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District 9

I never knew I would actually like this kinda movie. It is never my type or in list that I would go and watch but somehow to my surprise it did give me a blast. Personally,I think this was not bad. Somehow maybe because I did not expect too much out of it. The story of this movie is about human and alien and personally thinks that it is a little about real life situation, racist.

The alien spaceship had somehow faced some technical problem and stop on earth. Living creature in it had been suffering of hunger and human tried to help them by getting them out and created a space for them called district 9.

For them this is not life at all. They were limited to that particular space only but somehow this is for human safety too. We never know what these alien gonna do isn't it? The population of district 9 is growing and they plan to move them to another placed and appointed a person to do this job.

This man had been really doing his job but somehow he had been affected by some sort of fl…

Gladiator heels

Gladiator heels had been a trend since spring. Every girl had been dreaming and crazy for getting a pair of it. Even stars of Hollywood were wearing it on the red carpet so how an you miss out to have a pair of these? They are varieties type of gladiator heels to suit different style of girls and their wish. As long as you name it I believe you will see it in the market everywhere.

And finally I bought mine today. I had been thinking for weeks before I bought this pair. It was fantastic and I LOVE IT so so much.
The heels that were stable and solid enough to carry my height and my weight.
The platform that were not additional attached pieces which makes me feel safe and secure. Nothing better than this.

In love with it? Get yours now wherever you can find and be apart of the trend!!

Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri

That was so so fast since I last posted the greeting of HariRaya and now another year past. Anyway, would like to wish all the Muslims friend a great HariRaya and enjoy the long holiday for Malaysian! Would like to share some picture regarding the Raya decoration at 1 Utama. A great decoration they had done. Happy viewing and have a great day ahead!!

LOMO Photo

As I had post before I got a new lomo on my birthday and it is digital so it would be more faster for me to post up my trial pic compare to the first lomo camera which I haven't develop yet. It comes with extra 4 jelly lens that had different effect. I currently only used 2 out of 4.

Normal settings
Fisheye Lens
Lite Wave lens

So how was it? Do you think the effect is nice? Still need more improvement and also constructive comment from all of you.


It's been so so long since I last posted on my photography section. This time round I would like to share photos on clouds. This is all clouds photographs. I always told people around me that once I see clouds my mood on the day would be brighten the whole day. I will always take a couple of minutes to look at the sky everyday. My friend would say wana know my mood, sky is the best thing to predict. This are some pictures taken from miri and definitely lovely for me. Hope you would share the same feeling as me.

Food in Miri

I had just went back recently to Miri and find out we have so much of local delicacies which some other don't know and would love to try. This is to encourage people coming over to Miri too and try our famous food around.

1. KolokMee
Number one on the list which most of the mirian would agree with me is our local "ganmian: or better know as "kolokmee". This is so so different what what we it over west Malaysia. I never miss out eating these when ever I am back and every each of us where crazy for this when we were not eating it for too long. We will never forget to get some back to the place we work for some of our friends too. They love it and so do you.

2. Kuih/Kueh
I would say that Sarawak or Miri had the best kuih compare to west Malaysia. I ever tried some of the kuih over here it is not as good as I had at my hometown. BUT malaykuih is definitely good enough.

This is one it in my list. Ican say I never miss eating this when I was back to Miri. I just love the soft…


This is another restaurant I had visited during my time back in Miri. This is an old cafe which had been renovated and had a brand new look. It is much better compare to the previous one. The had more comfortable space and also environment to sit in.

Our drinks before our meal arrived. They still had those cafe style of drinks but maintaining almost the same price? Magnificent isn't it? With the same price you paid you get better services? Worth it!
Fried Chicken Floss Rice Goo's ordered but she did not finish it. She is not feeling well but I guess it is a bit too dry as there is no gravy.
Butter Prawn Rice This is an ordered from a special guest. I guess it looks tasty to all of you. Picture says a thousand word. He finished it all and makes my saliva drop too but I can't have prawn.
Taufu with mixed vege I just love it and the gravy is nice. Personally I love some gravy and sticky type of cooking but not the watery type. I finished the whole plate because I am hungry. But i…