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Ajisen Ramen

Do you notice any new restaurant opening around Miri? If you love food and hang out much around then you will know, AjisenRamen is officially open last month.
Only both of us, we agreed to go for their ramen but somehow their menu brought down us a little because there were not much choice at the moment. I'm hoping they could have more in future.

Spicy Ramen Truly spicy for me. Those who love hot & spicy can accept this I guess because its mild enough to satisfied spicy lovers.

MisoRamen Soup is good but a little too salty. Meat was great and the ramen was ok. I don't know whether it was handmade but if it was, some improvement shall be make. I don't feel much texture in it while chewing noodle in my mouth.

Sushi It is a must pick when I come into a Japanese Restaurant. You have to try the most simple thing to judge a Japs restaurant. Outlook was fine but the taste was a little unacceptable. Unagi sushi was not bad but salmon was a total disappointment. Maybe I'm loving …

Hakka Village

Enough of Johor and now we are driving north, back up to KualaLumpur. I believe this is a restaurant that most of us will see if you did pass by Pavillion to BukitBintang area. This is HAKKA VILLAGE.
I simply love it because it's open air with truly lovely decoration and not only that, you can view the twin towers from this lovely place.

Even the beauties looks lovely under the lights while posing in front of the camera.
"Ma Po Taufu" great combination taste. Spicy with salty were just good for starter even there's no such serving sequences in Asian cuisine.
"Han Cai" I heard this was normally for soup but the way the cook it was nice too. I little more gravy than usual veges but simple cooking with chopped garlic and shrimp. Simple but fantastic then those complicated one.
Sweet and Sour Chicken I think this is very normal, nothing much special compare to what I have before but really not bad.
Salted Steamed Chicken Not ordinary at all. Texture and taste much lively…

Restaurant Teck Sing - Non-Halal

As I mentioned previously, Johore have so much nice food to wait you to fill in and this is one of the best restaurant in Johore.
Their famous "ZiBaoJi", "Chicken Wrapped"????
Just a guess and I have no idea what shall I called it in english. Trust me you will like it because it was truly awesome. At least for it was. The slowly release chicken aroma that steamed with herbs were truly fascinating. The smell was not as strong as you might imagine but just right.
Once again I have no idea how to translate this into english but it was good too. Oily and fat meat combination with salted vegetables are just typical food of chinese, "Mei caikourou".
Curry Fish
I never had such a nice curry fish before. It was spicy but great aroma of curry. This is so best that I had it again and again into my bowl. Potato were like sponge absorbing the curry sauce but not flaccid at all in fact you can still feel the texture of a potato instead of like smashed po…

Ke Ren Lai ( Johor Baharu)

There's so much good food that you can ask for at Johor. It seems like so much to eat yet not time to try it all. We went to this restaurant in a mall, the interior was great and feels comfortable but you can never imagine how their food taste. Stay tuned and you shall get the answer.

The food they served are simple home dish. I bet students who went over studies and far from home would LIKELY hang around here.
Sweet Potato Leaves
Minced Pork with Pickled Vegetables This is awful. You can never imagined how it taste from it's look.And I had no idea how can they served such thing or maybe because of the pork itself. It reminds me of the pork that I had while I stayed at England. Total awful!
"Suan Pan Zi" I don't know what do you called it in english but this is typical hakka dish. So far till now, I never had this dish ever at home. My mum is a very typical hakka lady but never ever heard of this and she never cook this dish before.
Minced pork with salted vegetables Thi…

Secure Donation - Japan Quake

It's quite some while Japan earth quake from now. There's some individual that wish to make donation but worry about getting scandal and illegal society who take advantage of this.Some how I find bank were more secure compare to any associations advertise on the site.

Just click into Maybank site and you shall see an advert space where you can donate to Japan Quake victims.

Next on, you will see details regarding which association collaborating with Maybank for this fund raising event. How can you donate besides transferring from your personal account. You can choose any type which you are convenient with but you can only make transfer only if you had register and make transaction before. If you did not, maybe bank in through deposit machine would be better because bank account number were provided.

Click the '"donate now'" bar as shown above and you'll enter to the site as below. Login with you ID and also password of course.

Then you will enter into this si…

Very O.K

Can you guess what it is when you see the topic or title? Or what is your thought before you click into my blog seeing this title? I bet you'll never thought it would be something about food???? This is actually a cafe name and was surprise too when I saw it.
Just a normal cafe but have varieties of dim sum that I had never tried before. This is not only different from what we have in Miri but also KL.

I had no idea what this is because I don't even get to even put into my mouth. There's so much to choose from so I did not get to grab this which is actually quite far from me.

Their food is really tempting isn't it? They had lots lots of varieties with fantastic colors. It's not self-service but they came over to you and you choose what you want. They had great services. I am truly satisfied and so far they had the best and also the only one I tried before.

Food in Singapore

I have heard so much and see so much of how great Singapore food is. Some way they appearance looks good but just a bit too salty. Maybe they had heavy taste for food, they like something salty and over sweet which is not a very good sign.

This fish ball was better among the above because the balls were good but still the soup still salty.
This "Tau Sar Piah" was awesome when I smell the aroma and it was tastier when you put it in mouth. The crispy layer, nice ingredients of red bean produce nice quality of food. Yummy~

It seems like food is around but just not easy to find just like this shop below. If there's no one to bring us around, I won't know that there's dessert shop right at this very narrow lanes. A few "kuih" and desserts to relief our heat. Just too hot. This shop have great desserts especially their durian ice.

I assumed it come from Japan because of the Japs word on it. The sign stick on the box was real. Once I took it back, the mint inside m…