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Chung's Birthday

It's 22 feb 2009 and after so long this can be counted as my first time clebrating his birthday. Me myself also duno why I did not celebrate his birthday for the previous 15 years. Even we had been in the same school from primary to secondary.

Forget about the past, we shall now look into the future. It is indeed a nice small celebration. Inviting some of his friend and had a light but wondeful dinner.
I did put some effort in this time photography, even this might just looks normal but I think I did have sligh improvement on it. Enjoy the meal everyone!!!!

Birthday Boy

Club Infinity - Dinoxx Birthday

This will be a post full of picture rather than writting. This is about the day I first visited Club Infinity which is newly opened. I am glad that I am invited to attend Dinoxx birthday and how nice he is. Thanks to him and his wife and I am having great fun with my friends and enjoying myself that night. Thanks and enjoy the pictures that we had been camwhoring the whole night because this is the newly open club.


I had been waiting to step my foot here for a long time after viewing MM site on this place. It was so attratctive and the environment looks and should feels good like what it seems to be form the picture.

I went there on the Valentine's but turn out in disappointment because it was full with couples. Then disappointedly I went to some other places to go through VaLentine's. On the day, I meet up with Limpek ( I don't know whether it is convenient to show his real name or not), I get the chance to had dinnner with him at Citrus.

The environment is definitely comfy enough to talk and chit chat. I love the ambiance in there. Makes me feel comfortable enough. The lightining is not too bright or too dim.

GRILLED FISH & CHIP WITH SOUR SAUCE Overall, I think it is nice. Maybe it is kinda new so the sauce is too sour for me or maybe I am not really into sour food. But it looks nice and taste alright. This is Limpek recommendation as I think he is someone who enjoy…