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Oktoberfest 2013

Alcoholics? Whoopsss...shall be beer addictions? beer freak or maniac? or even beer lovers to be more appropriate? The once a year biggest alcohol event is once again back!! Knowing what the clubs, bars or even our most popular alcohol provider gona offer us, the beer freaks?
Check out what imma about to post. Just a summary what I have got from their mails and facebook page of course. Just an easy view to alcohol lovers like me. None the less, collection of Oktoberfest mug which is a total must during this popular event to those who have been making it a collectibles. Yay?
JD's FINE FOODS They are offering Kilkenny an Irish beer together with Guinness Stout which are from the same makers itself. Offering 3 pint at the price of RM60 nett and what makes it more interesting of all? Miss JD's 2013/2014 will be around for this event on the selected dates at selected branch. If you are a big fan of either of these beers, drop by at JD's Fine Foods with your bunch of mates for thei…

The YouniQ Hotel

Airport transit can be really hectic at times. Especially when you have to arrange your own connecting flight rather then the aviation company have it connect for you which may causes you hours of waiting. Some may preferred to kill time at airport because there might be too much hassle going in and out from the airport with luggage that may be a burden.

What I think shall be a solution, is staying at nearby hotel within less than 30 minutes driving. Not only you can rest after hectic of  long hours flight, you may recharged before taking off to your next destination especially you are anxious to be there. Besides, lack of sleep may causes lots of unnecessary discomfort during the flight. I had discomfort of headache attack every time if I fly with insomnia strikes the night before the flight. 

the youniQ hotel which I dropped by during my previous flight to Melbourne was great! Comfortable interior with friendly staff at the welcome door makes you feel comfort after long flight or ride…

September 10th , 2013

It was the most wonderful celebration I ever had so far. Fly to KL the night before my birthday. Pass midnight at the airport while waiting for the gang to arrive from Despensar, Bali and they are the same bunch who fly me across the South China Sea with the intention not to let me get along loneliness on my birthday.
Greetings and surprised started ever since we check in to the hotel at 0200 hour. Surprises me with a cake which I don't know when they bought it and no sign of the box in the car for an hour journey. Thanks for the first time.

They are just awesome bunch of mates I can't refused to hang out with. See how lovely they are. More surprises way to go, through out the day. I think I am really a lucky girl to have this bunch of bff and buddy. =3

We have less then 12 hours around KL. We spend every seconds wisely, Time is Gold kan?
We had our first round of meal at Papparich. Everyone goes for something light before shopping spree started. It makes me feel like we are on a …