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Ica Kacang Puppy Love

A movie that everyone had been waiting for. At least for me, I am! So desperate to watch it. This is the first time I am impress with local movie. It was great and fascinating. Woohoo is also not bad but somehow this would be top rate if I get to vote.
A very localise movie. Not much over done scene and very great take in every angle. I love the story. Well written I would say. Even it is about a young teenage love story but in detail you would see Malaysia people culture in the 70's or 80's and what we used to do on our free time.
Recall back a lot of memories I had when I was a kid. And so true about people and life. People are just not enough with spreading rumours. People, afraid of being out from where they used to be. Just too many to say. Watch it and you will be amaze!

When in ROME

This is another comedy movie of the year after Date Night. This is also a love story about two singles who met at Rome, Paris, the love city. No one can actually stop loving each other at this magnificent city. The story starts when the main character, Kristen pick up the coins from the love well. What well happen next? What makes five men in love with her in the same time? How she find out all of it was just a "spell"? Watch and you will know. I would say this is a great comedy and laugh all they way throughout the movie.

p/s:all pictures taken from google image


This is another review of a taiwanese food. Be specify it is about taiwanese street snacks. I think they have good food but too bad they do not have much choice. they are famous with their sweet potato fries and also boneless fried chicken. I trie their mee sua. A good one with vinegar. The oyster taste fresh and nice too. I simply love something simple and yet taste great.
If you love rice so much this would be a nice pick. A great portion to fulfill your desire on food. I love their taufu so much. Soft and QQ~~ You will feel like it was dancing when you put it into your mouth. Thumbs up!!
Really does worth a try!! Do stop by at their shop if were shopping at Times Square, KL!!


This is such a long time ago. I had totally forget about it but luckily I go through my photos and still remember that I had something that I had not done review yet. This is a taiwanese cafe which is quite nice and recommended to dine in. They have heavy taste of food. So, if you don't really like something too salty or sweet maybe this is not something for you.

Tea Rose Bud Nowadays people are going healthy lifestyle. A jar of rose bud tea is the best to go with your meal. Nice rose aroma and great combination with tea.

Mixed Fruit Tea I simply goes with this but some people just can't accept the mixture taste of the fruit all together in one jar. A little awkward but still taste good for my tongue.

I really can't remember what am I ordering but their set really come in a large portion. Worth the price you are paying. I would say this is nice. Everything taste just right except the main course. A little too salty.
The rice top was decorate with pickled cucumber. Eat it and …


A cafe at Seremban which is quite unique and have great environment. A good place to chit chat and gather around with your friends. Their drinks are all base on tarot cards. What a unique way of introducing a drink right?

Lovely isn't it? Attractive and makes your saliva drop? hahahaha..Drop by at Seremban and get to taste their environment.
Picture of the pretties that hang out at Tarot Cafe.


As per my previous post, I promise to post up the seafood restaurant that we had been to and talk about the food that we had ordered that night. We went to this Seremban seafood village which is quite famous and even Ho Chiak crew were there before.
The chili sauce that you shall eat with crab.

Vege to eat with rice. Just crab wouldn't fill in our empty stomach.

Mix chicken, lemon & salad chicken. Taste nice. I love the crispy and soft meat.


A pot that have it all. Salted fish and minced meat cooked together with taufu and also beans. Nice combination of all.

Crab cook with salted eggNot bad but I taste something better than this before.
Barbecue Crab - Seremban style
A nice one! The crab meat is still soft but there's little burning smell of it which is quite tasty and nice.
Fried pork rib
Everything that fry with lots of oil taste great just like fried chicken.

Fried Maggi Noodles Not bad frying skill. If there's little gravy on it I would love it more because I do…

Seremban trip

Head to Seremban yesterday with bunch of buddies. A great trip because we head over for crab hunt. I won't say much on the trip because picture say it all. I will tell more on the food on the coming post. Lots of candid pictures to share. I am so happy that everyone was playing around with my spec. It's a fake spec that was an additional accessories for my collection. Chung looks nerdie with the spec and button the shirt all up makes me looks more like one.
The girls in Tarot Cafe. We are having great time chit chat around and the cafe was surrounded by our laughter.
My sister and I. You won't she her too much when I am hanging around with my buddies. I guess this is the very first time.

I am acting cute with my big spec.

Everyone looks great with my spec. Get one then!! hahahahhahaha


A newly open restaurant at Times Square. Food lovers never get to miss a chance of trying any good food. So, me and bunch of food lovers head over to see what they've got that will satisfied our taste bud.
We arrived kinda late so we did not have much choice except their alacarte. Before having the main course, of course we gona ordered some drinks to cure our thirst. Their drinks were not bad, normal as usual. Wantan Noodle I guess this is the right name for right food. ahahahahhah..Looks good and taste good too. Wantan or some called it dumpling are great as I heard from the taster itself. But somehow the portion is too small for a normal guy. So, better still they should consider to have bigger portion?
Belly Pork Rice Frankly speaking there is nothing special about the belly pork. Normal I would say. We can find better belly pork in Miri thou....
Shir was too desperate to have her dinner. We all does but she was the one who we get to capture. ^_^

Roasted Duck Rice
What a wonderful jo…