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Meeting with Dasolve ( MC members )

Finally after so many days at last get the chance to meet Dasolve.
Really happy to meet him and he is a nice person.
The most interesting is I get to know 2 more new friends too.
The bad part is once again a meeting with guys and I am the only girl.
Really shy shy *sob* *sob*..luckily they are really nice person to talk with or have to say I am really talkative too...hehehe...;P
We went for little food hunt , I guess its proper to say it that way la....
We chit chat and eat and the whole noon we are sitting in there eat and talk only.
We are talkative isn't it...oppsss....just me only la.....
Too bad I don't get to take some pic because I was ashamed to take pics in front of Das who is a professional in photography.
One more regret is Florence which is in KL is too busy to meet us up.
But it is a nice day too!!

Whatever & Anything

Been to supermarket to buy some thing to add in my fridge because its going empty already.
While I was walking around the supermarket, I heard someone is shouting whatever & anything. In my mind, I thought what was happening.
When I was approaching near to to voice who was shouting that words and I realised it was actually promoting something instead of some arguement going on.
Here somes the Whatever & Anything non-carbonated drinks in Malaysia market.
I had heard about this long time ago that was launched in Singapore.
It is really a weird name but I heard the name of this drink was taken because this is the most common word that Singaporean say in their day-to-day conversation!!
Buy one and try it today. Who knows you will be adicted and act just like the Singaporean that keep saying whatever-la....anything-lo!!!!!!


歌手:林忆莲 专辑:林忆莲柔情精选 原唱:林忆莲 选自林忆莲柔情精逊 在朋友那儿听说 知心的你曾回来过 想请他替我向你问候 只为了怕见了说不出口 你对以往的感触还多不多 曾让我心碎的你 我依然深爱着 在朋友那儿听说 知心的你曾找过我 我要他帮我对你隐瞒 只是怕见了面会更难过 我对以往的感触还那么多 曾给我幸福的你 我依然深爱着 有一种想见不敢见的伤痛 有一种爱还埋藏在我心中 我只能把你放在我的心中 这一种想见不能见的伤痛 让我对你的思念越来越浓 我却只能把你把你放在我心中 对你的声音你的影你的手 我发誓说我没有忘记过 而关于你选择了现在的他 我只能说我有些难过 我也真心真意的等过

So tired...

Really been busy these few days...
So so tired....
been busy with assignments...
been busy with class stuff...
been busy with meetings....
Today many things happened to me...
I was so confused and surprise but somehow I am tired of it...
With so many things around and unexpected things happen make me more tired
I am starting to get backache, headache...lots of tired symptoms....(getting old) i guess
I cant stand it anymore and somehow I did cry secretly...
Really feel theres a big burden on my shoulder...
"Do more and expect less"After crying now feeling much better
"face it, accept it, let it go"
I am now going to continue my journey.

GOING INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!

I was d**n busy this few days!! Busy with assignments, assignments and more assignments!!!!!!!!!!

Haiz....really so stress and hectic. I am not sad not worry but just stress!!

I don't know what to write in here but just feel like shouting in here to release my stress!!


Theres many people facing a lot of porblem these few days. Really feel sad and worry about them but hopefully everything will be fine for them soon.

Cheer up all my friends!!!



Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go till we're one

Love was when I loved you
One true time I hold to
In my life we'll always go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

There is some love that will not go away

You're here, there's nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on
We'll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on


For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made…

Meeting MC net member for the very first time - Cheryl

Its 21 June 2008. I will have a date with someone I never meet before but also from Miri at KL - Berjaya Times Square. She's pretty, she's cute , SHE"S CHERYL!!!!!!!!! I beg many MC member should be interested to her!!! Hehehe...Guess what?? She looks so pretty even she is tired. Thats the pic we take whiole chit chat at McD!

We looks like W & B! White and Black! So obvious!!
Tired looks of Cheryl but still pretty!
cute cheryl & pEi

Last but not least, myself!!!


Have you ever been compare by people with another person? Have you ever compare another person with another person? Have you ever compare yourself with other person??

No matter which situation, it is also named as comparing.

How will you feel when you know someone is comparing you with another person? Have you ever thought of others feeling when you compare a person with another? What will you feel again when you are comparing youself with others?

Its not that comparing is not good, maybe it is an encouragement in some way but most probably it will comes out with a negative effect unless that person himself/herself is taking that particular person as their examples and role model. Therefore, this will be a different situation.

I had never been stop comparing by people and we all do, I think. Especially by parents. They like to comapre results. They like to compare the number their children gets in the class. They like to compare how much money their children can earn. This is something we…



每颗渺小星球 全都绕着你走


看, 那麽多相遇

dong de rang wo wei xiao de ren
zai mei you shei bi ni you tian fen
qing yi chuang jin wo de xin men
ming tian de meng ni wan cheng

zheng ge yu zhou hao han wu bian de jin tou
mei ke miao xiao xing qiuquan dou rao zhao ni zou
ai wo fei ni mo shu
wo zhi yuan shou hu you ni gei wo de xing fu
ai wo fei ni mo shu
ye xu hui xiao zhao ku dan na ren shi ni suo yi bu pa ku

dong de rang wo liu lei de ren
gei de gan dong yi ding shi zui shen
zai wo xin zhong liu xia shang hen
ni tong shi dian liang le xing chen

kan na me duo xiang yu
pian pian zhi he ni
tian zao de she ban chan shen qi ji o
wo xin de feng xi
wo xiang chu le ni
ren shei ye wu fa tian bu zhe kong xu

I have always love Tank song very much and this is one of them.
Try to see the lyrics and its meaningful. This is the song that I pften…

Happy Saturday

Saturday supposingly to be a great day and it really was for me. Not because I was planning to go out for shopping but my friend from Mirr is coming over. I am so happy I get to go out with them. I was always excited when I have friend come over here and I can go out with them to bring them around. The feeling is definitely different with going back Miri and meet them up.

First round we went to Times Square. I was so excited when I passed by the main entrance and see theres a car show. So, its normal for me to walk forward then take out my camera and snap, snap, SNAP!!! Below are some of the picture....


After that we went for lunch at Sungei Wang. I don't really remember whats the name of the shop but I know theres variety of choices of Japanese food. My friend go for sushi buffet and steamboat which I don't think my sister and me can afford to finish. So, we just have BBQ chicken set.

The BBQ Chicken Set befor…

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

I went to my friend's house last night to keep her company. As usual, when girl in the house we usually chit chatting anything that happens. From school to home, from buddies to strangers. Suddenly we talk about one of her housemates. Its something that I think personal which should not be expose but it definitely let me related to life. I think life is really short. This is not the first time I had been thinking such way. I had no idea what life is and can we live life to the fullest without any regrets and achievement. least there is something that I wanted and wish to say before everything is too late! SORRY!! Sorry to those who I ever hurt you with my words! Sorry to those who I had disappointed! Sorry to those who had treating me so well but I can't repay! Theres too many things to be sorry of and except sorry I do not know what to say!! I feel sorry but at the same time grateful that I have you all by my side to make my life more colourful and wonderful!! I love eve…

Kung Fu Panda 'n' A&W

I had been planning this long time but I can't find someone to accompany me. Finally, FINALLY I get to watch it with a friend of mine. Even its just the two of us it is still better than ME watching alone and eating popcorn by meslf in the cinema. Sounds pity and really lonely isn't it.
At last, I get to watch my favorite movie KUNG FU PANDA!!!!

It's a great movie. There's funny, happy, sad and exciting part!! I love the part where the master said : "Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mystery and Today is a gift!" A classic saying but yet very true after all and its part of our life.

There is one more that I think really meaningful. "Theres no secret ingredient, you will believe if you think it is!!" Do you know what it tries to say?? If you think it is to be and believe yourself, anything is possible. At least thats what I think it is trying to say.

Definitely a great cartoon movie I would recommend.


Busy Day~

Its been a really busy busy day for me. A tired day too...WHEW~ I had not been sleeping well last night. Sleep at 1am then was awaken by a call at 2am something. A friend of mine was calling for some nagging. What can I do? As a friend I will listen and I won't reject. Been talking on the phone for like 1 an a half hour he finally let me sleep. Go for bed at about 3.30am. I was really really tired already that time. I had to wake up 8am in the morning to attend my tutorial class at 11am. My alarm rang and I really don't wish to wake up from my bed but I can't. I will be deducted marks for overall 14 weeks evaluation if I was late for class. If its individual evaluation I won't mind but it is for group so I don't want to be the one who affect the others who have try to have their mark in hand. After that, we had an hour break for lunch before continue our lecture for 3 hours. Instead, I did no have my lunch well. Been taking the 1 hour break to discuss about my moral a…


I think I don't need to intro too much about it anymore. Concentrate more on food then write much about their cafe.

Xi Mut Milk Tea (cold)

Xi Mut Milk Tea (hot)
The cup is so antique. Let me thinks of the olden days, my parents time they using this kind of cup for tea of coffee.

OLD TOWN Enriched Chocolate
SLURP!! The chocolate was so smooth. The texture when you drink it was so nice and you wanted for second drink after the first one!!

OLD TOWN Curry Mee

OLD TOWN Prawn Mee

Javanese Mee
The taste is great!! The gravy soup on the mee is definitely a great combination!! The mee is thick anough to eat with the soup. The egg, fried touhu and few pieces of keropok on it definitely makes the mee more fascinating and opens your appetite!! A little bit of sour, spicy and salty makes a great taste of the Javanese mee!!

Link from the first post : (OLD TOWN CAFE - PART I)

Grabbing Day!!~

Its the first post of the month but yet a busy day indeed.
I had attended class for whole day from 10 am till 4pm. Reach home at 4.30.... My butt is not even hot yet sitting on my cushion and I have to get ready to go again. We are going to Carrefour and grab food, snacks and RICE!!! Tomorrow is Saturday and its a PUBLIC HOLIDAY, so it must be really pack and long queue. So, we decided to go today but somehow things didn't really turn out like what we expected. Many people too but still not that mush like times when we have to pack like sardin fish. When there grab some snacks, neccessary stuff and some food and not to forget rice of course but just manage to buy one pack because 2 pack is to heavy for us to carry. To my surprise, cooking oil is out of stock!! Luckily I still manage to grab one too!! WHEW~ Seems like increasing of fuel more or less has infected the market price of lots of goods... There will be more grabbing these few days!! I bought something for myself....hehehe....