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Journey Fighting Acne

"Ït takes minimal a year the least to fight acne." That's what the doctor told me when I seek for consultation for the first time. What I am about to share here is my journey fighting acne and of course medication treatment that Ï had seek during the journey with local doctor. I am sharing what I had been through and of most important, where to seek for medication. Just a gentle reminder, what you are about to see while scrolling down may be gross and disgusting. 
Acne had never left me ever since I got it during my high school time. They were close friend of mine that never intend to say goodbye. It comes back once a while visiting when ever they feel like it BUT never this serious it got me collapsed. 
Do you even know how it feels like waking up every morning having terror to look into the mirror? Have you ever feel the needle poke pain on your face even just rinse through with plain water? Can you understand how pressure it is to go out of the house and having all e…


GALICIA, Spain - The Bidayuh traditional music band from Sarawak, Madeeh has been hand-picked to represent Malaysia at the 20th anniversary of WOMEX, the largest world music expo. The expo, taking place in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain from Wednesday, 22 – Sunday, 26 October, is represented by Sarawak Tourism Board under Malaysia Major Event stand by Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB).
The Madeeh ensemble who plays Bidayuh roots music from the upper Padawan region of Sarawak, performed on a daycase Stage at the Cidade da Cultura within the exposition area. Picked as the first band to perform on the daycase stage which only opens to WOMEX delegates, Madeeh has attracted attention from many music industry professionals from around the world. Sharing the same stage with Madeeh is Paolo Angeli from Italy/Spain who performed on the same day.
On stage, Madeeh presenting their musical instruments which are part of a centuries-old tradition of music and dance, developed …


This is the second year Asia Music Festival held. Had so much fun this year covering it under media. Drop by last year but just as a spectator. I had only went for a day and couldn't do much comparison on it. Definitely with a different status, there's much "behind the scene" that I get to explore compare to the crowd that is just a spectator. An experienced that you can never buy!
Sarawak Bloggers Team
Sarawak Tourism Board had always aware of CSR and Tree Planting is something that will never be sorted out of the list of an event. For every event that they had organised they will do the least to contribute back to the society and definitely to the mother nature. Therefore, the starting of any event will always begin with the Tree Planting ceremony. 

Everyone were contributing their little efforts to the mother nature. Us, the Sarawak Bloggers were doing our part too! How can we be missed out for such meaningful ceremony!

Before the real show starts, we have a chanc…


MIRI - Sarawak Tourism Board, the organiser of Asia Music Festival (AMF) together with Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club will host the golf competition in conjunction of Asia Music Festival this coming Saturday, 4th October.
The golf competition has become better known as one of the most anticipated event by the local and expatriate community in Miri. Therefore,the organiser of the music festival is hoping the golf competition will become an added value and will blend well with the music at the same time to promote Miri as a tourist destination.
The AMF Golf Competition will open to 100 to 120 golf players to participate in competition this Saturday and the response from Mirian golfers are very well received so far. The game format will cover the strokeplay over 18 holes of the golf course and tee-off time is expected to be at 12:30pm (Shotgun start). Game registration will begin at 11:00am at the Eastwood Golf & Country Club, Miri.
Sarawak Tourism Board together with Eastwood …