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Chester is actually a town and their statue is represented by rhino. You will see rhino everywhere with different colours and designs. They looks great and beautiful. Snap some picture of them but not all because there are hundreds of them if I'm not mistaken.

Chester is a place rich of heritage. You will be grateful to see such beautiful ancient building still standing there and still maintain by their government. It is indeed an honour to visit them.

This is of the bakery shop among list of them and this is the one that received award. Be prepared for their beautiful handmade cookies and cakes. You can't help to get one of these and taste it right away.
The heritage building that you will love it when you see it.

Deadly Rituals of the Roman. I don't really know their history bet I guess it is something like 300?


Local food is a must try in the list when you come over to europe. Although there is nothing special with their food but you must also have a try how they originally taste like. Just like the previous food preview I had done for the traditional english breakfast and now I'm trying their main course. Not 3 main course but only main meal.

Most of their restaurant comes along with bar and pubs, so do used to this.

FISH & CHIPS It is a big portion ok. Do not just judge this plate of thing by its look. It can fill up one and half normal tummy. The fish was really large that my friend can't finish it and still need me to help out and clean up the plate.My skrewed chicken I guess that's the name of it. Not a big portion when it was served but it was really filling when you start eating from one to another spoon of it.
Lastly, a picture of me enjoying fantastic food. Greedy me~

Lake District

Went to Lake District last few weeks. A nothing special place but a place that have lots of lake as per introduction. A place where you get close with nature and my third time mountain climbing.

You can see lots of such small stream water flow along the way at Lake District. How often can you see such clear water in Malaysia?

Looks like sheep but its black so shall I called it a shepherd?I have no idea.

Nature is the richest thing in Lake District. They have so much that you can ask for.

Path that we are taking up to the peak and heading to the lake.