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I depart of to Manchester at local time 2035 on 29th May 2010. I never ever really travel out of the country by plane except for Brunei. And that was like an hour journey from Miri. This time round is totally different and who knows the travel period was a total disaster and nightmare.
Since I have to transit, upon check in I will get to tickets. Which is KL to Doha and then DOHA to MANCHESTER.
Been so tired after about 12 hours. Include before departure from Miri. SO, in total I had been waiting for 12 hours before I flew off to Manchester.

To take International flight, you will need to take this train in order to arrive international terminal. It was some sort like LRT or even monorail.

I was little impress when I entered the plane. The monitor in front of me did makes me a little happy because I never had flights that able me to enjoy during the whole flying session BUT it is a beginning of nightmare.
The flight was quite shaky that night. Little scared at first but quite used to it af…

I am flying abroad!!

Finally I make it and I will be flying next week. Wish me lucks my friend and I shall see all of you next year when I am back!!!!!!!!


Did you remember what happen on IP MAN 1? Remember how yip man beat the Japs and actually win but shoot by them at the end of the movie? When everyone think he is dead but somehow he survive from it.
He is a tough man and I just love the story in IP MAN 2! This time round he is facing the British. Life is hard and he can hardly get any earnings. Everyone is doing their part to survive and so do every character in this movie.
Hung Kim Po is acting too this time round. I love his action and kungfu. He is brave and a proud man. Even he tend to be really annoying but in depth he is a nice man who help people and respect chinesekungfu.
Do watch and I mean do watch. It is a great movie of the month. Even Iron Man 2 have better reaction and some similarity, I still love this movie!!!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is around the corner again. Everyone, everywhere is celebrating this event every year. Nothing special but still it is a big thing to be celebrated.

Crack your head and can't think of anything too fulfill your mum wishes? No idea where to have an ideal meal? Click into MakanManiacs and you will have all the idea.

Wish all mummy HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!!!

Miri Pikom PC Fair

It's Pikom Pc Fair again. It's been normal for everyone but this is the first time that I am around to go and see what they have. I never really been to one in Miri before. It will start on 7 May till 9 May. Please do visit if you are free and if you are not free too. Not too far from town as usual, Miri Indoor Stadium. Please do support Miri IT Industry!