?? I guess that's how it should be when directly translated it into english. Not bad but I guess it doesn't taste right enough for how it named. But I kinda like the taste of the gravy. Little salty and the aroma of herbs existed. Excellent for my ta…


People knew that food is a never miss out thing from my lens wherever I went to. This time round will never be an exception too. Upon reaching Malacca we did not taste the Chicken Rice Ball as what all the Malacca-ians had been introducing. For us, we had been driving all the way down to Seremban and taste some crab meat. I really had no idea what does this place had but I certainly heard of their famous SiewPau and actually it taste really good. Back to the point, we went to this Restaurant TianXiang, introduced by a friend.
Kai Lan Personally I think this is a little oily but I kinda like their fried onion that they put on top of it. I taste great with the plain vege.
Soy Sauce Chicken Nothing much special about it but the gravy is somehow to sweet for me. But this is not the main course so we shall go forward to it.
Taufu This is their famous taufu. That's the plate of food that I had the most. Simple and yet doesn't taste too heavy. Just suit me the best.
Crab with Salted Egg Coo…

Malacca Trip

I am back from my Malacca Trip and it was a really great one. Finally I had some time to update the pictures and also where were we about when we were at Malacca. It was never better and felt great that I had join my friends along to this historical place where Malaysia started! Before really begin our journey we stop by at the petrol station to start up our light brunch. On the Run food. Feel so different from having a proper meal but indeed a great experience in life. Stop, eat and go. A quick one!! Journey to Malacca from our places takes around 2 hours and we really had nothing better to do. This is the ticket that we need to pass through KL and enter into Malacca. It was some sort of like passing the border but you will never see it at the east Malaysia.
Finally after 2 hours we reached and it was a great place. I feel it was so much like Miri but still there is little difference in terms of their cultural. Alright enough of talking, I guess picture will do better talking than I do…