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Hazy Miri

Woke up this morning find that the air that I breathe was so smelly. I went out of my house and found out that it was really hazy. It last for quite long and I guess this situation gona happen continuously for around 3 more days. Qingming is around the corner, it is hard to have better air.
People, take care of your health drink more water. If you had hard breathing because of haze you might as well wear a mask to prevent it.

Random Outings

March is an empty week but luckily there is surprise for me. A kl friend suddenly came over and really gave me a shocked. A friend came back from kch for holiday and really feel happy that she did come back. At least she can kill my boredom at home and spend some time with me.
Been hanging around but not much places. Cinema and some TT session. But it was indeed a great moment to share together.
pEi & vIa pEi, vIa & dEpi
pEi & dEpi
She is a very awesome person. Great to chat with and pretty hilarious. It's hard for u to guess what she would do next but she will shocked you with her hilarious action.
vIa & dEpi
vIa in wonderland

Chow from KL. Bring him and his mates around Miri. Beach is one of Miri must go place!!!

Alice In Wonderland

It's been so so long since I last watch a movie. Went out with a few friend to watch this movie yesterday. It was not bad. I always love Disney production as they always have control on the quality of their movie.

It was indeed a great time either reading their book or watch their movie production. They never make me disappointed. At least till now never dissappointed me before.This time, Alice in Wonderland is a great story too.

Their story line, I would say well planned and organise. You will see how much effort they had put in for every single details olike costume, background and the character. It would be better if you can watch it 3D then you will feel yourself like, The Alice. You will know what am I taking about after you watch it.

TheMADHATTER by Johnny Depp. Just like the name, Johnny Depp gets crazy and mad sometimes when he is out of control. A very characteristic character which I think Johnny carry it wisely.
White Queen By Anne Hathaway. It is a very safe character com…

Miri Photography Society Dinner Night

It was indeed a great pleasure to attend the MPS night. This is the very first time I attended such event. It was a very great experience and also where you can see really lots of pro-photographer gather around. This is a scene that you will only see during the famous artist is around.
It was a great dinner night with lots of various event going on. I would say the organiser itself have put in a lot of effort to make this night a success. A thumbs up for them. Some picture of the night to share. Not much picture thou as I don't really go the the stage and take any of the event. DO not dare to take any picture in front of so many pro machines.