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SouthLake, Permyjaya - Your First,Your Future,Your Dream

Are you planning to have your very own first home? Or maybe your next? Future or perhaps a dream house? Fret not because I have the answer to your question right here. Do scroll down, perhaps you will get some answers to your questions.
Just recently, a new development residential project had just launched in town by the most well known developer, NAIM HOLDINGS BERHAD by the name of SOUTHLAKE PERMYJAYA. Before I go in-depth into these new development details, would just like to give some credits to the developer by introducing them incase you have not heard of them.
NAIM HOLDINGS BERHAD or better known as NAIM was incorporated in the year of 1993 with a start of its very first office at Bandar Baru Permyjaya. It's first project was developing the low-cost housing and also building the Pujut 7 bridge across Miri River which had given them much chances to grow. By now, they had more than fingers count awards and recognition from the state itself. I believe that's how they gaine…

Macau - Guide to "Must Go, Must Do & Must See"

It's summer and I bet airlines having their big birdie full most of the time continuing till September. This is the best time to travel because you are having plenty of sunlight whether in minimal or more than you can ask for. We, the kopitiamers gang had our summer vacay off to Macau & Hong Kong! Upon our arrival, the warmest greetings are the Macau heaty sunlight. To me, that's the "warmest" greetings ever!!

1. CASINO Whether you had or had not been to Macau, I bet you had already know that Macau had been famous for its gambling city just like Las Vegas. The only difference between them are Asian & European way. You can see casinos everywhere, closely described with the proverb "mushroom grows after the rain". Free shuttle bus provided from one casino to another for the sake of their gamblers to switch as they intended! What a great thought from them. Every casino were build like a Palace for its King. Grand and enormously HUGE!! Allow me to use t…