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Another year gone. It is time for another new beginning. Year by year past by without even noticing it. The number in years keep increasing and so do my age. *sob* Somehow, I did not really get into the Chinese New Year mood like before. This might be due to over stress in exams I guess, Everything had been really packed until I can hardly take a good break and breathe. When I wanted to do so, exam is already queueing up for me to handle.

Never mind, had I gone through this for now at least. That is why I had been blogging madly to replace what I had not done previously and posting what I wish to post before I am MIA again. It will be an enjoying Chinese New Year for me because I can enjoy it relaxingly without worrying exams.

Everywhere, especially KL mall had been nicely decorated to invite Chinese New Year which is just only 2 more days to go from today and did I mention it is the OX year? But nothing too special this year as most of the mall have to same deco. Few pics been taken fo…

Happy Birthday MummY

It is middle of the night or should be exact it is 3 something early in the morning, I was hanging around in the net and facing the laptop instead of dreaming and lying on my bed. I don't know why is this happen to me but I am guessing maybe I am used to wake up early during last few weeks exam and body had set that alarm. Instead I am so so tired but somehow my eyes can't close and let me sleep well.

Therefore, I plan to write this post for someone I love so much and gave me life. She is my mom. Today is her birthday! I am so happy I am able to make it this year to celebrate with her even it might be bit late when I reach home later tonight. But something is always better than nothing.

Been thinking how to celebrate with her but time is limited. So, we had decided to fly her a cake back with us as a tiny celebration. Of course we can't ask her to blow candle on the arriving hall right?? So, just get her a little cake and also a present to express our gratitude towards her o…


You must be wondering what is Madam Wong? But I think most of you get it right as know it is a trend for people to name their restaurant and cafe by their name and this is one of them. But this is definitely not new. They have great varieties of food to suit your taste bud.

This is the set meal I had ordered and definitely worth the price. Somehow, in my opinion I think it is cheap for the standard price in KL. There is 2 dishes which you can choose form their list and also a plate of steam rice with tauhu and egg, additional a bowl of soup! Guess how much it cost for such a meal?? It is ONLY RM10!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? And you are truly full if you are a normal eater. Somehow it is more than enough.



Today, 20 January 2009 America time, is a historical moment for every American or even the world. This is the most highlighted event that the world had been waiting for to witness. The very FIRST African American President for America, MR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. People had been counting towards these days to come.

I never really care what is going on in the political world but this is definitely an eye catching news for me. I had heard about him since he wins in the election on November 2008. For me, he deserves for the position that he had now for some reasons.

1. For me, he is really a knd hearted person and definitely a good leader which you could be seen in the reports and news.

2. He is a person that never think he is the greatest and employing his defeaters, Hillary Clinton as his secretary because he knows how to appreciate human capital and fully utilising it. Only with better workmanship, a better environment can be created.

3. He never thinks he should be acting just because he …

BloGGiE birthday!!!

It is a special day for my blog. Thinking way back to this date last year, it was the first day I started everything you see in here now. Time waits for no men, this proverb is always true. Time just pass by me without even noticing it. Blogging had been one of my favorite past time nowadays and will be part of my life but lately I had been ignoring it due to my exams. But, I will be working it out soon! Happy Birthday my Bloggie! Nothing special just intended to express it out!


Recently, I am up to more nature photography. Those who know me well knows that I am always girl with my babe (camera) around. Non stop taking food places and something which is akward and new to my eyes.

Nowadays I find out that the view out from my balcony and window is so tentative and fascinating that I did not realise before.

Here are some shot that I had taken and I hope for some comment for my improvement in future!


For this picture, I take in two ways. a wish for brighter sky but somehow when I get the color of sky I want the light out from the blue cloud could not be seen clearly. Only when I set it to darker mode then the light out of the cloud could be emphasize out. LIGHT, SIGN OF BETTER DAY


It is really a wonderful night when I know the moon will be the birthest and biggest for this new beginning year!

To my excitement, I go out balcony and pop out my head but theres no sight of the moon and it really makes me disappointed. After couple of hours I went out to the balcony and look at the sky but once again it disappointed me. I went to my bed in little bit of disappointment that night. I was awake middle of the night to went to washroom and when I was back into my bedroom I just notice there is something bright outside which ligthen the sky. I slide off the curtain and look into the sky, the MOON!

I quickly grab my lousy compact camera and capture that perfect moment. It is indeed not easy and hardly to see such lovely piece of thing. However, the camera did not capture what the moon really means. The beauty and also what it exactly looks like! Howeve I still love the moon that I saw with my own eyes rather then the lens capture but I wish to share with all of you! You can …

Simple but BEAUTIFUL

It was a fine evening when I tried to get my things done and arranging my stuff. Suddenly, I received an sms from a friend telling me to look into the sky. I was feeling that it was a pretty sky that night. Without second thought I take my camera and capture this special image which I thought is valuable to share with.

The orange with yellowish sunset makes the blue sky more attracting and astonish. It just makes me feel so relax when seeing it. One thing you should see is the sky is in totally one piece, just like a blanket. It is not a sign of rain but real one piece cloud. Nothing special just picture for sharing. Have a good day all readers.

2009 New yEar countdown at SUNGEI WANG $

It was like dreaming. Without notice it is another 31st December and time to move on to a new year that is 2009. Time past so fast that I was another year older and another 366 years gone for 2008 and also my life.

When to countdown last night at one of the crowd est place in KL. We went there at about 5pm even though the event start at 9.30pm because as you know KL traffic jam is so terrifying. My friend had planned activities for the both of us before we start countdown and accepting the brand new 2009.

-pEi- (getting ready to go out) Our first event is watch movie, we went for a comedy starring by Adam Sandler name Bedtime Stories! Will talk and discuss about this movie deeply in another post soon!! A funny one again from him and a good starting for a great night.
After 2 hours movie, we went around before having our dinner. Times Square had been decorating the place to invite coming Chinese New Year. I don't know why, all those decoration and songs surrounding the area makes me f…