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Happy 51st Birthday Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had been independent for 51 years and it is not easy for us, as a Malaysian to come through such a long way for independence!!!! Wish that Malaysia will be prosperous as always and WORLD PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am proud to be MALAYSIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next, I would like to take this opportunity to wishes Athrun a miricommunity member a Happy Birthday!!! Even it is not his 21st birthday but still his birthday!! He is a merdeka boy of Malaysia so it is something to celebrate of because everyone will be of for public holiday!!! hehehe...Besides, I would also like to greet all those who celebrate their birthday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MERDEKA CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, the date of the day that had been appointed few weeks ago. A meeting with MC net member yonglina. She was back from Cambodia and we had promise to meet up at Pavilion. This is my first time to Pavilion so capture some photo to share.

Here, you can get wha…

28 August 2008 - Out again ( RASA MAS)

Yesterday been go out the whole day after my class. Its not shopping to be exact. Just went out to buy some food, snacks to be keep while we are having exam. We won't go out during exam period because we were not ina mood at all. When to Jusco at first. Bought some of daily necessity then go home. I forget to look for something that was very important, forgetful I am. Get to snap this pic.

This is KLCC made from plactic bottle and it is a nice one National is 2 more days from now, had you done anything that is patriotic enough??
After that, night we went to Carrefour. First we went for Rasa Mas for dinner. The set meal they have.
Their kitchen

After dinner sure go buy our tings and stuff and we actually bought a lot!! The whole trolley is actualy full. Luckily my friend brought me there and he help us carry some of the heavy stuff like pack of rice, watermelon and also those girl can't carry!! hehehe.....

Rainy Day

Its been raining everyday since last week. And so unfortunately washing machine at home condem and all the cloths have to be hand wash. It take me days to get the cloths I was to dry so I don't dare to change lots of cloths because I had been washing few pail of cloths. whew

This is the wheather of KL these days, never stop raining and I was like freezingly cold like in Alaska.

Some picture that I take during the raining days. Wanted to capture the lightning but it never appears. =.=

Black clouds approaching
Did u see the difference between both pic?? Rain getting heavier n heavier. Even the view of the opposite condo getting unseen.

Thats me. I cut my finger and cover with my real sweater made of 100% cotton and little wool. Its like the one guys like to wear and I still feel cold. rrrrrrr, freezing!!!!


I am so touched today.
Once again I can't control and tears drop from my eyes.
My mum is always so caring and saying simple words which can touch my heart.
I know we are just from a normal family but somehow she always try her best to give us the very best.
Coming month is a very special month for me, and she know that I am having exam and trying to give me a memorable day and also unforgettable day even she is so far away.
I do not know how can I repay her.
She is always the one I love and respect.

*bear with me readers, sorry for emo post again

An emotional day

I do not know why I am so so emotional today.
I feel so moody, feel so blank, feel so out of no where.
Maybe I am too stress?? Maybe I am just going to emo?? Maybe I just think too much?? Maybe I am worried about something??
I keep asking but somehow I can't get any answer out of it.
I hope I can get through this fast as exam is just around the corner and important month is also approaching.


21 August 2008 - Meeting "Qloud"

Today, as plan, I am going to meet Qloud a friend from Miri but currently studying at Penang at KLCC. He is late but I am still waiting. Then we had lunch at 3 something together at Sushi King.

Salmon Salmon
Jelly fish my favarita¬
My set lunch.....(very healthy oh...)
Japanese rice
Can you guess what is this?? Its an egg...I thought is pudding ¬¬)
We had been walking very long before we decide what to do next...aiks =.=
I am always the one who say anything but somehow today I am the one who made all the decision
What Happen??

We watch Death Race

Not a bad movie tho. I love to see car racing but this car racing is somehow really different from what I see and watch previously. This is a cruel one of course or else it won't be name Death Race rite?? The main actor, errr...I forget what is his name Igor I think. He had been actually been arrested for killing his wife which somehow he did not do it. In the jail, he was to replace Frankenstein which is the no 1 racer in Death Race. He …

Once again I am tagged!!!!!

Thanks to ElleLina who had tagged me. I am so happy that I am always remembered by people and friend's out there!!!!


state 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.

the 10 people i tag are then to follow my footsteps.

no tag backs.

1I love to sleep and its part of my hobbies list.

2 I talk too much that I may go insane and mad like crazy.

3 I love blogging so much that it is part of my routine now.

4 I love to eat and always remeber to take pic of it somehow people think I am insane.

5 I love to take pic of myself that people thought I am so into myself.

6 The only thing I love about myself is my HAIR.

7 I can eat a lot and sometimes even more than a pportion a man can handle. O.O

8 I may dress like weirdo sometimes but I like how I wear.

9 I can dress in any style whenever I want and easily cope to it. (like hiphop, gentle, formal, not punk)

10 I love to "watch" and look at the shoe but not buying them.

11 I can live without my bed but I cant live without my …

19 August 2008 - WALL.E & Uncle Duck

Today, I went to Times Square again. This time is for movie that had been expecting for so long....WALL . E I went with my classmates this time instead of with my sister.

When we reach there we went to bought movie ticket then walk and have a look coz we still have little time before the movie start. Then, I saw this fair. Its Japanese Food Fair. Varieties of Japanese Food are sell here.

After that, we went to the cinema section and ready to enter the hall. I saw my friends is queuing up to buy some snacks and I saw this WALL.E!!

WALL.E in the movie
EVE (pronounce by WALL.E as E - V - AH)
This is the movie that we had seen long ago in the ads. It is cute, it is nice , it is so fascinating. The story is more on the robot WALL.E. WALL.E is only the thing left in the world due to overload of rubbish cause by human. Human no longer stay there and live in a spaceship that had actually build and they are living out at the space far far away from earth. Eve, this robot which was send by the spa…