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Paddington House of Pancakes

Do you know that even pancakes can be a main course instead of just a breakfast or starter? Even a pancake can be very healthy food. If you did watch 8TV ho chiak you will know better. They did went to this restaurant and intro about it. Yes, that's Paddington House of Pancakes.
You will in love with all their food when you look into their menu. It was so tempting that you don't even know which one to choose. I had a chance to dine in that day and there's some photo taken. Don't really remember their name as it was so french.

Even desserts have pancakes in it. Ice-cream with mini pancakes and peanuts. That was so so nice and great.
It was an enjoyable and pleasant meal. The food looks tempting? Go over to 1 Utama , Rainforest and you will get to enjoy this and satisfy your taste bud.

Blackie Black

YOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Finally I got my black hair back. Gona make a hair do soon so gona get the color tone to be same instead of 2 different tone which makes the hair so fugly-ugly. So yes I got it black and I am gona have some changes soon and await for more to come on my changes!!

Esquire Kitchen

A good friend of mine came over last weeks before she wait to go back Miri. Been shopping around and of course dining is a must. We went to this Esquire Kitchen which I had been hoping to go. Teaser I will show you the man of the day before I show you some good food.
I kinda love this vege because its light and great with the oyster sauce. Garlic gives the vege nice aroma. Thumbs up for this.
Pig Leg OMG!!! OMG!! This is so tempting I told you. So so great of taste and you will love it if you like something heavy. I bet someone who do not like 3 layer pork would not even try a single bite of this.
Sweet & Sour Fish I think this fish is just alright and not really good enough for a restaurant like them. This is really worst than my expectation. If they have more taste on the gravy it would be better.
Chicken with Lemon Sauce This is also not very good. The chicken itself is alright but then the lemon sauce was like not really match with the chicken. I think combination is importan…


Finally after so long I had made it to develop my photo. I am so so anxious when I finish the first roll of film. Can't wait to develop the photo and look at the outcome. Surprisingly some of the photos is better than I thought and I guess that's the surprise and satisfaction I got from lomo. It was not just that spur of moment but the overall go through process that I am having. The following is what I had got from my lovely lomo. Enjoy it and there's some more in myfb account. Do visit and give me comment or critics!!


Finally I made it to this. I had watched one of the movie that I had wanted for so long since I saw the preview. This is one of the great movie of all and I guess for me this is one of the best movie of the year. It really touches people heart and also lesson learned from it.

Some people might have good and bad comments on it but whatever it is it will never affect my judgement on it. Personally this is a great movie after "The Day After Tomorrow" , for those who knows and watched it. They are similar but yet still some difference and they had ONE thing in common is telling human that the world is so sick and dying soon.

Personally, I think this movie had more effects and technology involvement than the previous one. The impact is bigger than the previous one too. It was indeed so deep in heart every scene after watching it and it really makes me feel bad. There's one this quote that I really love,
"Human lost its humanity when human starts to fight
among each other! &…

YES!! It's back!

YES is back!! Finally YES!!!!!!!!!!! This is what Malaysians are looking for every year end. YES!!! It is always pros and cons for this for every party. There are people who loves it so much and some people are just being insane because of it. Still don't know what am I talking about??? Shopping spree is back everyone. YES = Year EndSales YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! It's time to shop ladies. Malls are getting ready for you to crash in their mall and conquer it. Be prepare of your cash and bring over the man to help you carry your stuff. YES officially starts at 21st November 2009 till 3rd January 2010. So, what are you waiting for? Grab something that you need before it ends and not to forget spend wisely during this bad economic time.......YES spree everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing Collegemates Gathering

Its been ages since I met all my classmates. Missing them so so muchie. Some of them just head back from UK, finished their summer course, some of them start to work and don't really get to meet anymore. This is why this gathering come about. To gather all of us around again to get the night crazy. khai & pEi Kimmy & pEi
yoke kuan, pEi & Vicky
pEi & Mr Alan
Dust ( my son ) & pEi
The spontaneous shoot but somehow our Mr Bao still able to show his pose.
Vicky & pEi
pEi & cute, pretty Tinny
The Happy Brotherhood
Happy Sisterhood

I really have lots lots of fun last night with them. Too bad every start of something there will be ending. Wish all of you had a great future ahead. p/s: all the double photo taken was took by myself...improve by seeing how lovely Donna took picture with us

I am OLD

I shall really admit that age really limits certain activities and bring some limitations. I am calling myself old when I realise that I have a body that act like 40. Went for a badminton session yesterday with bunch of colleague. Sports is good but somehow I had not been doing exercise for years. And I really mean years since I graduate from high school and stop from my high jump sports. That was like around 5 years back and that's really long ago!!!!! It was a great activity thou but somehow it was tiring for me after a few rounds. I had continuously playing for an hour and I'm gasping for air like a hungry tiger hunting for it's predators. I am really out of air and adding that I am running like some mad dog chasing me. I guess I really gona speed up.
After one and a half hour I had to call it stop. I'm tired like I had been walking up a 24 storey building by stairs instead of taking the lift. I shall admit that I had damn bad stamina. I guess I need to go for more m…


I had been awaiting for this to be shown in the cinema for so so long after I knew about it. People had been talking and discussing about it. For me, this would be a great movie even though it was not a real movie production but it was the only thing left in memorable of our King Of Pop, Michael Jackson!

A few scene that you could see in the movie. Sorry for the blur picture.

This is some of the picture clearly taken from an email a friend send to me. This is exactly what you will see in the movie itself.

Michael is working very hard for his final stage performance. You would see something that you wouldn't see in real life. You will see how serious he is in his career and job. You will never imagine how hardworking he is and seriousness in every little detail.

He seek for perfection for his audience. No matter from stage decoration, trailer for his every song background, vocalist that gona sing with him or even his dancer. He goes on every detail himself. He chooses his own dancer hi…