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My Life Difficulties

I knew life is way too fragile after going through so many funerals and news of death recently. I knew I shouldn't have being emotional but instead having fun and appreciate my life and people around me. However, human needs to face with their obstacles in life whether predictable or unpredictable BUT there's one thing that most humanity could not overcome with, LOVE!

I had been truly emotional about this recently. My emotional goes up and down because of this silly man which I would never expect him to actually influence me so much. I smile because of him, I gets jealous because of him, I get upset because of him and most of all , I cry because of him and that's simply too ridiculous.

I am hoping to get rid of what is in my mind but somehow it just appear every time when ever I felt of letting go. This is my second tough time in love. The first one is during my high school time. It was so bad that everyone ignores me and it takes me the entire high school life to go through…