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31 May 2009 - Random Thoughts

Just feel like qriting and blogging today.
Besides it is kinda little happy and sunny day for me.
I get some hair cut today just to please myself for nothing.
On my way back I saw my lillte god brother. Decided to give him a lift and send him to work.
Had not been seeing him for ages and I really mean ages.
There is something really good happen also. Even it is not about me but I am glad it happens too.
MM was first published in Miri newspaper - Sin Chiew Daily Newspaper.
They definitely worth it and they hard work pays. It is not an easy task for them to go this far.
They had been critisies and people had been talking bad behind them, however they did not give up and go on.
Can actually go in here or MM site to look at more details of the published. CONGRATS ONCE AGAIN TO DASOLVE (gor), the founder of MM.
It is end of the month already. Almost half of the year had gone just like that.
I had been really unuseful this past few months.
Nothing much that I had done except of wasting time.
Looking for…

Drifter at Genting Highland

Was so excited to be in the drifter car last night.
That feeling was hard to describe by words and language.
When u can't see the road in front of you and you are still speeding to continue your journey.
It was really breath taking at the same time really excited.
The road was curvy and going from another U to the other U.
It was as excited as Initial D when TokHoi sending tauhu over Akina Hill.
I think it was more excited that that because at least Akina Hill road still had some straight road however Genting does not.
You had to keep turn in and out to make sure you keep on track.
Maybe I might be over writing these but you can never imagine that moment I gone through.


Guys and Gals, once again this day had arrived. It is nothing really big but for Chinese this day is still consider important. Most of the chinese family will get to wake up early or the night before to make 'dumplings'. In chinese we called it 'zhong zi' or 'ba zhang'. Nowadays, due to health concern there is more and more varieties of dumpling created. The shape and size is basically still the same but the content is a little bit different to suit different peple taste bud.

I am not really sure what's the story behind it but it certainly comes with one because for chinese there is sure some historcal thingy behind every celebration and festival they will give us some moral value. Whatever it is I guess it is good.

Something that we should have with our dumplings is of course a nice cup of tea. The elderly always told me to have dumplings with tea as it is good for digestion as dumpling is consider a heavy food and quite oily. Enjoy your dumpling everyone an…

Angels & Demons

This is another great production after DaVinci Code. This is greater, excited and more knowledgeable movie.

This movie is more to Christian history and all the ceremony and nevertheless famous place that Christian treat as honourable. I have nothing much to comment on this movie as I think from the beginning till the end the story was quite good. The flow is indeed smooth and connected.

I did enjoy the time Tom Hanks search for clue to find the candidate popes where they were hide and the place they will get killed. There is so much excitement in it. My feeling was just like a roller coaster going ups and downs without knowing what would it be the next moment. I could only give two thumbs up for it. Don't believe what I said? Watch it yourself and you will know what I meant.

100 Yen

Garry had been non stop mentioning about 100 yen store. I was wondering what was so special about this store. Except of it is a Japs store, I had no idea what doinkie it is. He said it sells lots of Japanese stuff from kitchen utilities to food original from Japanese. I am confused when he said the store actually sell ice????

Lots lots of snack originally imported from Japan. Get yourself here and pick whatever food you like and pay at the counter. The cashier is a nice friendly auntie. The price range is form RM 4.90 to RM 5.90. Nothing more than that. Personally thought it is quite reasonable.
They have few sets of tables and chair for customer to enjoy themselves will having the food there. Of course you have to pay after that la...Nothing is free ma..... Except my photo taking with permission.
Donna is helping to promote this shop by holding the flyer's for me and take picture of her. This pose makes me think of the one that she took during my birthday.
Thats is the ice stall. …

Restaurant Ah Ping Bak Kut Teh

BakKutTeh is one of the chinese delicacies and kinda popular around Klang area in KualaLumpur. But this time I did not drive one hour to go Klang and have this food. I am around Sunway area to have it. Restaurant Ah Ping BakKutTeh is where we went. This is recommended by Garry.
This is the chef and also the boss of the shop. He allowed me to take a picture of his handsome face. He is also a bicycle lover, I saw his photo around his shop where he and his wife went for bicycle competition. That is so sweet and lovely.

Most of the things here had to be self service except of the food they served. The tea you had to made it yourself the chilli is ready for you, you had to mix it yourself depends on your own preferences.

' YauZhaKuai ' This is a must in BakKutTeh. It taste nice even eat just like that.
This is the bowl. A very big one for all of us. We are really really hungry that night. Just in a blink of an eye the bowl of BakKutTehfinished. The taste is not bad. Not too heavy of …


Remember I mention about watching a local production movie?
I am going to say a little bit about it after watching this movie.
For my whole whole life I neve ever watch any local production movie.
I will just briefly said what is my opinion about this movie.
For me I think this is a not bad not good movie. Just average only.
The actor and actress is not bad and personally thinks it is nice to have 3 different languages that represent Malaysia with multi races.
This is basically amovie that reflects how Malaysia people react and do things.
There is one dialogue which I really loves and truly Malaysia.
"The money is torn cannot accept."
"But you just give me that moment ago. Torn means cannot accept

Don't you think this is very familiar? Ya, most of the places in Malaysia thinks that torn currency is unacceptable.

It also proves how reality of life is. They want everything that is free without any charges. They wish something that gives them benefit instead of disadva…


Tea time is the time people get to rest and enjoy little snacks. It doesn't matter where you are people would always find place good for tea time. From desserts to snacks anything that is light and not heavy would be a choice.

We came over to sweetchat and have a try of their durian pancake. It is actually a very good try for durian lover.

Durian Pancake Personally, I think it is nice and of course the durian ascent is nice. The whole picture of the pancake looks like the egg. The durian is put in the bottom just like the egg yolk and there is cream above durian. so everything you see look like an egg. Delicious of course and the origin durian taste is still available.
See how delicious it is. Shirley and Song is having great time having it. They can't stand of the temptation. hehhehe...nice nice

Rude Agnecy

A working agency call me just now because I had send over a resumer to their agency through Jobstreet.

That man is so rude that I never met before. No one ever talk to me that way before. Even I reject that is my right. I get to choose accept or reject. No on will accept the offer straight away on the first time isn't it? What kind of attitude is that.

I am so so mad. Eventhough I am the one who seek for job but I need some respect too. I had been going through hard times and he is still giving me this kind of atittude. Luckily I can control if not I would have call back and complained about him to his person in charge.

The Day before

We were back from Genting at about 1pm. After we had our lunch we had back home. Bath and change and started the next stop to Sungei Wang. Donna is so happy because she get to drive. Keep walking and looking, slow down and stop by to have some drink before we continue our shopping.
Sungei Wang seems to have nothing attractive that day so we went back to Times Square. What are we doing there? FOOD od course! First we went to SWEETCHAT and then next we went to KFC for some more 'SNACK'!!!!
Shirley is so so hungry looking at the durian pancake.
We are having fun eating and I must say we share all the food so basically it is just a small portion that we eat. hehehehe......
Donna shopping for flats that she loves a lot. Hoping she did had great fun with us.
The curve is our next stop because we planned to have a movie and had our dinner there. We are going to watch a local production movie, title 'Sell Out' which I found out quite ridiculous. Find out more on my coming post…


The night when we came back from genting, we went to Times Square and Sungei Wamg for last minute shopping. Eat and shop is what we usually do. For dinner, we went to The Curve, Dragon-i.

I never actually set my foot in this restaurant, so thanks to Donna I get this opportunity to try food in here and I had to say they are SUPERB!!! OISHI!!!!!

This restaurant is base on Chinese culture and everything inside and their design will basically let you think of the ancient China.

龙的传人 - This is carve on every chopstick. I think it is nice and simple.
Ramen Beef Bris I don't know how well it taste but our golden tongue, Garry had ordered it I believe it definitely taste good. The aroma and smell is definitely great for beef lover.
Shi Chuan Spicy Ramen You will love this if you are someone who loves hot food much. From far away you can small the spiciness of the ramen. The taste is even better to spice up your taste bud.
Buckle Porkchop and Long Bean Rice This is not bad. The pork chop is kinda …