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Its about 1 1/2 month since I was back here and away from home. Started to miss home already. Started to miss friends back there. Started to miss mummy's cooking. Started to miss....., miss lots of things and people in Miri. I do not understand why I used to miss home more this time. Maybe I had been staying a bit longer than usual this holiday.

Skip this boring part and I would like to say something that had happen on me this short period. It come to end of May. June going to begin and almost half of the year has gone. I had go through up and downs during this first half year. I believe I had grown and learned a lot. There is so many things that I actually realised from all sort of aspects. Somehow, there is still many uncertainties in me. One thing for sure, once again I grown up!!

It isn't a very pleasant half year. Many things happen to me and not only me but I had friends around not going very smooth too. Disasters is everywhere too. Really hope it will come to an end very …


My sis and her friend went for little gathering on Times Square and I followed and I sounds like a light bulb with them but I know all her frineds too and luckily its all girl's outing. I used to be their photographer and also some pic snaps of course. This post is to intro the restaurant..more food from the previous one..

SiS & Jing Wei Sheue Huoy & SiS
"Tiek Pan Mee"

Spice Herb Rice Green Curry seafood Noodles - D**n Spicy Rice in bamboo

Pan Rice

Unagi baked Cheese Rice

Not to forget snaps with sista.....


Class is about to start and I am still not sure that whether I am eligible to attend or not?
How useless I am? I found out that actually I am nothing different with failure. I can't do things well. I can't do things right. I can't have everything under control.

I wanted to study but somehow I am not that clever so I try my very best but somehow I had disappointed those who have high expectation on me. That is useless.

I wish to go home and somehow I found out that my savings is getting less and less. I do not have sufficient money to even buy myself an air ticket to go home.
I don't even know where had I spend all those money I earn from working and also pocket money I save for my future. I am useless.

I dare not love someone that I thought I should but just because I scared and afraid and last ended up we are not even contacting each other anymore (dare not find him). I am really coward. That is a failure.

I am such a useless and failure person.

How I wish I could be a bit …

What a sad day again!! =(

Just woke up, get myself clean up and get myself on the laptop again...
That is what I am doing everyday when I am not going out.
Today someone who really unexpected come to chat with me and to my knowledge it was something bad.
The result for resit exam is finally out. i don't even know until he told me.
I am really nervous to find out but still I have to do it.
*sob* *sob*
Once again I was disappointed. I have such feeling of jumping of from my house balcony, but that is just a thought.
Maybe to many things happen. I thought I had manage and control it well, however I did not.
I am feeling so down and moody. I do not know what I have to do next. I am totally out of direction, just like standing in a desert out of nowhere. I lost myself, I lost my direction.
Theres been many many unhappy things happen for this whole month. I thought it would end however it never stop. I am so tired of it. One is not solve and yet another is here. Oh Gosh~ God I am not that tough enough to face your …

Eating Sunday

See the title you will know that I went for dining again. This time is something very, extra special then usual dining. I personally love it. I had been searching high and low for this kind of restaurant. Yippee~ I am going to share this with all of you.

This is the menu of restaurant
This is what we are going to order for our lunch
The decor and design in the restaurant

The utensils is all metal. Chopsticks and spoon. Really unique. You will feel the same you see in the korean drama. The name of the restaurant is Restaurant Korea Kyung Joo. The side dishes to eat with the barbeque meat. I love all of them but Kimchi is my favorite among all of them.
Peach Red Tea that my sis order
Coffee shake, addicted to coffee recently, =.=
The pan that we are gona use to barbeque, another way of barbeque.
Did record a video on bbq process but somehow couldn't upload. So upset leh. But I did capture a pic of the meat after it was bbq.

This is what they call Mandu. Its similar to chinese, dumpling…


I found out that there are many new restaurant open behind our condominium. Really feel lazy to cook and wish to have a visit to some of the new opening restaurant. This is the cafe that really attracts me from their interior design.

You can see from both of the pic above that they actually use the ancient style of chinese as their chairs and table. Its marble table and stool. All the colors are mostly black n dull yellow. Good combination~

Of course not to forget the utensils that we use to enjoy our meal. It is also black in color. Really nice for me. It is just so attractive.
The first I saw in their menu is this signature choice of the cafe. Kaya & Butter toast (single). It also come with double too. Its is really nice and delicious. I guess the kaya must be secret recipe because it doesn't taste like any kaya in the supermarket.
How can I forget about the drinks. OLD TOWN is always famous with its originality of coffee. The first in list is OLDTOWN "Cham". This i…