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Surprise and More Celebration

I think Shirley's birthday is a great one this year except of some unexpected ruuined of planned by some of the guys. Forget about it. We still have many nice memory and having great time together. Let the photos bring out the lovely time we spend together.
The night before we wanted to gave her surprise but somehow it doesn't work because Garry were talking to her during we rand the doorbell.

After that, all of them having fun time with all the games. UNO STACKO is the hit game of the night. They are playing it madly and cheating of course. But some of they are having fun out of it. The laughter of the night means everything and shows everything. They are happy and enjoying.
See they are cheating in playing. Three people are playing for one.
On the afternoon, we planned to surprise her but somehow runied up by all those guys again....haihz..... =.=''' It was a nice one and we are having fun.

The second cake of her birthday and also her favorite birthday cake. Real…


Goverment is trying to change some of the rules and regulations to those who wish to get their very first license.

They were trying to considered to change the L car that is the learning driving examination into AUTO instead of MANUAL. Those who used outo car to get the driving license can only use auto car instead of manual when they started to drive. Of course there is always another option.

People can also choose to examine by manual car and the license that they get can be used for both auto and manual car of course. This is the advantages of getting the manual driving license. Do you think it is applicable in Malaysia? There is always pros and cons of everything.
Personally I think this is a better solution for more kopi-o license. People used to get kopi-o license because they find it hard to actually drive with manual. So basically this is a solution out of it. As we can see too, more and more people nowadays used to have auto car more than manual car so I wouldn't see there w…


I had a fever yesterday when I woke up yesterday morning. I was so scared and nervous because I had little bit of sore throat too. This makes me half chance to be a H1N1 patient. H1N1 is spreading fast and seriously all over the world and nevertheless Malaysia.

That morning I quickly SMS my friend and with they help I went to the nearest clinic to seek for doctor's consultation. It is definitely a tense moment because I was sick when virus is all over the air and H1N1 is getting serious. Everyone would have think that when they are facing this kind of situation.

I wear mask all the way and people were looking at us as if we were really infected by H1N1. But no matter how people look at me, I think precautions step should be taken instead of spreading it wide. I don't want to spread all the virus to the people around me.

During the consultation I was so so nervous and worried. However the doctor was really hilarious and makes joke. He is definitely making me feel better. He can…

Happy Birthday Babe!!!!

It's Shirley buddy big day. We had been spending almost the whole day together and hope she is having great fun. This is a video specially made for her because pictures makes better words than I do. There is lots more of pictures to come for my current post. Love ya GurL, and wish you Happy 22nd Birthday!!!!!


Miri favorite sushi hangout is always our neighbour country Brunei but at KL we always have lots of choice other than the usual mention Sushi King. I will be introducing Sakae Sushi. The environment, food and services were as competitive as Sushi King. I can't compare it with Brunei Escapade as I never been there before.

There are only 7 of us but the table is full of food!!!! Let me bring you to the world of food.

Salmon Don
This is Garry's choice of the day. It definitely looks great and it looks yummy too for me because I love salmon LOTS LOTS!!!!!

Unagi Kamameshi This is Pei Sze's choice of the day. She said it was just alright so I think it is just average. i don't know how to evaluate how great an unagi taste because personally I don't love unagi much but still I did eat because its food what!!
Salmon Sushi The name I gave it myself because on the receipt they just mention green plate. What the........ =.=''' But this is not bad. The salmon taste fresh a…

RIP Michael Jackson

This morning as usual I was on my way to work for my second day. Nothing real attracts me until I heard something really makes me astonished! Michael Jackson, the moonwalk legend was DEAD! Can you believe it? What I mean is this is all such a sudden and everything seems to come really without any sign.

Micheal Jackson is one of the legendary icon that had been bringing lots of historical moment to the entertainment industry. Although he might had created lots of news and cases that had made him looks bad but for me he is still a person to be respect of.

He had heart attack yesterday and was sent over to the hospital after unconscious for few hours. Doctor officially announced his dead yesterday afternoon. He was only a 50 year old man. He definitely looks young for his age. His black parade definitely will be a big event for the people and also his fans! REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON!
( more sources : the star )

First Job

Finally after searching for months and months and FINALLY, FINALLY I found a job.
I think it is really not easy to get a job nowadays some more the economic downturn more or less is affecting the market.
My job its not a very high position but instead I feel gratitude enough to get one because it is better for me to just spend and waste time at home facing the four walls and also my laptop everyday.
Really makes me feel useless. So this job will help me to spend my time wisely because I am going to earn some income and my free time before I really sit for my exam on January which is still a long LONG way to go.
Hopefully it would be a great start and I hope things go smooth for my part time job!


Digi is getting concern on the people around them. They are helping those in needs and saving lives. I saw this through nuffnang and I am proud to be one of the Digi user. Digi had came up with this campaign called ' For Those who Love to Save '.

Sounds interesting isn't it? Many of us I believe would think how to save more but instead it is how you can save others just with one click. Digi needs your help just to click and they will donate every RM 5 to the organisation that you had chosen. Even though you are not one Digi user, still you can help them by clicking in here.

Until today ( 24 June 2009, 9am) , RM 95, 015 had been raised but Digi's target amount is RM 150,000. For those who wanted to help please don't think twice of it anymore. It doesn't really cost you anything except your time. You have 7 more days to go and believe it, you can make a difference!


It is kind of normal that I am cooking but somehow this is the first time I get to cook for my lovely friends. This is unplanned one. Previously I did mentioned that I wanted to cook for them but due to some circumstances the planned had been cancelled.

I was really happy although I think I did screwed up something during all the dishes being cook. But some how it is a satisfaction when seeing them eating all the food that I cook which I don't know whether they like it or not. I did not say that they don't like it or like it but somehow taste is something very personal isn't it?

Did not get to take the picture for the whole session because it was quite messy and I am busy of course. hahahaha...

Menu of the day : 1. Steam Fish 2. Vegetables 3. Steam tauhu 4. Baked Beans 5. Lotus Soup

Would like to try some of my cooking? Email me. Hahahahaha but I would like to said something in advance. I only cook some home dishes and not something complicated that the chef does.......

Memorable Marathon Outings

Few days back I had met up with Donna before she was heading back to Edmonton. This will be the final gathering before we get to meet her again in 5 YEARS!! YES you definitely see it right. It's 5 years. Isn't that too long? Donna, you know we going to go insane.......

Put that aside for the moment. We were meeting up her with bunch of buddies. YunHao was there too since he just arrived at KL from Miri. Bet he was damn tired. Our very first destination is Lowyat. Her whole family were there to keep her and her sister accompany and also did some shopping. She bought external drive for 1 Terra for herself as she had lots of picture to put. Bought a few of thumb drive that looks cute like her.

After that we head to Sungei Wang, the hottest destination to do some shopping for GIRLS but weekends is definitely a NO!!!!!!!!! WHY? Because it is full of people and you will be pack like sardine fish instead of able to buy something. Time is wasted at road, queuing and most horrifying the…