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We had all agreed that we shall have at least once a week to pamper ourself and went out for a meal. This morning our target was English Breakfast. We want something that is really what english breakfast used to have. We went to the cafe that we saw when we were own our way home but somehow it's closed on weekends. All along our way we saw no shop that was opened. Finally we came to one that was opened at Liverpool One. Or else we gona die of hunger (even it was not that serious). They provide great varieties of choice and I am stunned looking at their menu. Not because of their food but their price. My choice of the day, Cappuccino. Not really that good as I expected but not bad at all.
The only tea choice that they offered. Not much choice on which type of tea you preferred.
Hot chocolate. Yummy yummy with the cream on it.
Mocha which I think is the best among coffee.
Finally our breakfast. This is a big portion. I shared it with a friend and both of us were real full.
Baked bean…

iPhone 4

Just a small announcement in case someone don't really know it.
iPhone 4G is now available for sale in UK and the starting price is 499 pound for 16GB and 599 for 32GB. Comes in 2 color. Black and white. White is fascinating because it is all white instead of just back case. Do visit any iPhone shop to have a glance and touch before you decide to purchase one.


I realise that most of the place in Liverpool usually ends with "-by". Whatever it ends with it is a nice place to visit and I am loving it. I love nature especially the beach.
The forest that is looking great and this is where the red squirrel habitat but too bad we did not get to see one and only rabbits all around. Look at the sun light that burst through the tree. It was so awesome. I'm lovin' it!!

After for about 40 mins walk finally we saw deep blue sea and it's so tempting and nice. I just love the blue sky and blue sea. Nice isn't it?

Lots of memories recall when I was at the beach. That is why I edited this picture with the statement " do you still remember the time we had on the beach? ". I am hoping to see more superb view here. Give me more Liverpool.

Dinner at Circus Casino

The day we finish exam we went to the casino where people said they have great pork ribs. We were so anxious to know how was it and how it taste. Everything actually excite me because the casino was actually owned by Uncle Lim but this is much much smaller than Genting Casino.

The pork ribs were great and has no heavy pork smell like some market selling. Enjoying the meal very much and the portion is really big but that is just tidbits in the menu. So, can you imagine how big portion they have for main course meal.
Do try it out if you are around Liverpool area and it is Circus Casino. You gona enjoy it very very much.

Crosby Beach

Went to Crosby with a bunch of friends yesterday to enjoy Friday night instead of going to clubs. It was much more entertain to go beach because that's the place where I love the most and not peaking with packs of people that wanted to watch match between ENGLAND and ALGERIA. Who knows people end up with disappointment.

We took train there and this was my first time taking train here. It was gorgeous and took only about 30 minutes to reach our destination.

I just love the sun. The sun was still great when we reach at about 7 pass 10 if I did not remember it wrongly.

There are lots lots of dead jellyfish around the beach. This is one of the biggest one we saw. Nothing special thou.

A shadow of mine. Maybe the sun was right behind me, so the portion of my shadow between body and leg was so abnormal.
The "iron" man on the beach. They are hundreds of them and they are naked. I don't know why they are there for. DO you know?
This is one of the shot I love the most but someh…

♥ Haagen Dasz

It is my companion when I needed one. It is my encouragement when I am feeling down. It is my best medicine when I break down. It is my best partner when I am facing a critical situation. It is my love of life, HaagenDasz!!

The Chocolate Cellar

Walk around Liverpool yesterday and ha d a different view of what Liverpool is. Came across this chocolate bar or to said cafe? but a luxury one. Europeans are very detail in every single decoration of their shops if they plan to have one. Just like the one I went into. Simple, beautiful but you still feel comfortable.

One of the decoration you get to see in the cafe/bar. The monkey with different kind of pose. cute and nice.

They make lovely nice cake which you don't even wana make it your dessert.
Cute cake but did you see the price of the cake. It cost a thousand ringgit for that particular one cake.
From the decoration and design you will know this gona cost more than the above one. But this is one I really like among all the cakes in the shop.
This is how their hot chocolate made. You have to stir your own chocolate on a stick and not like what we have back in Malaysia it is all ready.

Marshmallows and chocolate is a great couple.
Caramel Cake
This is not that sweet and good in t…